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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

A first in Georgia, an openly atheist candidate is running for the state House. He has promised to propose legislation to outlaw all lobbyist gifts to Georgia legislators, legalize marijuana, and “make the rich pay their fair share of taxes.”

message 2: by George (new)

George King (kinggeorge) | 141 comments A bold move!

message 3: by Naomi V (new)

Naomi V (naomi_v) | 98 comments it is bold, and i fear he doesn't have a chance in Georgia; what with his godlessness and his well-reasoned platform. plus he won't accept donations! i'd gladly send him some $$ as a show of support.

message 4: by Cora (new)

Cora Judd (corajudd) | 163 comments That was my reaction, Naomi, 'Where can I send some money?' ! And he definitely ought to hire a bodyguard.

message 5: by George (new)

George King (kinggeorge) | 141 comments If you remember the book and film DELIVERANCE, then you know what he's up against.

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