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message 1: by Sky (new)

Sky | 3143 comments Mod

message 2: by Andrea (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) Yay!! Ok what do you wanna do?

message 3: by Andrea (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) hello??

message 4: by Sky (new)

Sky | 3143 comments Mod
Sorry! mmmm fantasy again?

message 5: by Andrea (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) sure, same thing? super powers and stuff

message 6: by Sky (new)

Sky | 3143 comments Mod
maybe like vampires,werewolves, mermaids etc? lol this time I will not make a character with 20 siblings!

message 7: by Andrea (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) haha yeah its complicated. I'm kind of sick of vamps and werewolves....i dunno mermaids??

message 8: by Sky (new)

Sky | 3143 comments Mod
Mermaids is cool. like everything underwater?

message 9: by Andrea (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) It could be that, everything underwater, or you know mermaids who could turn into humans every once in a while, or a mermaid and a human

message 10: by Sky (new)

Sky | 3143 comments Mod
yeah yeah! ooo a mermaid who saves a surfer who almost drowns

message 11: by Andrea (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) cool, wanna be the mermaid? both of us girls right? or you want us to each do a girl and a boy?

message 12: by Sky (new)

Sky | 3143 comments Mod
yep and yep.Later we can do like the mermaid falls for the girls brother and the girl falls for the mermaids brother or something so we have romance.

message 13: by Sky (new)

Sky | 3143 comments Mod
oo Mermaid is like a princess, but her name is not ariel lol

message 14: by Andrea (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) okk I like it, so yours is the mermaid and mine the surfer, wanna make your charrie?

message 15: by Sky (last edited Jun 11, 2012 10:11PM) (new)

Sky | 3143 comments Mod

Name: Lorelei
Age: 17
Other: Mermaid princess of atlantis

message 16: by Andrea (last edited Jun 11, 2012 10:38PM) (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) Name: Christina
Appearance: [image error]
Other: surfer, lives in Australia, mother drowned while surfing, lives with her father

((wnna start??))

message 17: by Sky (new)

Sky | 3143 comments Mod
Lorelei was underwater off the edge of Australia. It was winter in her normal waters of Japan and her pride was going south for warmer waters. Plus it was always nice for a little vacation.

message 18: by Andrea (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) Christina walked around the beach, looking for the place where the best waves were. She was holding her board, smiling. She loved it so much, even if her dad didn't want her doing it. She spotted the perfect waves and dove into the ocean, paddling with her hands and approachin it.

message 19: by Sky (new)

Sky | 3143 comments Mod
Lorelei always swam under the waves, in this area wayyy under the waves since this beach was full of surfers

message 20: by Andrea (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) Christina stood up on her board and went with the wave, trying to keep her balance. Suddenly, she saw something, or rather someone, moving under the water. She lost her balance and fell, hitting her head with the board on the process. She passed out

message 21: by Sky (new)

Sky | 3143 comments Mod
Lorelei looked up when she noticed a girl underwater. She saw a stream of blood coming from the girls' head and gasped. She swam towards her and caught her as she sank. Lorelei swam toward shore not sure what she would do when she go there.

message 22: by Andrea (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) Christina could feel her lungs filling with water. She knew she couldn't move and she felt scared. That's probably how mom felt when she died. She thought. But then she felt someone carrying her, but she couldn't open her eyes to she who,

message 23: by Sky (new)

Sky | 3143 comments Mod
Lorelei had an idea. She swam toward the old pier, which no one went to. She knew she wouldn't be seen there. She quickly swam there and emerged from the water with the girl. It took all her strength to haul the girl out of the water and set her on the dock

message 24: by Andrea (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) Christina tried to stop breathing, swim away, anything so that her lungs could stop filling with water. She coughed.

message 25: by Andrea (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) Christina tried to stop breathing, swim away, anything so that her lungs could stop filling with water. She coughed.

message 26: by Sky (new)

Sky | 3143 comments Mod
Lorelei looked around before she hoped up onto the dock, her tail being so long some of it was still in the water. She was happy when the girl coughed, glad she wasn't dead. She tried to think of something she could do to help. She pressed on the girls' stomach hoping that would make the water come up

message 27: by Andrea (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) Christina felt something press her stomach hard, she felt like throwing up as the water was out of her lungs. She strted coughing uncontrollably.

message 28: by Sky (new)

Sky | 3143 comments Mod
Lorelei turned her on her side so the water wouldn't be all over her.

message 29: by Andrea (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) Christina opened her eyes and sat up, gasping for air. Her eyes filled with tears and she broke down crying. She had been so scared.

message 30: by Sky (new)

Sky | 3143 comments Mod
Lorelei was surprised when the girl opened her eyes. She slid back into the water so she wouldn't see her tail. She peeked over the side of the dock,watching her

message 31: by Andrea (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) Christina wiped her eyes and looked around, she spotted a girl on the side of the dock. "Did you save me?" She asked.

message 32: by Sky (new)

Sky | 3143 comments Mod
Lorelei nodded, not wanting to show herself to her

message 33: by Andrea (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) "Thank you." Christina said smiling. "I would've died if it hadn't been for you."

message 34: by Sky (new)

Sky | 3143 comments Mod
Lorelei smiled back."You're welcome. It was my pleasure. You should be more careful"

message 35: by Andrea (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) "I was. I mean, I usually am." Christina said. "I thought I saw something that looked like..." She didn't want to say it, she would think it was nuts

message 36: by Sky (new)

Sky | 3143 comments Mod
"Like what?" Lorelei asked.She hoped she wouldn't say mermaid, she would have to reprimand whoever was in this waters

message 37: by Andrea (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) "Kind of like a fish, but at the same time, it was human." She said. She couldn't remember the name for that. "A mer...something."

message 38: by Sky (new)

Sky | 3143 comments Mod
"Maid? A mermaid?" Lorelei asked.

message 39: by Andrea (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) "Yes!" Christina exclaimed. "It was right under my board."

message 40: by Andrea (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) Andrea (Dru) wrote: ""Yes!" Christina exclaimed. "It was right under my board.""

message 41: by Sky (new)

Sky | 3143 comments Mod
"What kind of board do you have?" Lorelei asked,hoping it wasn't the one that she herself was swimming under before she saw her in the water

message 42: by Andrea (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) "It's black, with pink stripes and kind of hawaiian flowers." Christina said. She didn't really notice the blood running down her cheek, because of her head injury.

message 43: by Sky (new)

Sky | 3143 comments Mod
Oh, sweet Ariel I almost killed this girl Lorelei thought. "Oh sounds pretty," Lorelei said and looked at her. She thought the blood was bad."Maybe you should go to a doctor" she said

message 44: by Andrea (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) ((haha sweet ariel))

"What?" She said, then she felt something wet on her forehead. She touched it and watched her blood soaked fingers. "Oh s**t." She started to get a little dizzy.

message 45: by Sky (new)

Sky | 3143 comments Mod
((yep lol))

"Yeah, yeah go now!" she said. She prayed that she wouldn't pass out. Lorelei would have to go on land and she never did that without protection. It was better to travel in 'packs' as mermaids on land

message 46: by Andrea (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) Christina nodded and stood up. "Thanks again." She started walking away but she got really dizzy and she fell. But she didn't faint. "I can't go alone..." she whispered.

message 47: by Sky (new)

Sky | 3143 comments Mod
Lorelei closed her eyes. What to do, what to do? "I..ummm.... Just start walking. I'll catch up. I have to dry off" she said. She hoped this was the right thing to do.

message 48: by Andrea (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) Christina nodded, she hoped she could stand up without falling. "My dad's going to kill me." She muttered to herself. She would call her cousin later, he would help. She started walking off slowly.

message 49: by Sky (new)

Sky | 3143 comments Mod
Lorelei quickly jumped on the dock, her tail flailing. She closed her eyes and whispered a few words in dolphin. Her tail disappeared in a bright light and she was left in her bikini. She stood up and almost fell into the ocean. She hadn't quite got her land legs yet.

message 50: by Andrea (new)

Andrea  (andreaorva) Christina turned around. "You coming?" She shouted, she could see her back at the dock but it was just a figure a a bit far away.

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