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Abby, Jake, Emma, Ellie, Lila, etc.: The Character Thread

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Michelle (michellerichmond) | 29 comments Mod
Hi, everyone. I thought I'd add a separate thread for anyone who wants to post comments that are particular to specific characters from The Year of Fog or No One You Know.

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Michelle (michellerichmond) | 29 comments Mod

I never know how a book is going to end when I start it. While I never feel that characters "speak to me" or "direct" the book, I do think that the ending is a process of discovery for me, something I figure out as I go along, often through a great deal of trial and error.

I hope to have endings that are layered, and that provide some sense of satisfaction without tying things up too neatly. I also like for an ending to go in a slightly new direction, so that no one reading the book can close it and think, "Oh, I knew it was going to end that way." (My spoiler removed: complete post in THE YEAR OF FOG thread:)

Overall, I think a novel should be filled with surprises that are, nonetheless, logical.

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Lisa Vegan (lisavegan) Re Michelle's message #2: It was in reference to a post of mine which I just moved to The Year of Fog thread because I realized it has a spoiler.

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Marika Gillis It's fun to read all these posts! I have read (and loved) The Year of Fog and will definitely be seeking out No One You Know soon. I was curious about a couple of things. Do you base your characters on real people that you know? And... (this one isn't character related) how did you get your start as a published author and novelist?

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