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Did you feel that Gemma was being kinda heartless toward Ty?
Gabriel Gabriel Jun 06, 2012 08:52AM
Yes!! omg i was like woah c'mon now! He is trying and if you were stuck in the situation then make the best of it. She broke him and i felt like she couldnt see that he only wanted the best for her... He tried and put his pride on the line and everytime she crushed it.. i felt bad for Ty and sent my Condolences out to him constantly.

No, I think Gemma's feelings and actions were completely realistic and not heartless at all. Think about it, if someone kidnapped you wouldn't be all like okay whatever let's just make the best of this horrible situation. No, you would keep trying escape no matter how nice or cute your captor was. A relationship can't work if one your most basic human rights is taken away such as freedom. Ty was a very interesting and confusing character. He wasn't necessarily the "bad guy" but he made a bad decision. I couldn't help but like Ty and sympathize with him, but that doesn't excuse what he did.

Are you kidding me? HE KIDNAPPED HER. HE FUCKING KIDNAPPED HER. He is a sociopath. he had no right to do this to Gemma, and she acted appropriately. Jesus, you guys know that this happens in real life, right? Can you imagine how terrified you'd be? I would seriously re-evaluate the book if I were you.

hell ya she was but I can understand where shes coming from cause if some dude kidnap me and took me to the middle of nowhere I'd be pretty pissed to.

Not at all. He violated her freedom and forced her into a very dangerous, explosive situation. If he was a creepy old man people wouldn't be so quick to defend his actions but because he is described as pretty they are more empathetic. This story is a great, realistic look at stockholm syndrome and her confusion and general outlook was well portrayed.

Heartless? No. Faced with a situation she didn't asked for and was constantly trying to get out of it? Yes. I loved this book because of how sticky and messy the situation got. It was a honest portrayal of all the emotions for both characters.

Channah (last edited Aug 07, 2014 09:41PM ) Aug 07, 2014 04:53PM   1 vote
Ty is a KIDNAPPER. I honestly don't understand this position at all.
1) He DRUGS her and KIDNAPS her. Everyone got that? Good.
2) I don't care HOW attractive he is, he has SERIOUS MENTAL ISSUES and he deserves to be in jail (certainly not around young girls). He is MENTALLY UNSTABLE.
4) Yeah, he saves her in the end. Rare moment of sanity. Maybe he does really love Gemma, but he is not a safe person for her to be around.
5) Gemma was suffering from Stockholm's; Ty was attractive and he was lying to her and he had a tragic past. Not to mention there was no one else and he told her he loved her. The ending was a beautiful display of strength and recovery on Gemma's part. I'd hate for there to be a sequel, because the ending was perfect.
6) He's been STALKING her since she was little. This is not romantic, this is "call the police". I personally feel a lot safer in the book universe knowing Ty's locked up.
7) Did I mention he KIDNAPS her?
One of the amazing things about this book is that it shows you Stockholm's from the inside. I was rooting for Gemma's escape and Ty's arrest the whole time, and yet I still felt sorry for Ty (except when he talked about "the land", that cracked me up). In this case the book has done its job too well, if people think Gemma was too harsh with Ty.

Can I also ask a question- Ty says six months, and then it's randomly changed to four months. What's with that?

I think she wasn't heartless enough. Don't get me wrong I LOVE this book buuuut imagine your in the middle of god knows where and there's this guy you don't know , your kidnapper to be exact, who is asking you to love him. Some time goes by and you're still stranded and it turns out that this guy has been watching you since you were little. Talk about creepy! (Is this what girls are looking for in guys now?!) Sure Ty cared about Gemma but you don't see me falling in love with every single guy who cares about me. (please not that she starts to like Ty before she gets bitten by the snake so you can't say she cared for him because he saved her life) Here is a short skit to describe my feelings *Ahem*

Gemma: *swoons over Ty*
Gemma's father: Hon, he kidnapped you.
Gemma: Yes but he saved my life on several occasions!
Gemma's father: You wouldn't be in those situations if he hadn't kidnapped you!
Gemma: You have no say in who I care for *sticks out tongue*

Kelly (last edited Jul 27, 2013 03:35PM ) Jul 27, 2013 12:02PM   1 vote
You have got to be kidding.
Please tell me this question is a joke! O_o
I thought she was being rather too kind to Ty.
He did afterall KIDNAP her. And if my memory serves me correctly he stalked her for a number of years before that.
As someone else already said would you even be asking this if Ty was described as anything other than how he was described?

I thought it was heartless of Ty to kidnap Gemma.

I think she was a little heartless, but in truth, can you blame her? She's kidnapped by someone who claims he's been stalking her, is drugged by him, and taken to the middle of nowhere. She does lighten up a bit by the end. I felt terrible when he stayed with her and got arrested. She didn't mean for it to happen, but I was still mad at her for it.

In my opinion she wasn't heartless enough.

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Neems True
Nov 27, 2014 08:45PM · flag

I think that Gemma was entirely justified in her treatment of Ty. The entire time, I was rooting for her, afraid of her developing feelings for him. When it sounded like she was falling for him, it was all I could do not to yell at her. I wanted her to keep fighting it. She was doing so well!

At the end, when Gemma is talking about what she'll say at the trial, I was about to lose it until I read her other alternatives. I've no doubt that she came to care for him, but I really want to know that she had a stronger conviction, and her free will allowed her to say what she knew she had to, as opposed to what some weird, pitying part of her heart wanted.

This man not only snatched her out of her life, but he lied to her. He tried to make her believe that only he loved her, and only he understood her. He wanted her to feel sad and alone, just like he did. Ty has a few forgiving qualities, but I can't overlook his reprehensible actions.

So was she heartless? Not at all.

SHE was the heartless one? He kidnapped her! Are you honestly going to sit there and say "oh she should've fallen in love with him! He was so sweet."
No, and if that is how you think functional relationships are then I feel for you because that isn't healthy.

Mrsbooks So she, having been kidnapped by him, wasn't allowed to be "justifiably" cold to him? ...more
Sep 24, 2014 09:24AM · flag

What? Ty kidnapped her, she had the right to be "heartless." I feel like people only sympathize with him because he was described as a good looking guy. I understand that he went through a lot as a child, but what he did to her was not right at all. He completely took her away from her life and was not planning on returning her, ever. It was not her responsibility to fix him or be good to him.

I think it's human to feel compassion for Ty, but he kidnapped her and kept her isolated. That's not love nor is it wanting the best for her! He only redeemed himself when he saved her, but he should still have consequences for his actions!

Mrsbooks (last edited Aug 19, 2014 01:54PM ) Aug 19, 2014 01:24PM   1 vote
I loved how this book literally sucked us all into Stockholm's syndrome and didn't turn into a weird borderline demented romance.

Ty got what he deserved in the end and yes I'm glad. I find often times, in our society, I think mostly because of movies and books...when someone does something despicable they still manage to be redeemed later by doing something selfless. That doesn't really work in the real world. You do a crime, you pay the price and it doesn't matter if a few days after said crime you end up saving someone's life.

I actually didn't think Gemma was hard on Ty. I thought he deserved her harsh words. At the same time I felt awful that she was saying them. I felt hurt for Ty.

This is definitely one of my favorite books with Stockholm's syndrome.

He still kidnapped her! She had every right to be hostile people! It's not she knew he was a friendly kidnapper

A little maybe but I think I will feel the same way if it happens to me. But Ty's really a good man but kidnapping her is maybe little too much.

No, I actually thought she was already pretty calm, because I would be freaking out completely.
Come on, Ty kidnapped her, and that is unforgivable.
Eventually I started liking Ty, he is pretty cute ;)

I believe he was sweet and he should have not gone to jail

You felt bad for TY?! I know he's had a difficult life and clearly has some mental issues, but that doesn't make it okay for him to freakin' kidnap her! If I had been kidnapped by some creepy, obsessed stranger,I'd be "kinda heartless" too. Would you be hunky dory in that situation if Ty was an overweight fifty year old instead of a cute guy in his twenties? I think not.

I felt the author handled the situation well. She gave Gemma the right amount of resentment towards her kidnapper while giving her fans what they inevitably wanted to see.

Rozus (last edited Sep 24, 2014 03:54AM ) Sep 11, 2014 02:15PM   0 votes
yea the end was just awful , finally she wasn't better man than Ty, caged someone. stupid and weak heroine. it wasn't justice at all

No I think Gemma was right I understand ty situation but do think it would have worked its nt acceptable that you want something so you kidnap it and think it would love you back and you will have a forever. I think Ty came to reality with the whole snake bite and Gemma being it was a wake up call . Ty was precious and fragile. You have to take care of precious things and give it love and affection because precious things are delicate and fragile that's what TY was . In the end he was fragile someone as fragile as him could not have a forever the way he was thinking .

He had a mental illness what he needed was help I am not saying that people who have a mental illness do not deserve love no everyone deserve love what I am saying is that the whole kidnap make her love forever cannot work .

the only wrong thing Ty made is to kidnapped her...he is so good and gentle to gemma and yet all gemma think is to escape. I'm very angry at what happen at the end and cried non-stop..

Well considering her situation she was not but Ty was just too kind so it makes the reader feel as if Gemma was the mean one when in fact there is no villain in this story

PENNYWISE (last edited Aug 20, 2014 02:04PM ) Aug 20, 2014 02:00PM   0 votes
Those who feel that she was totally heartless with him are the hopeless romantic type of people! those who separate real life from the fictional one!
I mean in the books we're all bound to develop Stockholm's as we process in our reading... Who in their minds wouldn't fall in love with a hot guy who's got a tragic past and who gets really excited over a piece of leaf? I personally can't resist a tortured soul who wakes up in the middle of the night screaming and crying.
BUT; in real life that's not romantic at all! those nightmares he has? yeah well Gemma now has them! can you imagine the rest of her life with all those thoughts swirling in her head, with everyone associating her with a kidnap, looking at her with pity, thinking they know what she's been through and telling her her feelings aren't real while they feel real to her... It's awful really!
and I guess that's what makes this book extraordinary; Its realistic hue: Gemma did fall for Ty, she pitied him went along with his stories as she was forced to believe that no one but him cares for her; but in the end she didn't forget that what he did was wrong!
I want to hate her for what she did! god only knows I'm too soft hearted for my own good, but I can't! I cry and my heart aches for Ty, I don't want him to go to prison but how else would he learn that it's unacceptable to just steal girls away.
Overlooking the twisted situation though; I just want to hug him to my chest and tell him everything is alright and that I do love and that he needn't to worry about anything anymore.

ARGH this is messed up really; but what Gemma did is the logical thing, I just wish I could whisk him away and free him somewhere in some desert place away from the judging eyes of the society.
Ty doesn't really feel real to be honest, like he said his place isn't amongst other people but in a land alone with his paint and pet snakes.

I do think she was a little heartless, but then again the guy did KIDNAP her... and took her to the middle of a desert

Ok so you guys are either really deluded or complete psychopaths. Either way, there's no justification for Ty's actions. He is not a good person, and you really need to think a bit critically if you believe him to be. It's honestly really frightening that if a man kidnaps a girl and you believe his intentions to be "good" because he wanted to "treat her well" or "didn't let her die when he could". Like come on, set your standards a bit higher. He doesn't even meet the standard of being a decent human being on account of again: KIDNAPPING SOMEONE.

To me it will never EVER matter if Ty was a nice guy.
whether you are nice or not, a kidnapper is a kidnapper and Ty was a god damn kidnapper.
He will NEVER be able to redeem himself in my eyes because kidnapping is both illegal and you'd have to be possessed by lucifer to kidnap anyone.
ty is nothing but an obstacle.
i absolutely hated the way gemma felt defensive of him at the end.

This book was messed up!!!!! For one the author did an amazing job at making me feel for Ty. Talk about Stockholm syndrome! I thought that it was very interesting that by the end of the book I felt more sorry for the kidnapper than the kidnapped.

I have mixed feelings about this book and that is because of the fact that I walked away caring more about the kidnapper than the kidnapped girl, because in real life I know that if this were a news story I myself would want to go after the man who took this girl. I wouldn't care if the guy was gorgeous.

You don't get to steal and own a human being. Gemma deserves to be able to decide her own destiny.

I think Gemma reacted appropriately for someone being kidnapped. I think Ty was a disturbed and confused individual that was really out of touch with human connections and emotions due to his neglectful upbringing. On the other hand he was extremely in tune with nature, intelligent and sensitive. I don't believe he ever meant to harm Gemma though what he did was unacceptable. He believed she would eventually grow to love him as she got to know his heart. I believe he was right and if the situation was different I believe they would have gotten to the point that she could be able to leave and would return of her own accord. Had this happened though Christopher would have been condoning what Ty did and again that was unacceptable. I wanted Ty to take her for help but to get away to continue living his life in the separates. I wanted Gemma to come to terms with her experience, both good and bad, grow up and go to visit Ty in the separates creating closure for both of them. I want to hope that Ty gets mental help and comes to terms with the reality of his choices. This is a work of fiction though so the way it ends is also appropriate leaving the lasting impression both mentally and emotionally, on the reader. Let go of your attachment and passion for Ty and Gemma - it is over.

No, he kidnapped her. She wasn't heartless enough in my opinion :')

Yes, he was a nice guy and all ... poor Ty ... but he KIDNAPPED HER and took her to a desert ... he stalker her before ...

What if he just invited her for coffee, talk, exchange phones or emails, and then started a friendship ... she would fall for him!!!At the airport she said he was handsome!!! But no ... he decided to kidnap her stealing her freedom ...

deleted member (last edited Feb 14, 2014 06:27AM ) Feb 14, 2014 06:21AM   0 votes
that for me was the brilliance of the book and the author,how she wrote Ty and Gemma.
what he did was wrong of course it was, but it was his version of love and protection and you couldn't help but feel for him.
however Gemma's reaction would have been everybody's normal reaction to being kidnapped, you still wanted her to fall in love back.
i loved this book it was utterly unique.
it was so confusing but i really wanted them to be togther and happy first obviously she would i mean in that situation she wouldn't exactly feel sorry for him. you could see she felt sorry for him a little but covered it up a lot...anyway eventually she grew closer to him...but the ending i was like NO! come on gemma help him!

i loved this book it was realistic yet very beautiful

i felt bad for ty towards the end but how would you feel if you had everything taken from you in just a few days. i would have felt the same way. but how could she have known he wanted the best for her. as far as she knew he was an insane lunatic who was just ACTING sincere towards her.

We all know that Ty did the wrong thing but at some point I felt bad for him because he really loves Gemma. He just showed it in the wrong way (I mean with the kidnapping thing). He should just approach her during those times when she went to park and go from there and not kidnap her and go to deserted place. Maybe Gemma should testify that he really kidnapped her but he did not hurt or anything like that. Maybe that will lessen his sentence. Or Gemma should not ask Ty to come with her in the hospital but he did it anyway despite its consequences. I would really love for book 2. If there's any. :)

OMG YES!!! she was SO heartless. i mean, i totally get what position she was in, but seriously?
then again, i guess i have a serious book-crush on ty, and like rosie said, i think we all wouldn't give a crap about ty if he was a hideous middle-aged man.

Honestly, I don't think Gemma is heartless for her reaction to what happened. She didn't know Ty and never really understood why he did what he did. She acted upon human instinct rather than figuring out why everything was happening.

Ty may have had good intentions but outright acted on selfishness by kidnapping Gemma instead of taking the risk of getting to know her.

In the end I think no one is an evil person because when something so random and spontaneous and aggressive such as kidnapping happens, we want to immediately take control over our environment: we want to go home, run away somewhere where we feel "safe".

Which in the end makes me question. If Ty actually spoke with her and said to her "I am in love with you and I want us to explore a relationship. I will return you home but I want you to give me a chance here" would Gemma respond differently? Would she be less mad , less afraid?

Think about it. This girl talked to this guy at a cafeteria and did think at one point that he was cute.

I felt so conflicted. I wanted Gemma to testify for Ty, not against him. So bad. I mean, he wasn't a bad person. He genuinely liked her and loved her. I was kind of frustrated at Gemma, she was being really mean. But towards the end, you could see that Gemma was starting to like him, love him, if there was enough time. But what he did was wrong. He did kidnap her and stole her choices and everything. But the nature crap stole my heart and when he went with her to the hospital? I loathed Gemma then. She shouldn't have asked him to stay with her. Argh. I just want them together and happy.

Cassie (last edited Feb 15, 2014 02:43AM ) Feb 15, 2014 02:43AM   -1 votes
The ending broke my heart, I was sitting on the edge of the fence with my heart pounding so hard, I really yearned for a happily ever after though. But it did provide a glimpse of what may happen after Ty's conviction, so I hope all's well ! :) Geesh Ty's intensity still makes me shudder and squee !!! Aww Ty, love ya ! <3

ok seriously ty was a good person i cant even mention him as a kidnapper because he wasnt.sometimes gemma was very mean with him and that was very disturbing but i understand her because she took her away from everything she knew and loved.and his most brave action is when he decided to save her while his other choice was to let her die in the middle of nowhere!LOVE TY!just wishing about a sequel or something!

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