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UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 15 comments Leon walked his sister Polly up to school. Dean had given them both a ride to school but Dean had to go stop by a friend's house to pick up some stuff. Polly looped he tiny arm with Leon lanky arm.

Leon was a awkwardly tall boy with wild blonde hair like his mother. He had dark, warm brown eyes with crackles of golden yellow. He walked quickly in his beaten up converse and dark blue jeans. He had hoodie on to hide his messy bed-head with his hood. His eyes scanned from side to side rapidly to make sure he didn't cross paths with any bullies.

Polly tried to calm her anxious brother by bringing up interesting facts about hummingbirds. She loved nature and anyone could tell that by just looking at her. She wore brown macasins and tan corduroy skinnies with a red plaid button down. She wore a light green coat through the gloomy weather. Her messenger bag was litered with peaceful patches and powerful pins supporting gay marriage, defending marine wildlife, and avenging those who have been in deadly abusive relationships. She had a was of brighting the gloom at Forks high school with her white smiling hellos and her warm how-are-yous.

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