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Hi my name is Ellen. I love YA books, SCI-FI, Fantasy and historical Fiction. I help my friend on her FB that hosts YA Book reviews. Please check out her blog!!/AddictedTo...

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C.E. (cewilson) | 4 comments Hello there Ellen,

My name is C.E. Wilson and I have recently published a book titled Oath of Servitude now available on Amazon for the Kindle and Smashwords for all other ereaders.

Do you think that you friend would be interested in reading my book? It is about a human named Teague who has been living a charmed life for nearly 20 years before meeting an accident in college. Cailin, a pixi is seeking to remain true to herself despite the rigid rules set by her pixi clan. When she is punished for her behavior, she is sent to live with Teague and his father for one year and help Teague adjust to his new life without privilege. However, when the two become friends, the results are quite unexpected.

Do you think that this is a book that your friend would be interested in reviewing? If so, please have you or her send me an email to

I very much look forward to hearing from either of you!

Thanks again,
C.E. Wilson

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