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Mary | 46 comments I finished today. Took me three days. Loved it. I've started the main read but got this as a library book and I am just compelled to finish the books I get from the library first...they need to be returned.

Anyway, Daughter of the Blood started off a bit rough having to learn the new world and all the characters but then it settled down into the main few.
I have to say these witches are bitches.
It didn't have the smutty sex I was expecting being a VF read but it wasn't shy on creating torturous adult situations.
I was completely in love with the girl Jaenelle and Daemon's sweet friendship. I got all teary eyed when she gave the photos to him and his sweet.
I HATED Kartane. He just needed to die. At first I wanted Surreal to be the one to do it then I was like anyone just put that man down.
So sad that Greer and Dorothea didn't have the rings on when Daemon broke the Ring of Obedience.
The horse thing was a bit odd.
Daemon seems like such a suave guy. I got to thinking how cool would it be to have a dude to just hang out and be the families 'man for hire', then realized how sexist that was. shame shame.
It left you a a huge cliff hanger so I am looking for the second book right now.

Kari | 32 comments Wee! A Daughter of the Blood thread!

I just finished the third and last book of the trilogy yesterday, so I'll try to keep things limited to the first book to avoid spoilers - I couldn't not read the rest of them, and since I'm on vacation I pretty much just spent three or four days in total to devour all of the books.

I loved the worldbuilding of this book - I too had a trouble get into it at first, since I hate it when books have different main characters instead of just one, but the world itself was so intricate - both the geography, the realms as well as the society. I found it the society to be especially interesting, eespecially how corruption would play out in those parameters.

The book is quite graphic and brutal, but because of the child-aspect and Jaenelle, and the general hatred around sex from Daemon, I didn't mind the abscence of smutty sex scenes.

My favourite scenes were the ones with Saetan - and how the were going around in circles trying to find out about the mystery that was Jaenelle.

I wept several times during this book - let alone the end! And I somtimes wanted to shake people for their stupid ideas (this also because I knew what other people knew, and I just wanted to set the record straight to the stupid people, lol). The winsol present Jaenelle gave was a really precious moment, and you really get the feeling of family that is far away from eachother, but bonding around this one little girl.

The Briarwood thing was creepy - I kind of knew what was going on before the reveal, but it was just written so well - I was on the edge of my seat alot, lol.

In the beginning of Kartane's story I pitied him, but that didn't last long - he really is a vile creature, as is Greer - I was seething with desire to inflict long-term suffering to them both.

This book was amazingly well written and intense! Amazing pick for the book club!

mmmm pleasure-slave... I would totally be a much nicer person than dorothea and the others - they really were horrible! so corrupted! And yet so fascinating! mm pleasure-slave, lol.

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Felicia (feliciaday) | 740 comments Mod
Kari wrote: "Wee! A Daughter of the Blood thread!

I just finished the third and last book of the trilogy yesterday, so I'll try to keep things limited to the first book to avoid spoilers - I couldn't not read ..."

There is a thread already up on this book under Kushiel's Dart folder, moving this one down there for cleanliness!

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