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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > A fantasy book about a wizard becoming evil [s]

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Rachel I've been trying to unsuccessfully track down this book for the past couple hours.

I could have sworn the title is 'Enemy Mine', but the only books with that title I've been able to find is a science fiction book and a bunch of Harlqeuin romances. I remember reading this book and loving it in college, so it would have to have been published before 2005. I also seem to believe it was written by a woman. The cover shows a dark haired man, and it's mostly done in dark blues.

The general story follows the main character, who I believe is learning how to use magic. At the end, he feels like his friends have betrayed him and so ends up becoming evil. One salient scene which I remember is a send-up of tabletop roleplaying games, when the main character narrates a scene for his friends.

Unfortunately, I lent my copy away and never saw the friend again.

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D.M. Dutcher  | 340 comments Enemy Glory by Karen Michalson maybe?

Enemy Glory by Karen Michalson

Rachel Yes! Glee! Thank you!

(I don't know how to move threads out of this subfolder, but this is totally solved now!)

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D.M. Dutcher  | 340 comments You're welcome. A mod probably will post to move it for you, I think.

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