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Carly  (cloud-envy) After World War III, the female survivors decide that, as men caused the war and did most of the fighting, it is simply too dangerous to allow them to be in control of the governments any longer. Men are banned from government and military service and, after a few years, banned from voting, having an education or having a job outside the home. A young boy, depressed by his limited prospects at home, decides to pose as a girl so he can join the navy. However, trouble arises when he starts to fall for the daughter of the Admiral, who is the toughest, meanest woman he has possibly ever met. Will he be able to keep his feelings hidden for the Admiral's daughter, or will his disguise fall apart just for one girl, which may just lead to his death?

ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments 8D I'm so excited for this one! Okay, normally I don't care about gender roles ^^" but I kinda wanted to be the Admiral's daughter for this as long as you don't mind

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Carly  (cloud-envy) I thought you would, so I got myself psyched up for being the guy, I'm so excited! Shall we do a more simple profile this time? cx Seeing as I don't have an actual full fledged plan here c:

ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments Thanks! But as long as you really don't mind. Mehehe, simple profile sounds nice but you can do whatever you feel comfortable doing- but I can't really make mine until I get home in about half an hour.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Awrighty c:
Do you have any ideas for what you pictured the guy as? Because I have almost no idea, so I just wanted to check before diving in c:

ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments Well, I pictured he would clever to pull off the disguise of being a girl, but not really a muscle man kind of guy. The only reason he joined is because he has a strong sense of wanting to protect his country, whatever it takes. If any of that made sense. ^^"

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Carly  (cloud-envy) xD see, all my ideas were that way too, like this guy him but I realized he wouldn't be able to seem girly.. so what about.. something like him maybe? or even him, minus the fluffy hair xD

ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments The first guy is hot, but yeah he can't pull off the girly look XD well, he could be just a very masculine girly type-butch. LOL the second and third one would be more likely since I can see them pulling off a feminine-like persona.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Alrighty, I'll probably use the third one c:
I'll work on my profile in a bit.

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ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments I'm heading home now, so I can post up my profile then 8)

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Alrighty c:

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ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments 8)

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Name: Nial Coleson Anderson
Alias: Colette Nicoletta Anders
Age: Ninteen
Gender: Male

Female Appearance:
Dark brown eyes, a long, straight wig to cover his wavy brown hair, which he has cut fairly close to his head. He thins his bows and applies the proper makeup daily. He keeps in shape, thin and lanky, and has even taken up shaving, though he never had much hair on his chin to begin with.
He was born into a world where he wasn't able to join the navy due to his sex. It was like the sexism women faced so long ago. He grew up almost resenting the women, seeing as his mother left his father in order to 'find herself' in a world of feminism. He has always been very closed off, but has also had the highest respect for the navy, and those who served in it. His great grandfather was in the navy, after all. So instead of dealing with his fate, he decided to do all he could; cross dress and join up.

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ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments Since he's your character, I would say whatever you feel would fit him best. I personally love the name Nial. And as for the girl name, it's going to sound weird, but what name do you think your character would pick? I would think that he would get fake papers and ID so he could get into the navy, since they would have a rather heavy screening process-so he would have to pick his female name? >.>"

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Carly  (cloud-envy) cx that's very true. I adore the name Nial, I think I'll use that. Mayhaps I'll just go with whatever for a female name, I feel like he would be a kind of hard-ass girl, not willing to put up with much crap, especially because he's a guy.

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ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments I have a friend and his baby brother is named Nial, and I pretty much fell in love with the name since I first heard it. Oh yeah, I can see that. He would have to be hard-ass since he's joining the Navy disguised as a girl. Tough, determined, etc. 8)

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Carly  (cloud-envy) He's all fixed up.
I picked Colette c: Cause.. I dunno, I like that. It's a character's name from something, a movie maybe. I unno c:

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ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments It's a very pretty name ^w^ I watched a show, Pan Am, where one of the characters name was Colette.

I'm posting up my girl soon. Oh, and in case you didn't get a noti, I posted in our other rp. 8)

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Ah okay!
I saw, I'm plotting out my next move a bit c: I may respond tomorrow, I'm half asleep, so c: I'll see you in the morning!

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ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments Ah, alright, just checking. Goodnight! 8D

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ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments Name: Iphigeneia Solange Barrett
Nickname: Iffy
Age: Seventeen
Gender: Female

History: Iphigeneia grew up under the strict household of her mother, who is the Admiral of the Navy. Her father wasn't really in the picture, never having much or any say really on how Iffy was to be raised. Curfew was at ten p.m sharp, not a minute or even a second later. No boys were allowed in the house, unless for a project. Even then, the project was to be monitored the entire time by an adult. No late night parties, no dating, no school events that ran late- this all lead to Iphigeneia to never have any kind of fun and often rebel against her mother as much as she possibly could. But rebelling against her mother led to very harsh punishments, but nothing to really stop Iffy from being the rebel she has turned into. That was until her mother took her out of high school and brought her onto the Navy base to keep an eye on the wild blonde. Obviously, Iphigeneia isn't happy about this at all and is finding any way to get out or get her mother pissed off enough to send her back home, but the more she fights, the more her mother's grip tightens on her.
Mother - Jocelyn Layla Barrett (Admiral Barrett)

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Carly  (cloud-envy) I love her!
I can't wait to start this c:

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ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments Thank you! 8) I don't think I said it, but I love your guy.

Okay, so we're going start with him at boot camp, yes?

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Awe thank you! I simply adore Iffy! How do you pronounce her full name though o.o Seems like a mouthful, but also sounds very pretty, at least, the way I've been saying it xD

Sure, I'll work on an intro post asap c:

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ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments Honestly XD no idea. I remember her name from a book I read back in like 10th grade, and decided it would be fitting for her. It is indeed a mouthful XD but it just fit because I can just imagine her mom naming her Iphigeneia since it means strength/strong

Okay 8)

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Oh I like it! Very fitting.
Working on a post now c:

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ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments Thank you! And like I said before, I absolutely LOVE the name Nial. <3
8) Okay, I'll be waiting. Eek, so excited to start this!

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Carly  (cloud-envy) It was just another day at boot camp. Darkness shrouded his tired form as he lay in bed, clutching his wig beneath the covers. Outside of his own little tent, dozens of girls slept soundlessly, dreaming of becoming the powerful sailors that their mothers had been, or that their mothers could be proud of. Very few of them had been forced in there, and even fewer were there for the same reason as Nial - a male relative having influenced their life to the point of creating a deep desire to travel across the sea and fight.

The blaring of a harsh female voice caused him to bolt out of bed, dashing for the washroom. Inside, he put himself together. Wig, padded undershirt, makeup, and then his uniform. He had it down to a science by now, and he was in and out within three minutes flat, dressed as one of the most promising young women to be training in the ranks of the navy - Colette Anders.

He moved to his bed and quickly made it up, following the other women who were doing the very same. He acted quickly and quietly, not daring to say a word. He was always afraid that morning time was when he would give himself away, his voice too husky yet. In a few moments he was lined up for inspection like by one of the captains and saluting her. She always seemed to eye him suspiciously, but it might have just been his nerves getting to him.

"Anders." she said, narrowing her eyes at him.
"Ma'am." he responded, staring back at her with little sign of intimidation.
"Your boots are a disgrace. Make sure I don't see those mud-caked monstrosities in my barracks again." she ordered before turning away. "Dismissed to the mess hall."

Nial sighed with relief, straightening up and moving himself out to the mess hall, where he would have very little time to eat, and then be forced out into some training. Maybe, if he was lucky, he would have a navigation assignment today. Last week he had been stuck on ropes and knots, which fried his brain.

Just keep a low profile. he reminded himself, as he did every day, and walked through the mess hall doors, searching for some coffee among the piles of mush and rations.

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ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments There she was, at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center, which is located on the western shore of Lake Michigan, halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee. Unlike Air Force Basic Training, much of Navy Boot Camp is conducted indoors. Yep – there’s an indoor marching and drill, the confidence course is indoors, and even weapons (shotgun and pistol) are fired indoors. (This makes a lot of sense if you think about it- much of Navy life and duty is spent inside a ship or submarine).

Iphigeneia crossed her arms over her chest, her stormy gray eyes narrowed on her mother, who stood there standing tall and proud as usual. Meanwhile, Iphigeneia stood there with her shoulders slumped forward and hips practically jutting out- a stance she knew her mother hated. All women of this day and age were to stand up with their back straight, shoulders back, and head up. It was show the world, and the men that women were in charge and nothing was going to change that. At least that it what her mother taught her, but her mother was a hard ass, who pretty much hated men.

Since World War III, women pretty much ruled the world. Well they did rule the world. The only reason men are still around was for reproduction purpose. And to help keep an eye on the children, but the women always have more say than the man. Men in this world had no other reason than that, which even seemed wrong even to the daughter of the toughest, meanest Admiral on this planet.

“Why am I even here?” Iphigenia growled, teeth clenched tightly in anger. “You pulled me out of school and brought me here for what!”

Admiral Barrett turned sharply on her heel to face her insolent daughter. She looked down at the fait haired girl that was supposedly her daughter- though the way Iphigeneia has been acting lately, she was embarrassed to admit it.

“Iphigeneia Solange Barrett! You were caught not only with a boy, but you were under the influence of alcohol and drugs. That was the last straw,” the Admiral said, a scowl set deeply on her flawless face. Her lips were set in a thin tight line, and her electric blue eyes trained on her daughter in an icy cold stare. Even though Iphigeneia hated to admit it to even herself, her mother’s icy stare always sent shivers up and down Iffy’s spine. “Your father, the useless and brainless sack of bones, isn’t capable to raise you when I’m not there. So, you are here with me. I will get you private tutors, but you are never going to that high school ever again. You will never see your friends ever again. Lastly, you will be joining the recruits in morning drills. Maybe that will teach you to go against my rules. Your things have already been dropped off at your assigned tent, which you will be sharing with one other recruit on this base; a young girl named Colette Anders. You are dismissed, Iphigenia.”

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Nial moved slowly about the mess hall, falling into place beside a redhead named Layla. She smiled sunnily at him. Though he had tried to remain solitary for most of his time in the navy training base, but Layla had grown on him. He knew better than to act romantically toward her, but still, it was nice to have someone to talk to.

"Hey, Layla." he said brightly.

"Hi Colette." she greeted with a blush on her face, as always. "Sleep well?"

"Well enough." he replied, piling food onto his plate and grabbing a cup of coffee.

Breakfast was fast. Too fast. Assignments for work came soon after. Though Nial was dying to get out on the lake and learn navigation, he was assigned to weaponry. He'd already trained in the course early on in boot camp. He could assemble and reassemble a gun in five minutes flat, but apparently they wanted him to be able to do so faster. He knew he'd have to practice firing, too, which seemed to at least semi-thrill him.

After he was informed and dressed for training, he headed out across the campus and toward the large indoor training center. He looked forward to at least getting a work out.

(bleh short tonight, sorry)

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ღPanda Girlღ | 104 comments (it's fine 8))

Iphigeneia was dressed in a plain white shirt, which was tucked into her cameo pants and black combat boots. Her long strawberry blonde hair was pulled back into a tight bun to keep it out of her face, which irritated her the most. Though, what really bothered her was the fact that an officer thought it was okay to shout at her as if that was going to make her start doing push-ups. Please, as if yelling was going to make her doing anything. If only this woman knew that yelling to a girl like Iphigeneia until her face turned blue was not worth it at all.

“Look, my own mother can’t get me to do a push-up. Do you really think you shouting at me is going to make me want to do it even more?” She looked at the woman whose face looked like it was hard as stone. Stone face- that was what Iphigeneia was going to call this one. “And don’t try that solitary crap on me, doesn’t work either. Actually, I insist on you putting me in there for the next few hours. You see it would help me escape doing all this.”

The officer in charge of morning drills was not at all happy with how this young girl was acting towards her, even if she was the daughter of the Admiral. “One hundred push-ups right now or I’m speaking to Admiral Bennett about this!” the stone-faced woman shouted.

“Go ahead. I’m already in hell. I’d like to see her make this even worse than it is.” Iphigeneia placed her hands on her hips, staring intensely right back at the woman, who was now giving her a level glare. The stone faced woman was a little taller than Iphigeneia, thinking that staring her down would intimidate her into cooperating, but little did this woman know, Iphigeneia needed a whole lot more than just height difference to make her back down.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Before going to specific training, all naval trainees were forced to do basic warm up exercises and training. Nial moved slowly about the compound, his eyes lazily flickering from one face to the next, trying to locate Layla, who had been lost in the crowd. He frowned, tucking a loose lock from his wig behind his ear and looking about when voices began to rise. Someone was being given a tongue-lashing already. So early in the morning, though? Who would have the energy to piss off one of the admirals this early.

He moved curiously closer, trying to catch a look at the unlucky girl who had managed to upset one of those who were in charge. His brows furrowed as he came into view of the two women. The one who was being scolded was a shorter strawberry blonde, with a striking resemblance to the woman who was currently making his life a living hell - the Admiral.

He frowned as he moved closer, almost forgetting his cover. Sure, he was supposed to be laying low, but something attracted him to her. Sure, she was beautiful, but it was more her fiery temper. She was standing up for herself so easily, something so brave that he had hardly seen before. He felt a need to protect her, and at the same time, the desire to merely stand and watch her. She obviously could defend herself.

"Ma'am," Nial called, clearing his throat so his voice rang out clear and feminine. "Perhaps if you let her join some of the rest of the ranks, she might learn a lesson or two for the day. Don't be so quick to send her to solitary." he argued, his dark eyes flashing with determination.

He stepped up and gave the young woman a slight smile. "Colette Anders." he said, offering a hand to her. "If you'd prefer actually making it through the day rather than being abused all day long, I suggest you join us." he gestured to a small cluster of navy trainees that he knew. "If not.. Enjoy the wrath of the higher ups." he said with a smile, cocking a brow at her, daring her to make a choice.

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