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Jedidiah Behe | 14 comments I am looking for 10 reviewers who can knock out my book in just two weeks! I'll send each of you a digital copy for whatever platform you need. Please only respond if you are a serious fantasy reader and can deal with the timeframe. I'll also send you a free printed copy when they are complete. Please send me a msg if you are interested rather then reply.

message 2: by Patricia (new)

Patricia O'Sullivan | 57 comments Can you tell us something about the book?

Jedidiah Behe | 14 comments The easiest thing to do would be to click on the cover link. I put an excerpt from the book in there an a short synopsis.
A very short summary: An epic new world fantasy that I am told has a classical style. It follows Lucian and Eliath as they try to stop a tyrant that has brought war to all the southern tribes of Los and they become involved in a battle that is not only between man but also the dark forces that manipulate mankind. There is a lot of action, suspense, mystery and even some romance.

Marina Fontaine (marina_fontaine) | 54 comments I read it and can testify it's a quick read. The author's description is fairly accurate. He forgot to mention great women warrior characters appear as well. I'm not a fan of women warriors, but these are well done and I know it's a big hook for many fantasy fans.

Jedidiah Behe | 14 comments Thanks for that. I really find it difficult to describe my book in one paragraph, which is bad because that's exactly what you need to do to get represented by an agent or publishing company. For my sequel I think I am going to enlist some help from other authors who seem to have it down to a science.

Marina Fontaine (marina_fontaine) | 54 comments I'm not an author, but I would imagine that writing a good blurb is as hard as the book itself. Whatever you do, don't let the publisher/agent write the blurb for you without reading the book first. As a reader, few things are more annoying to me than a misleading blurb.

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R. Shea (rleoniashea) | 11 comments I'd love to read it if you still need reviewers (I see the two weeks time-frame is long past, but I can read it in a few days - I'm a quick reader). I'd like it in Kindle format but I can cope with anything, so if you're interested, let me know how we can swap e-mail addresses.
I'm offering because I share your viewpoint on reviews. If I like it, I say so, but I'm not into ripping people's work apart. If I don't like it, my rating will be average, but I don't post nasty remarks - mean people suck and I won't be one of them.

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