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message 1: by Jon (new)

Jon Jefferson (jonjefferson) | 10 comments So. I'm going to Venice in July, and - amid desperately trying to learn a smidgen of Italian - am hoping to squeeze in one or two of Donna Leon's Inspector Brunetti mysteries. I'd appreciate recommendations (and reasons) re. which book(s) in the series are most evocative of Venice as setting/character... Thanks!

message 2: by Scout (new)

Scout (goodreadscomscout) | 1358 comments I read Death at La Fenice not long ago and enjoyed it. I believe it's the first in the series, and it's the only one I've read. I'd recommend it.

message 3: by Jon (new)

Jon Jefferson (jonjefferson) | 10 comments Thanks, Scout. I did, though, get the impression from a review that Venice itself was fairly low-key in Death at La Fenice. Did you not find that to be the case?

message 4: by Jan C (new)

Jan C (woeisme) | 35947 comments Jon - I've read a number of them - 8 or 9 - and in almost every one you'll find him strolling through the streets, catching a ride down a canal - usually from the police boat, stopping off in one bistro or another. But, really, the primary focus always seems to me to be on the corruption angle.

message 5: by Dena (new)

Dena | 97 comments The problem with giving recommendations for finding about Venice is that Dona Leon is a good writer and Venice is the setting not the story. It's important but in the background. Also, the books have been written for more than 20 years and Venice has changed a lot in that time. With those caveats I reccommend Acqua Alta , Friends in High Places, and Blood from a Stone

message 6: by Jon (new)

Jon Jefferson (jonjefferson) | 10 comments Thanks, Dena; I've got all three of those on the way! I understand that Venice is setting, not story, but - at least in my own books - setting sometimes plays a more important role. My latest, The Inquisitor's Key, is set in Avignon, France, and Avignon is practically a character in its own way. So that's what I'm hoping to find in one of the Brunetti mysteries. If it's available. Which, I realize, it might not be...

message 7: by Dena (new)

Dena | 97 comments Hope those do the trick! Enjoy Venice!

message 8: by Donna, Co-Moderator (last edited Jun 09, 2012 03:49PM) (new)

Donna | 2178 comments Mod
I have another suggestion. How about taking a look at the Insp Brunetti mysteries available on DVD. They are made by a German production company (Germans are crazy about Donna Leon and Insp Brunetti) so they are in German, with English subtitles, and it is slightly odd to see Venice, hear German, and read English, but it is one of my favorite international mysteries. I particularly like Uwe Kockisch as Brunetti (he took over the role beginning with the 5th one).

The series is filmed in Venice so the atmosphere is authentic.

message 9: by Jon (new)

Jon Jefferson (jonjefferson) | 10 comments Interesting idea; thanks, Donna!

message 10: by Scout (new)

Scout (goodreadscomscout) | 1358 comments Jon, Venice in the book I read couldn't be considered a character, but I'm sure you'll enjoy the books anyway. I hope you have a great trip!

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