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"She's going to kill me if she finds out!" Screamed Crysy.

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Leah | 617 comments "is anything the matter?" madi asked crysty quietly

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Alex hurried up the stairs, hoping not to run into Tim on her way.

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Tim stared at Alex as she rushed by.

Crysy spun around. "Oh no! Oh no, no, no, no! She'll kill me I tell you! Kill me!" Crysy said, shaking her head. "I can't believe that I did that!" Crysy said. She spun back around I continued to run.

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Alex stopped dead in her tracks as she saw Tim, gave a small, scared smile, and walked more slowly.

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Tim came up behind Alex and came to her cheek real close. "Have you decided yet, Miz Alex." Tim breathed on her cheek.

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Alex bit her lip, "N-no, not yet. I've barely had time to think!"

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Tim shrugged. "Take your time sweets." He breathed. Then he walked back down the stair case, leaving Alex be.

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Alex shuddered and ran up the stairs.

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Leah | 617 comments madi waltzed down the grand staircase looking for Giarmo. She was ready to dance!

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stands at top of staircase out of breath "wish i had my broom makes this easier" laughs

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leap (indiefitleap) | 526 comments Mod
"you run fast enough without it!" Giovanni said out of breath and a few feet behind

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"one way or another running wont help in quidditch" stands up straight and smiles "race you to the grounds" and takes off running

(( grounds))

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leap (indiefitleap) | 526 comments Mod
Giovanni moans and takes off after her

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Love and shuhan ran in.
"i'm so happy you recovered!" said shuhan excitedly.
"Notta big deal..."mumbled Love.

just then, Lisa walked into the room. she gasped when she saw Love. she felt a rush of familiarity.
"Love Moe?" she asked shyly.
Love glared at her wih a patronizing, but beautiful, stare.
"How do you know about my dirty previous surname of the horrid blood traitors?" she roared.
"I'm Lísa!" Lísa declared. "Lísa your sister!"
Love stared her up and down taking in her obesity."This is no sister of mine!" she shouted.
"Love! we were so worried about you! our family!" wailed Lísa.
"You mean your family, not mine! I don't care!"

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Aryll walked up the grand stair case, holding the extra five books in her arms that wouldn't fit in her bag as she went. she looked over at the students that were talking about something that sounded horribily like they were insulting blood traitors and muggle borns.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) lisa ran past her while sobbing loudly

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Lis noticed Avril while wiping the tears away. "um...hi"

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