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message 1: by Abby (new)

Abby  Rose So apparently Rachel has movie rights or whatever its called. Point is, she is allowed to turn it into a movie. They havent decided yet, whether to do it or not. I saw something that said they didnt know whether to put it as a movie or tv series.
What do you think?

I think movie, after reading vampire diaries waaaay before the tv series was made i noticed so much difference between the book and tv. I dont want that to happen to Morganville vampires, I am OBSESSED with it. So, my vote is movie :)

Ainsley i think a movie it would be totally wicked :)

message 3: by Crystal (new)

Crystal Smith converse movie!

message 4: by Jeannette (new)

Jeannette Baneck I think I would rather see it get put into a movie, and not a T.V. series. I feel like there are enough shows out there the way it is.

message 5: by Racquel (new)

Racquel Kechagias If you guys are interested in the series coming to screen you should check out this link. It's directly from Rachel Caine

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