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Nook book price difference

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Mayjori NoneYoBusiness | 2 comments I tried to search for this in the group but couldnt find an answer. I have been buying the books on BarnesandNoble.com i was looking today at the latest one and noticed that a couple of the books had 2 prices for the nookbook version and was wondering if the more expensive ones have more pages or something (which would be mildly irritating considering i've bought one of them already).

first book:


second book:


thanks for any info :)

message 2: by Randolph (new)

Randolph Lalonde | 125 comments Mod
Thank you for bringing this up, Mayjori!

The one with the higher price is being published without permission by Lulu Publishing. I'm in the process of serving them a cease and desist order.

The less expensive, $2.99 versions are the real deal, and they're the latest version, unlike the Lulu version, which are generally outdated.

Lulu was once a convenient partner for me, but they've crossed several lines over the years. I'm hoping that I can put an end to all book sales through Lulu soon so readers like yourself don't get caught in the middle.

So, the rule of thumb is to check which distributor is responsible for the publication, and if it says Lulu it's the wrong version. That only applies to my books, however, there are other authors who trust and use Lulu's services.

Again, I'm sorry you got caught in the middle of this, but the good news is that you already have the preferred versions!


Mayjori NoneYoBusiness | 2 comments Thank you for letting me know, Love your books and still havent found any other sci-fi that even come close to as good (which is kind of a bad thing, lol).

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