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Jeremy sat on his bed and dreamed about meeting the perfect girl.

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Lorcan glided into the dorm and sat on his bed to write up an article about Crumple Horned Snorcacks. His mum had to admit they weren't real, but he still thought they were out there.

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Jeremy looked over at Lorcan. "Hey." He said.

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"Hey, I'm Lorcan."

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Jeremy nodded. "Hey." He said again.

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"You wouldn't happen to read the Quibbler?" Lorcan asked.

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Jeremy furrowed his eye brows. "Q-Quibbler? Ha! Everyone knows all that stuff is fake. I wouldn't even look at the cover if I had a choice!" Jeremy said, falling backwards on his bed from laughter.

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Lorcan stood up, "My gramps runs the Quibbler, it's brilliant. Anyone who says differently obviously has wrackspurts in their brains!"

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