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the fire burns inside me (emgemlovescallieboo) | 79 comments I have really weird dreams most of the time but sometimes I dream about 1D! Post your 1D dreams here!

Adrianna*Herondale* King (adgeking) | 96 comments Mod
Its very long as you can tell :) best 10 hour dream of my life :)

ok so i was as cheer practice at my school and their tour bus rolled up and they got out!! everyone screamed except for me cuz i was too in shock. then they came over to me and louis said " since you are the only one that didnt scream we are going to hang out with you for the next 2 days." (OMG)

We went to my house. While we were there went swimming. Then when we got out of the pool the boys wanted to take a walk but of course when we started walking it started pouring. So we walked back to my house and watched tv. After like 2 hours of watching tv we got bored and we decided to go see a movie. When we got to the movie theater the next movie started in about an hour so we decided to got to the Walmart tha they were at when i met them (it was in the same shopping center) they told me that they remembered me and they wanted to pull me aside and talk to me but Paul wouldnt let them (curse you paul.) That of course took only 20 minutes so we went to YOGO (we all ate with forks) then we went to to the movies and we saw Snow White and the Huntsman. (amazing) i sat inbetween Niall and Harry <3 we went back home and we slept in the living room (niall and i slept next to each other) :)

The next day (it was the last day of school) i brought them to school with me. I introduce them to all my friends who like them. we went to the autorium and they stood next to their resective girls (the ones that liked them the most) (Me=Niall Casey=Harry Lindsey=Louis Gen=Zayn and Tori=Liam) then they sung Everything About You, One Thing, Gotta Be You and Same You Tonight to us. In between each song Niall would kiss me :) after they finished singing hey stole my phone and put their numbers in it . . . but made me promise not to tell anyone.

yea so that was my dream :) wish it actually happened tho XP

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the fire burns inside me (emgemlovescallieboo) | 79 comments Aaaaaawwww I wish I slept next to Niall in my dream!!

Adrianna*Herondale* King (adgeking) | 96 comments Mod

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the fire burns inside me (emgemlovescallieboo) | 79 comments I had a dream about Liam! He came from Florida to visit me (idk y) and we spent the week together! we both got this treatment that burned really bad then got a rough massage. We were home and we were all sleeping on the floor, he was almost next to me. We were talking about him leaving and in the end I kissed him. We went to sleep then wokke up the next day. I was sad cause this was our last day together. People were doing stupid things and they were talking to me. I told them i'm not in the greatest mood so they stopped talking. That last night me and Liam were in the same place and we were talking again. I tried to kiss him one last time but he mentioned something about paul when I was about to kiss him. I never got to kiss him again :*(

Adrianna*Herondale* King (adgeking) | 96 comments Mod
AWWW :'(

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the fire burns inside me (emgemlovescallieboo) | 79 comments I had another dream but this time its about al of them (mostly Niall). Ok so I went to Ireland and I met them at a field a mile from Niall's house. We were all craking jokes and laughing while we were walking to Niall's house. When we got there I met Niall's dad and he was really nice. We hung out and some of them were flirting with me!! I asked if they knew how old I was and they said 16 which I'm not. Then me and Niall were just hanging out,Liam close by. We hit it off and I started flirting like a nut. I knew he liked me so I said do me a favor he said ya then I said kiss me!! I'm pretty sure we kissed and Liam was just watching us. I don't think we did anything after that cause I left and I don't remember saying goodbye. While I was waiting for a train I had these earrings I've never seen before. I held them and I knew Niall gave them to me. The bus ride back was really weird...but it had nothing to do with the boys.

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literariel I had a dream that my friend and I were cosplaying and we were staying at a hotel somewhere and then, all of a sudden, Harry knocked on our door. I shoved my friend aside and then I hugged him for, like, 5 hours. It was weird. And then we started dating. Done.

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