City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments, #5) City of Lost Souls question

Is it just me or did anyone else think this book was really weird?
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I loved the book but there was alot more sensual stuff in it than I'm used to with Clair. Her style and subject matter have changed alot and not for the better. Plus, What the hell is with the Sebastion-Clary alost rape, incest thing or whatever. This book was a defenite letdown for me. Anyone else?

I hope this explain a lots about incest, rape, and so what
I just wish the book have more action

I thought it was really... different. I found the writing in some scenes were lacking. It was definitely not my favourite Clare book

I think we could have done without the whole Sebastian wants Clary thing, it was just awkward and uncomfortable.

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i didn't like the fact that there was so much romance . It was kind of a let down

Oh as much as I would have liked to have more Clary and Jace moments, I have to say that even that gets on my nerves too!:)

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I know. It just seemed like everyone wanted in Clary's pants this book. O_O Still loved it though!

Meagin wrote: "I loved the book but there was alot more sensual stuff in it than I'm used to with Clair. Her style and subject matter have changed alot and not for the better. Plus, What the hell is with the Seba..."

oh yes fantastic books with a lot of sensual stuff *insert A Court Of Thorns And Roses here* at the end of the day they still being great

Some scenes definitely disappointed me, but I thought it was much better than COFA. She's definitely transitioned into the paranormal romance genre, though, and the entire middle portion of the book seemed like something straight out of one of those types of books (although I'll admit that I haven't read one myself). All the sex and making out was a bit weird, but I didn't think it was overly distracting. Especially because she eventually stopped and got back to the main point of the story.

I do think it's weird that only 6 months has passed between the events of the first book and now though. Clary's still only's just weird.

I didn't like this one nearly as much as the others. I felt like there was a lot more potential to explore different aspects of the relationships than CC did. She seemed primarily interested in writing steamy, romantic scenes. I mean, there were like 50 of those scenes (and they all start to sound the same). There wasn't enough depth to the characters, and honestly, not much happened in the course of this book. The problem with Jace being controlled by someone else was the same as the last book, so there was nothing new there. This was the most disappointing book of the series. Fortunately, her TID series seems to be going better.

I liked it.

Isabella exactly I do not get where all this backlash is coming from
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Yeah. I really agree. It's way too raunchy compared to the first 4 books. Clare have focused more on the love affair of the characters. There are also some scenes(?) that I think wasn't important like the Maia-Jordan relationship.

Yeah I sorta have to agree with most of you guys. Nothing really changed from the last book, except maybe the fact that Jace is himself again in the end of the book and the part of him being a human torch. I loved the way the book didn't totally focused on C&J's love but also focused on the other major characters romance. All the characters to me have grown and have taken a huge space in the books. Every character serves a huge role and without them, the story would not function. MOst of you think that all the mushy mushy stuff wasn't nessasary, but it seems like you guys have forgetten that most paranormal young-adult books are like that. What makes a good book sell is the hot, passionate, sexy romance between the characters. Thats what makes the story have "action" in a way. ANother thing, Magnus, Simon, JOrdan, Mia, Izzy, Alec did everything in their power to find a way to free Jace from sexy Sabastian's evil bonding even if that meant breaking the laws. I think the book would have sucked if it had only been on Clary's point of view the whole time. Why? We wouldn't have known what was going on outside of Clary's world. Either way we see it, books aren't gonna be perfect, theres gonna be mistakes, let downs, and theres nothing we can do about it. Anyways, its our opinions really. Just cuz some of us might not have liked the book, doesn't mean that other people didnt.

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