Stolen Stolen question

how do you feel about this book? what did you like and what didnt you like?
Gabriel Gabriel Jun 06, 2012 08:48AM
i liked everything about this book. I didn't like that Ty turned himself in and i kind of felt like ty would never get the letter she wrote to him. Overall it was awesome and i loved it, i fell in love with ty..he so kind and down to earth lol almost literally.

This book made me feel uncomfortable mainly because at times I did feel ty was a nice person. But I am a. Mom and I kept thinking how would I feel if someone stole my child. I don't care how nice he was to her he deseres to rot in jail

I was very anxious the entire book and curious to why he chose Gem cause you had the feeling that there was a huge reason for his decision for her. I started falling in love with ty towards the middle before his break down but had the feelings Gemma had still too. It was a great book and really got me hooked and attatched to the characters. I loved how it was written in a journal form as well.

I know Lucy Christopher is trying to trick you into liking Ty but I fell for it anyway! All throughout the book I was drawn more towards Ty than Gemma. I didn't like Gemma's personality and her behavior. I liked that Ty was so "in touch" with nature and that he was artistic. He had a great personality and a wonderful view on life and nature. When I was reading this book I felt peaceful, disgusted, sad, and happy. When I was finished reading I felt sad, but also content. I knew the book should end like it did even though I felt bad for Ty.

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i loved so many things about this book, seriously one of my favorite books of all time.
i loved how much ty loved her and how he risked everything for her and how he just loved her so much he wanted to just steal her away.
the only thing i really disliked about this book was obviously the ending. i've read the book a billion times already and i Trailways always cry at the end, like i seriously bawl.
man, i really really would love a sequel, i would die for one.


Zahra sooooooooo sad i still dont know y she left him D:
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i was a bit angry at the end because she said goodbye and i liked how the author described the australian outback. i didnt really like gemma but i loved ty :)

I loved this book. I was disturbed by my feelings at the end, however. I found it fascinating that the author made me feel sorry for Ty. I was sad that he was arrested. I have a teenage daughter. How can I feel this way about a kidnapper. I couldn't stop thinking about this book long after I finished it. I would love a sequel.

I personaly hated the way the story ended.Come on.. A snake bit.. That is the way she gets brought back to town and ty gets arrest for kidnapping. I have to many opened ended ways it could really end, they finally got alone. It took “baby steps” but they did love each other. I want another book that answers my questions.
Will she go back because she really doesn’t like the sounds or people in London.
Will she go back to ty under her own free will.
What happens to the chickens.
ty shouldnt be caged up in city, he only loved her and wanted the best for her

I agree that Ty, in his heart, was doing the right thing...and Gemma found the goodness in him...but couldn't all their mind..say they thought they were doing the right thing? And that they cared about their captives? I think Gemma should tell everyone that Ty is at heart a good person...a person who has struggled through a tough life and difficult circumstances...but the reality is..he's a kidnapper.

i agree with you. i really feel bad that Ty turned himself in and i hope Gemma makes the right decision at the end and hopefully tells everyone the truth including Ty's kindness and what a good character he is

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