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Hagrid hummed a soft tune while he baked some of his rock cakes.

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Lily knocked on the door a million times before Hagrid finally opened the door. "Hey Hagrid, what's up?" she asked

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Hagrid grinned. "Hullo, Lily!" He said. "Just bakin' some of my Rock Cakes! Would you like some and some tea also?" Hagrid asked, pulling her into his house.

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"uhh... Sure Hagrid," lily said. After she had a few very hard rock cakes, lily asked, " Hagrid, why does half of your hut look burned?!"

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Hagrid gulped. "No reason. Wan' another rock cake?" Hagrid said nervously.

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". Uhhh, Hagrid? There's obviously a reason! And the last time your hut was burned there was a dragon involved" lily said

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Hagrid laughed a nervous laugh. "Dragon? Nah...it's illegal!" Hagrid yelled. There was a buzz and Hagrid looked at his timer. He tucked in his pocket and smiled nervously. "Wha abou' one of those rock cakes?" Hagrid said.

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Uhhh, Hagrid, why is your stove still on?" Lily said walking towards the stove she opened the oven door & fell back with a hasp. "Hagrid!!!" she yelled," WHY DO YOu HAV A DRAGONS EGG??!!"

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Hagrid grabbed Lily and pulled her back, shutting the oven door hard. "Shhhh! Don't go on yellin' bout' it!" Hagrid whispered.

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"Sorry Hagrid,but you freaked me out! I am a dragon rider! Besides, are you even sure that you could take care of a dragon? By the looks of the egg, it's a Hungarian Horntail!" Lily said indignantly.

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Hagrid shrugged. "I be' I can take care of 'er" Hagrid said.

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Lily sighed. "Hagrid you're gonna get in so much trouble though! You could get sunt to Azkaban!!"

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Leah | 617 comments There was a knock on the door "hagrid" a young male voice called. "oh come on in" hagrid said. (it was Giovanni and hagrid had bee expecting him.)

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"Hagrid!...." Lily trailed off

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Leah | 617 comments Giovanni walked in and was surprised to see Lily a fellow first hear sitting at the table. "oh er hello" he said.

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Lily turned to Giovanni and said "Hi" before turning to Hagrid, waiting for a reply

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Leah | 617 comments Hagrid conviniently started to hum so as to avoid answering Lily.

Giovanni sat down next to Lily shyly.

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"Hagrid!" Lily said in a threatening voice, "Show me where the dragon is. I just wanna see if it's ok, and then you need to let me take it to Romania!Otherwise you'll get arrested!"

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Leah | 617 comments (who wants to be Hagrid-me or you?)

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((you can be Hagrid.. Doesn't matter))

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Leah | 617 comments "well alrigh' then come n have a peek at me wee lil friend." he said stubbournly. Giovanni went over slowly to see the large egg hagrid was watching start to crack open.

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Lily crouched down next to the egg, and soon the dragon broke through the egg

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Leah | 617 comments "oye er he comes " hagrid said joyfully looking down at lily who was concentrating in the dragon. "what d' yer thenk giervanni"

"wow its well wow." Giovanni said looking shocked

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((I'll be Hagrid if you guys want me to!))

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((Yes! Thanks!))

Hagrid nodded. "Now don' go on tellin' every one 'bou it. Allrigh'?" Hagrid whispered. "I could ge' in alo' of trouble." Hagrid said.

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" ... Hagrid you can't keep the dragon forever!"

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Hagrid shook his shaggy head. "Yeh I can! I'll figure ou' how ter do it! I can!" Hagrid said scaredly. He picked up the dragon. It blew sparks in Hagrid's beard. "Ah!" Hagrid said. He patted the small fire away. The dragon seemed to smile. "Ah... look! He knows 'is Mummy!" Hagrid said, grinning bigger than ever.

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Lily put a hand to her head.

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Hagrid looked over at her. "Do you need a rock cake?" Hagrid asked.

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" No thanks Hagrid. " Lily said

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Hagrid nodded. "Alrigh' then. Well, if you guys are jus' gunna si' aroun' then you better ge' a move on. Go outside or do home work or somethin'." Hagrid said, tickling the dragon's head.

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Leah | 617 comments "erm ya before that thing tealises it can spit fire!" Giovanni said

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"Bye Hagrid, see ya tomorrow!" Lily said leaving

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Leah | 617 comments "wanna walk to the lake?" Giovanni asked lily nervously

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Lily smiled at him " Sure!" she said

message 37: by Leah (new)

Leah | 617 comments "alright!" he said smiling at her ((meet u there!))

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Hagrid shut the door and went back to babying his new dragon.

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