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"No! I'm not going in!" Jackson yelled. Tom pushed harder.

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Beth sat at the base of one of the trees in the Forbidden Forest, reading. Most of the students found it scary, but it wasn't too bad. It was pretty calm. She could still see the castle and if she took just a few steps then she would be out of the forest. This was one of her favorite spots on the grounds.

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Elin Luna couldn't understand why people thought the forest was scary. She used to come here every day and pet the unicorns and talk to the centaurs. And the best thing was that she could sing and dance as much as she wanted. She used to do that inside the school but people stared at her like she was weird, "Wonder why" she thought

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Beth looked up, and saw a girl walking near the forest. She was in hufflepuff... Luna.
"Luna? Is that you?" Beth called.

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Elin "Yes it is me" Luna said, she had never seen Beth in here before. " are you visiting the centaurs too?" she asked Beth

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Beth shook her head.
"They're a little deeper in the forest. I just like it here. It's quiet."

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Elin "Oh Okay, I have never seen you here before, do you use to be here" Luna asked.

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"Yeah, I come here all the time. Do you?"

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Elin "Yes, me too"

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"What do you do here? I just come here to read."

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Elin "Okay, I like to see the animals in here. They are so friendly, especially the thestrals and unicorns. And the centaurs are really kind too, we talk every day"

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"Really? I'd be sooo scared to talk to the centaurs. They're so... intimidating."

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Elin "Oh no they are really nice, as long as you are kind to them too"

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"Interesting... I'll try talking to them next time I'm here."

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Jackson yelled out again when Tom pushed him more. "What's your secret? Why wont you go into the forrbiden forest?" Tom yelled. Jackson pushed him away and ran.

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Beth watched the two boys fight at the edge of the forest. "What do you think's going on?" She asked Luna.

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Jackson ran over to Beth and Luna. "Hide me." He said scardly. It was almost midnight. 11:50. He had to hide until Tom left. Hopfully that would be before midnight.

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"Why what's the matter?" Beth asked while she pushed him behind a tree.

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Jackson shook his head.
Tom looked around. "Jackson..." He said. "I know you are here somewhere! Get into the forest for me!" Tom yelled.

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"He left, I think he ran towards the lake," Beth said, pointing him away from where Tom was hiding.

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((Jackson was hiding. Haha!))

Jackson took in a silent, deep breath.
Tom frowned. "I thought I saw him run over here." He said. Then he shrugged and ran to the lake.
Jackson smiled gratefuly at Luna and Beth. "Thankyou." He said breathlessly. He ran into the forest...deep into the forest.

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((oops, my bad, sorry!))
"Where do think he's going?" Beth asked Luna as they watched Jackson run into the forest.

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Leah | 617 comments ((who's tom? did you mean Tim?))

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((I think he's just a different student))

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((Yeah, Tom is just a random mean Slytherin student and Tim is Voldemorts nephew.))

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Leah | 617 comments ((kk thx!))

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((yup yup ;) ))

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((Your welcome!))

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