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Make that Change toward Success this year (2009) and beyond

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Eugene No one drifts to success. Our consciousness has no limitation. The only limitations there are have been created by our thinking process. Let's reactivate that fire in our consciousness now - and constantly refuel it with only the positive.
Excerpt from Cut Your Own Firewood: The Ultimate Power to Succeed (Paperback) by Eugene Nwosu

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Akinniyi I believe that cutting one's firewood has two potent dimensions (the unique level of individual aggressivenes culminating in the willingness or unwillingness to act). The option taken has far-reaching hallow-effects on the eventual success or failure.

However, two critical issues are the guiding factors to human progression or retrogression as emphasized in positive and negative spirituality and their ancillary inclinations. The spiritual leaning of individual will determine the extent of wickedness or supportive activities embarked on to affect humanity in the drive to cut the firewood and be successful.

Positive sprituality is supportive and privy to success in any manner of endeavor while the negative aspect is inhibitive with far-reaching limitations, no matter the 'volume of firewood the spiritually oppressed attempt to cut.

Do you believe that the spiritual controls the physical? If you do, then you'll appreciate the inhibitive stance of spiritual wickedness on individual's growth in all aspects of life.

Hence, no matter the level of one's intelligence, hardwork, drive, energy level and many times reasonable attempts are made to 'cut the firewood', such intended progressive actions will end up ramshackled and in circular/cudget approach that brings that individual to square one.

Physically, the principles of the book are right but spiritually, certain links are missing. Would you rather recommend spiritual cleansing to arrive at the level of supportive spiritual connections before cutting the necessary firewood?

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