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Dumbledore sat down at his desk and did his work quietly.

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Ginny sulked up to Dumbledore's office. She nocked on the door. "Come in." Dumbledore said softly. Ginny opened the door and came in. Dumbledore smile. "How are you doing?" Dumbledore said with a welcoming wave. Ginny smiled weakly. "Not to good." Ginny said, handing him the slip. Dumbledore's smile faded. "What have you done?" He asked, but not in a mean way. "I..." Ginny sighed. "I went to the room of requirment and I was going to practice my DADA there. I saw Alex and she wanted to practice with me. After she did the unarmed spell then the stunning spell I did it to her. Her head must've hit something, because she started bleeding." Ginny said as tears filled her eyes. Dumbledore nodded. "It's okay. You just need to have detention with Professor Hagrid." Dumbledore said, nodding. He signed the paper and then got another peice of parchment. "It has all the information there." Dumbledore said, handing it to her. Ginny nodded. "Thankyou Professor." Ginny said. Dumbledore nodded. Ginny left.
The note said:

You will be having detention at 6:00 pm tonight with Professor Hagrid. You will be through with you detention at 8:00. Please think well about what you have done.

Professor Hagrid, this student had done some DADA and accidently hurt a Ravenclaw student named Alex. Please sign the bottom of the paper when you are through with the detention that starts at 6:00 tonight and ends at 8:00 tonight. Thankyou for your time.


_________________________________Sign here please.

Ginny sighed.

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Alex walked shakily into the office.

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With Dumbledore by her side. "Alex I want you to drink this potion, two cups of it. I'm sorry if it is painful. But you need to drink it if you don't want to die." Dumbledore said quite calmly.

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Alex frowned and took the potion, "Uh, why?"

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Dumbledore sighed worriedly. "Voldemort's nephew, Tim Riddle, is at large. He can get into your mind, like he is now. He can kill you inside your mind. That potion will get him out and we can find him." Dumbledore explained.

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Alex shrugged and drank the potion.

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Dumbledore wached Alex carefully.

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Alex waited, "Umm... What is it supposed to do again?"

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"It's suposed to steer out Tim Riddle. He's gone now." Dumbledore said. There was a wind and a scream. Dumbledore rushed out. He was gone for awhile and came back in, holding onto the arm of a handsom boy with dark black hair and grey eyes with a red glint in them. He had pale skin and thin lips. He was skinny and tall too.

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"Who is that?" Alex eyed the boy. He was pretty handsome...

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"This, is Tim Riddle." Dumbledore said. Tim rolled his eyes. "You say that like it's a bad thing." Tim snapped. He looked to Alex and winked.

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Alex raised an eyebrow, "Him? Truly? I was expecting someone more... Bald. And missing a nose." She laughed, "Get it?"

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Tim laughed but Dumbldore sighed. "Tim, you aren't getting into trouble, are you?" Dumbldore asks. "No sir." Tim said, smirking.

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Alex smirked, "So... Why is he here?"

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"I wanted you to meet him. And to make sure that he wasn't taking over any minds." Dumbledore said. Tim got out of his grip. "Like I'd do that." Tim went to Alex and grabbed her hand. "Hey, I'm Tim Riddle and your the prettyest girl I've ever met." Tim said, kissing her on the cheek. A evil red glint came to his eye as he stared at her.

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Alex scowled at him, "Just who do you think you are?" she demanded. Her emotions were mixed. He's handsome... But he's evil! He's charming... But he's evil!

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Tim raised his eyebrows. "I just think that I'm Tim Riddle. May I have your name?" Tim said smoothly. He let go off her hand and smiled charmingly.

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Alex's brilliant green eyes narrowed slightly, "Alex... Alex Watson." she said slowly.

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Tim smiled. "Nice to meet you, Miss Alex." Tim said. "Now I must go study." Tim added. Dumbedore nods and Tim winks once more and Alex and leaves.

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Alex stared at his retreating form, mesmerized by his good looks. She reluctantly tore her eyes from him and looked at Dumbledore. "I'd better go, as well."

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Dumbldore nods.

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Alex smiled and ran out.

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Gavin walked in and waited for Becky.

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Becky followed him in and stood awkwardly just inside the door.

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Gavin smiled, "Come on in! Don't worry, Dumbledore won't bite."

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Becky laughed nervously and took a step further into the office.

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"Dumbledore?" Gavin called. "There's a new student who needs her schedule!"

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((Who's being Dumbledore?))

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((Umm, I'm not sure.))

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((Hmmm, is Kenna Bear online? She seems to be Dumbledore))

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((No, she's not right now. I guess we should just... wait?))

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((I'm here!))

Dumbledore looked up and smiled at the new student. "Ah, hullo Becky. I'll get your schedule." Dumbledore said, getting up. He took out a peice of paper from a folder. "There you go Becky. Work hard." Dumbeldore said, his blue eyes sparkling.

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"Thank you sir," she smiled at him and quickly left, dragging Gavin by the wrist behind her.

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"Professor Dumbledore!" Seth called, "I'm here for my schedule and stuff."

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Dumbledore smiled back. "Come in." Dumbledore called out.

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Seth walked in and stood across from Dumbledore. He held out his hand.
"Seth Allington, sir."

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Dumbledore nodded and took out his scheldule out of his folder. "There you go." Dumbledore said, giving him a kind smile.

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"Thank you, sir." Seth said with a slight smile, then he turned and walked out.

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Dumbledore nodded.

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"Professor Dumbledore!" Lucey called, knocking on the door. "Come in." Dumbeldore said softly. "Madi and Beth are doing a pollyjuice potion in moaning myrtle's bathroom. They snook into the potion's class room and stoll some ingretiants!" Lucey said.
Dumbeldore smiled. "I'm sure if they are breaking the rules they are doing in for a good cause." Dumbeldore said. Lucey shook her head. "But they have broken four, no five rules! Sneaking out late at night, sneaking into a classroom, stealing professor's proporty, going into moaning myrtle's bathroom, and creating the polly juice potion!" Lucey said, folding her arms across her chest. "You have also snook out late at night, went into the potoin master's classroom, and went into moaning myrtle's bathroom." Dumbledore said. Lucey was speachless. "But now you may go into Moaning Myrtle's bathroom and make a polly juice potion if it is nessasary. I will give those girls detention once they are done with what ever is needed." Dumbledore said. "But I did have good resons for the first two!" Lucey said, twisting her fingures. "I went into the potion master's classroom because he asked me to finish up an asighned potion for the next class." Lucey said. "And I had so many classes to finish and homework and such things that I had to do it tonight. I was finishing up when they walked in." Lucey said. Dumbledore smiled. "Okay then. I'll let you off the hook." Dumbledore said. Lucey grinned. "Thankyou Professor!" Lucey said. Dumledore nodded. "Now go to bed."

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Leah | 617 comments ((it wasn't polyjuice'))

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((I'm not sure what it was but it was awesome!))

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Leah | 617 comments ((:)))

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When they got to Dumblore's office Tessa looked like she was about to scream. The humanity had left her eyes and now they were blank. She was shaking alittle but her grip on her wand never losened and she refused to look at Scorpious either. She slowly lifted her hand that didn't hold the wand and knocked on the door

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((Do you want to be dumbledore or should i?))

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((Um I guess you I'm not good at RPing a teacher.))

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((ok cool))
Scorpious opened the door, and led Tessa in. Dumbledore sat calmly at his desk.

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