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Astrid and the ending *Spoilers*
Emma Emma Jun 05, 2012 10:21PM
Do you think that Astrid was just using Dean's feelings to get him to stay, so that she wouldn't be alone. Or does actually have feelings for him?

I think she is using him because she doesn't want to be alone, but I also think that deep down that she may have feelings for him.

I agree with Jennifer though, he'll prolly help her give birth, the two will fall in "love" but then Jake will miraculously come back.

I agree.

She's just using him for her own reasons. Because she doesn't want to be alone and she no longer has Jake plus she has the whole baby bump situation going on. What I partially hope happens for Dean's sake is that she and him like fall in love or something.

But i like that idea of Jake returning though it would like put a crack down the middle of that set up and they wouldn't be able to be together or anything because Jake and Astrid would be in love and everything...


Now I just don't know how I would want it to turn out. Maybe someone else could miraculously come into the picture and that could be Dean's knew interest, maybe some "booker" that like admired him from afar or something. ahahah. I know I know, chances of that happen are like slim to none but whatever. n_n

Dean is such a sweet and caring guy. He made plates of food for her and where did she go - to Jake. I think she might have feelings, but then again, she could just be using him because of the baby and she doesn't want to be alone. It irritated me when Dean decided to stay back with her, but we'll just have to wait for the second book!

i dont know. i think that she just wanted someone there because she was pregnant

I think she's just using him. I'm not rejecting the possibility that she might develop feelings for him later on, but when she asked him to stay, it was just because she didn't want to be alone.
Why would she have feelings for him deep down? They barely interacted in the first book, except for when he freezed when she asked for help or when she attacked him for spying on her and her... princesses... Not a good track record to justify her starting to feel anything for him.
Besides, she's aware of his crush and knows he's harmless. She just wants someone she can control. Why not ask Niko? He's the more capable one. Because she wouldn't have been able to keep him wrapped around her finger.

Yeah she was using him. I know if I were knocked up I wouldn't want to be alone.

I also had a question. She was already pregnant when she was first exposed to the poison right. Wouldn't this have affected the baby, why mention it at the end of the book?

How is she pregnant if Brayden was impotent from the chemicals? Was she knocked up before? What did I miss?

Lauren Jake was the impotent one. She was 4 months pregnant by her estimate so I think that puts the timeline as her being pregnant before the disasters star ...more
May 06, 2013 12:19PM

I just finished the book not too long ago (it took about 2 days because I stayed up all night long reading). I agree with Jessica. I think she didn't want to be alone but deep down had feelings for Dean. Also, I think because Jake told Astrid that Dean had a crush on her she felt bad for Dean and wanted him to stay and not be separated from her.

I thought she was using him. She knows he is a nice guy and has feelings for her so I think she knew he would stay. I can't believe it ended like that! So is it Jake's baby and is Jake really dead? Cause I bet Dean will freakin help her give birth and raise the baby like his own and then Jake will probably come back and Astrid will break his heart.

i was really annoyed at the end, idk about her using dean though

No I'm sorry she is so using him. I really wished that during the progress of the book Dean would just get over Astrid. By the end I think he kinda was, but then she guilt's him into staying with her because she is pregnant and can't stay alone. She obviously still just likes Jake, even though he decided he was just going to leave them. Them as a pair just annoyed me and I really wanted Dean to stay away from it.
And now what?
Dean's going to have to help Astrid with this child but it's not like it will ever be his. What really annoys me is that she made him give up on leaving with his brother! His brother for crying out loud, and the possibility of ever seeing his family again!
To top it off she still wouldn't tell anyone she was pregnant so Dean's brother thinks he is abandoning him just because of some stupid crush.
It's so unfair...

My heart broke for Dean when he stumbled upon her and Jake. And I think that she's using him and his feelings for her.

I think she's jsut usinghim to her advantage...cause she does not want to be alone

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