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message 1: by Caroline (new)

Caroline  (caro7) I'm sad. I loved his The Martian Chronicles; it is one of my very favorite sci-fi books. (I read Fahrenheit 451 too but didn't care for that one.) Have you read anything by Bradbury?

Here is the article about his death:

message 2: by Liz (new)

Liz I've read several of his books, although not in a long time. I did see him on a Sci-fi panel at UCLA back in the mid-70s along with Theodore Sturgeon, Harlan Ellison & a couple of others. He was very fond of his own writing, but delightful nevertheless.

message 3: by Theresa (new)

Theresa I love and admire that phrase that Liz used: "He was very fond of his own writing." Bradbury had a great literary career (I'm not a sci fi fan so I haven't read anything of his besides 451) and that isn't easy. I'm glad to hear that he was confident enough to like his own work.

message 4: by Kel (new)

Kel | 34 comments I have read several of his books of short stories. R is For Rocket has some of my favorite stories. The story "Mars is Heaven" gave me nightmares when I read it in JR High. Loved "Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed."

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