The Song of the Lioness Quartet (Song of the Lioness, #1-4) The Song of the Lioness Quartet question

Jonathan, Liam or George???
Molly Tompson Molly Jun 06, 2012 05:24AM
Ok, I personally have loved George from the start.. I just wanted to see who you liked the most out of them.. Try to put aside what Jonathan did and Liam dislikes magic.. Let me know what you think :)

I read an article once that Tamora Pierce originally had Alanna end up with Jonathan but she realized he didn't fit Alanna, his role as king trapped her in a role she didn't want, so she chose George when she was writing the novel. I am so happy she did. I loved George from the start and especially his quote in b3 "There are plenty of other fish in the sea and this particular fish loves you with all his crooked heart" gaaah, perfect. That said, Tamora did trick me into rooting for all the guys in all of her books haha, I still haven't gotten over the heart break that Kel didn't end up with Neal (not that Dom isn't good for her, it's just I grew very attached to Neal in the 1st and 2nd book) ;)

Kat Williams Love this!
Jan 29, 2015 11:49AM

George, definitely. I loved George the whole time. Ah, George...
Jonathon comes in second.
I really disliked Liam the whole time...

Rachel E. Carter #truth
Aug 31, 2014 01:20PM · flag

I dont really know, i think that, yes, Gorge was the best for HER but ME???? I would probably ether choose Jon or George..

There was never any time that George did not come in first. Jonathan was just a little too smug and self-absorbed. It's George all the way!

deleted member Feb 01, 2015 01:22PM   0 votes
I started with Jonathan, but then he turned into a major jerk in Book 3, so I fell for George. They're adorable together!

George :)


Hands down George! I loved him from the get go. He knew her secret first too. Jonathon was good as well until he got all royal-acting. Of course he had to because he was king, but even still. George's charm never fades! Also Liam was so blah. I couldn't wait to be rid of him! lol

George. liam is also good but i would go for george. he just has a charisma that just makes you like him.

George was the rock in her life. He was always there for her no matter what. So why not be her husband. He balances her out perfectly.

I like all three of them for the parts they played in the story and in Alanna's life. In the end though, I definitely think George was the best one for -her-. Plus, his character is just one of my personal faves as far as the Tortall guys go. Second only to Numair in my mind~

George. He is just an awesome character and you can't help but like him. Although I like Liam a lot as well, I think for Alanna, George is just the guy for her.

I think George was the best for her, but Liam would have been my choice ;)

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