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Maya moaned.

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Ginny and Alex went into the Hospital Wing. "What happened?" Madame Pomfrey asked, helping Ginny get Alex onto the bed. "Well, please don't be mad!" Ginny wailed. Madame Pomfrey put her hands on her hips, her lips pursed. "What happened?" She said sternly. Ginny sighed. "I went into the Room of Requirment and I was going to practice my DADA then I saw Alex and I told her what I was doing so then I did the unarmed spell then the stunning spell after she had done it to me and she must've hit her head! I'm so sorry!" Ginny wailed. Madame Pomfrey sighed and wrote something on a small piece of parchment. "Go to Professor Dumbledore's office and explain what you've done. I am very disapointed in you." She said. Ginny nodded and left the Hospital wing.

"How are you doing dear?" Madame Pomfrey asked Alex as she dabbed at Alex's wound.

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"I'm okay!" Alex tried to smile, "Truly!"

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Madame Pomfrey smiled. "Did you feel any dizzyness as you were taken to the hospital wing?" Madame Pomfrey asked as she stirred up a potion.

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Alex shook her head, causing it to bleed more, "No."

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Madame pomfrey brushed some of the potion on her cut to get it to stop from bleeding. "When you first got hit did you see a white flash?" Madame Pomfrey asked.

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Alex frowned, thinking hard. "I don't think so..." she paused, "Wait! Yeah... I think I may have..."

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Madame Pomfrey stopped what she was doing. "I'll be right back. She rushed out of the room and came back with Dumbledore following.
"Alex, I need you to do something for me." Dumbledore said with worry in his voice.

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Alex sat up straighter, "Yes Professor?"

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"Come with me to my office." Dumbledore said.

((Meet you there!))

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Alex stood up shakily and followed him.

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Dumbldore helped her to his office.

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Leah | 617 comments mark entered the office holding up madi who could bareley stand

((you can be pompfrey))

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((Yep! I'll be her and Mark! Since he's my character!))

Madame Pomfrey rushed over. "What has happened?" She asked.
"I think she sprained her ankle." Mark said.
Madame Pomfrey helped her onto a bed. "Are you alright?" She asked. "Does this hurt?" Madame Pomfrey asked quickly. She put a finger on her ankle that hugrt and pushed.

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Leah | 617 comments "yes" madi said painfully" it hurts a a a lot"

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Madame Pomfrey quickly took her finger off. "I'll get you some medichene dear." She said scuiring off.

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Leah | 617 comments "I'm sure ill be fine now mark thanks for the help" madi said " but if tu see giarmo could you tell him I may not be able to dance tonigt"

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Mark nodded and ran off.

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Leah | 617 comments madi groaned

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Madame Pomfrey rushed back. "Drink this dear." She said, handing her a goblet.

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Leah | 617 comments madi gulped down the potion 'wow I feel better already" she said with a smile

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Leah | 617 comments "could I go to the ball toonight" madi asked hopefully " "well if you're sure you're okay" pompfrey said "oh yes I'm fine" she insited

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Madame Pomfrey held up a fingure. "But you will have to stay here until then and rest your ankle." Madame Pomfrey said sternly.

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Leah | 617 comments "of course madam" madi said very seriously

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Madame Pomfrey nodded and went off to take care of another student.

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leap (indiefitleap) | 526 comments Mod
Giovanni ran in with tesssa passed out in his arms " madam pompfrey!" he yellef

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((i dont think shes on so someone will have to play her))

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((anyone can be any of the teachers or staff))

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"what is it?" she called coming out of her office with a glass of wine in her hand " oh gracious!" she said and dropped her wine while hurrying to see tesssa " set her on a cot dear!" she told giovanni

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((good point so someone choose))

Tessa mummbled "Scorp" but showed no signs of waking up

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Scorpius walked in, "What are you doing you Gryffindor?" He yelled at Giovanni.
((total fiction right here, I mean none of it Leah!))

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Tessa squirmed at her cousins voice

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leap (indiefitleap) | 526 comments Mod
"who's scorpion?" madam pompfrey asked " and what happened?" she said as she pushed Giovanni away and drew the curtain "why cant I stay?" Giovanni asked " you can see her in a moment dear but I need to check the rest of her body for brisked or broken bones" she said

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"I'm Scorpius, you twit!" He yelled through the curtain. HE turned back to Giovanni

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leap (indiefitleap) | 526 comments Mod
"why are you here its not like you care about her!" he yelled at scorpiouz

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"I'm her family it's my job. Why are you here?"

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((Scorpious shouldnt be to mean to Griovanni cause he saved his cousin

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leap (indiefitleap) | 526 comments Mod
"I'm here because she got hurt while trying to get AWAY from you so I figured YOU wouldn't care enough to go get her!" he said angrily

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((I am being mean))
"What and you do care about her?" Scorpius yelled.

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((not at all i think its funny but you should bring madame Prompfrey back))

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"ten minutes ago she just told me she cared about so I couldn't just leave her passed out under the whomping willow!" Giovanni shot back

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leap (indiefitleap) | 526 comments Mod
((its ok scorp should be mean:)))

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((point and Nicole dint have Scorp get to mad at Tessa when she wakes up))

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leap (indiefitleap) | 526 comments Mod
"boys settle down!" madam pomfrey yelled through the cirtain

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((ok good!))
he ignored her, "She was lying! She told me she likes a guy in our house!"

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"Madame Prompfrey" Tessa asked dazed and in pain she tried sitting up but screamed out in pain "nope not a smart idea"

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leap (indiefitleap) | 526 comments Mod
"I don't care!" he yelled " she was still hurt!" he turned and glared at madam pomfrey and said " can we see her yet!" he said knowing tesssa was awake from her scream

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"Yeah, can we see her?" Scorpius asked, still angry at the Gryffindor.

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"fine!" pompfrey said " but stop yelling or ill change my mi.d!" she pulled back the curtain and tesssa was now looking a bit cleaned up and she was in a hospital gown

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