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Gary looked through is teloscope.

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It took about five minutes of charting out stars before Lily slammed the pencil down and muttered frustratedly, "why does this have to be so difficult! I don't care about the position of stars!"

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Beth looked at Lily struggling, "I got this book from the library on astronomy, it's been helping me." She handed her the book.

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"Thanks Beth!" lily said,"I think I will never get the hang of charting stars. Maybe the book will help..."

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Gary stared at Lily.

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"what?" lily asked

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Gary looked away quickly. "N-Nothing." Gary said nervously.

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"ok..." lily said, turning back to the astronomy book.

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Gary gulped. I have to ask her to the dance. He thought. He walked to her when the Professor said it was break time. "Er...hey...Lily? Would you...I mean I would like to ask you....if you want to...go to the dance with-with m-me?" Gary asked nervously.

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Lily was dumbfounded. " oh... Uh sure!" Lily said blushing

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Gary grinned. "Th-Thankyou!" Gary said.

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Lily grinned. "No problem."

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"I should be thanking you" she added as an afterthought

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Gary smiled. "Well, your welcome." He said, blushing.

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Tessa steps into the tower and walks over to the huge window

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Giovanni walks in nervously behind her

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"scared" Tessa asked

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"a little!" he said staying as far away from the edge as possible. "I have this little heights thing" he TRIED to say cassually as he turned ghost white but smiled through his fear and strode over to the window ledge with her

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((have to take a shower be back in a few!))

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"fine then go if you want" Tessa loses her smile and looks across the field with a said look in her eyes

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((ugh ok HURRY))

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"no way!" he said " I'm a brave gryffindor!" he have her a playful nudge and smiled but stopped at her sad look "the real question is are you ok?"

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"i came here ever since i started school when i was sad about my mum or when everything was just over whelming" Tessa sits in the window "i used to come here at night and fly out the window and around the grounds." Tessa smiled "it was fun"

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"ever seen the muffle movie aladin?" he asked as he did the silent spell accolade broom in his head

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"of course." looks at him questioningly with a smile "why?"

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his broom popped up and he puts her on in front as he gets on back and starts to fly singing " a whole neeeeew wooooooorld! a new fantastic point of view!"

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"youre an twit" she said smiling back at him

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"no one to tell us no or where to go!" he continued then laughed and said " you steer us wherever you wanna go!" he said letting go of the broomstick and holding on to her shoulders

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"is that really a smart idea" takes control of broom but is a bit unstable "I've never flied with two people!"

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"giarmo used to let me steer when he took me on rides before I could go by myself its fun!" he said lightly butbreaddy to take control snytime

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"ok but steer real fast i want to show you a way to scare the competion at games" Tessa laughed about what she was gonna do

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((still there???)))

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((i take that as no))

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"ok I'm ready!" he said nervously

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((ok! go back to old comment))

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Tessa flips legs over the side of the broom "Trust me and FLY STRAIGHT!" she slides so she has hold of bottem of broom and fips herself into the air

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"tessa whoa!" he said keeping the broom perfectly straight and steady.

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TTessa dives down and grabs hold of broom "that was awesome"

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"I wanna try!" Giovanni said grabbing the end of the broom. 'one two three!" he said and flopped up perfectly before coming back down.

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"told you" Tessa said smiling

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"that was great!" he said laughing " where to next?"

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"I havent a clue!" Tessa said laughing "Wait I do!!" makes broom dive "HOLD ON!"

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"aaaahhhhhhhh!!!" Giovanni yelled as they plummeted toward the ground. "pull up Tess!" he yelled urgently

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Tessa stops at door "race you to the BR. oh im better at flying then you think!"

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((what's the br?))

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((BallRoom BR))

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"alright!" he said " but do we need to change into something fancier?" but tessa had already run off. ah well he thought as he ran after her

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