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The Mane Event (Pride, #1)
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Michelle Tempted By Books (michelletemptedbybooks) | 195 comments If you have read this series can you tell me? Does it need to be read in order?

☺~Tina~☺ (tina007) | 43 comments Yes, would help to be read in order because some of the characters overlap. And they keep popping up in different books from time to time. But if that doesn't bother you each couple get's their own book. It's a lot of them so I would start at the beginning.

Anna's Herding Cats (herdingcats-burningsoup) You really don't have to but if you can I would since you can see how all the characters meet over time and whatnot. But then again I started with book 6 of her Pride series and loved it without having read any of the others. It was easy to jump into even after 5 other books and not feel confused so if you're just wanting to check her out and have easy access to one of the books later in the series they work fine as stand alones too.

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I always advocate reading a series in order. If you reaaly wanted to start at the first, you'd read the Magnus Pack books, then Pride. I love them all so I wouldn't skip any.

Daisy Sloan | 12 comments I agree with Tabitha. Start with Magnus Pack and then move into Pride. They all overlap and it helps to see how they all met and came to e part of each other's lives.

Sally (larwos) | 258 comments I promise you, whether you read them in order or not, you'll find yourself rereading them in in short time. They are very rereadable.

Michelle Tempted By Books (michelletemptedbybooks) | 195 comments Alright, thank you. I requested them from the library and have gotten a few but not all yet. Given the check out periods I just wanted to know. It looks like a few of them have waiting lists and I want to start before too long. I actually need to look up the reading order and see what I am missing still and get going. SO EXCITED, I hear good things.

namericanwordcat | 231 comments You will love it. They are worth buying so you can reread them easily once you have your first go through. You can read out of order. In order is better (I think the last two books of the series can only really be enjoyed if you have read the rest of the series. You will like them if you have not but love them if you have) But other than that if you have a library lend issue go ahead and dine.

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