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Hailey glided through the doors and sat on the couch.

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Leah | 617 comments Maddi looked over and smiled at her.

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Leah | 617 comments "hello Emma" maddi said to the extremley kind fitfth year as she entered the common room.

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Hailey smiled back.

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Emma smiled, "Hello Maddi!"

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Leah | 617 comments "sorry if I startled you with the talk about James today" madi said apologetically

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"Oh, that's all right!" Emma grinned.

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Leah | 617 comments "I guess you heard but giarmos taking me to the ball tomorrow!" maxi gushed

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"That's wonderful!" Emma said happily.

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Leah | 617 comments *new night*
madi walked I to the common room and plopped down in a chair still feeling very shaken

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Starr walked in and sat down.

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Jared sat down in a couch in the shadows. He stared at the fire with his wand clutched in one hand. He glanced at the two girls that had entered. He rolled his eyes and scooted farther into the shadows.

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Moni | 40 comments Margret entered and sat near the table.

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Jared looked over at Margret and his heart skipped. She's kind of pretty. He thought. She shook his head and looked away.

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Moni | 40 comments Margret picked out a parchment for writing an essay on potions.She searched for a quill in her bag but she only found her wand inside.She took the wand out and said " Accio quill " pointing inside her bag,but nothing happened." Where had it vanished".She asked herself.She looked under table and looked around the room.But she couldn't find it.

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Jared looked down at his feet and found a quil. He picked it up and examined it. When he heard Margret he sighed, hating him self badly. He stould up feeling angery and scared slightly. He hated talking to people. He walked over to her. "Hey... is this your quil?" He asked rather boredly.

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Moni | 40 comments "Ummm.....yes,Its mine"Margret stammered.She didn't a expect a boy to speak to her.."Thanks "She breathed and she twitched a little as she held out her hand to get the quil from him.

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Jared handed it over to her and just slightly, his hand brushed against her's. Electricity shot up Jared's spine. He gave her a small smile, then sat back down in the shadows.

((did you see his profile?))

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Moni | 40 comments ((ahhhh...Yes,I loved it!Nice charactor...))

Margret gave him a cute little smile and sat on the nearby chair.She began scribbling the essay.She opened her potions book and checked the topic n which she had to write an essay..... Prepare an essay on love potions.Margret read the note, scribbled on the margins of the textbook.When she read the word love,something made her to look at Jared.He has something specialShe thought.She shook the matter out of her head and continued with her essay.

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Jared bit his bottom lip. Don't go falling for some one you don't know! He ordered himself. But he couldn't help it. Something about Margret made him want to be with her. Jared sighed and gulped. He scooted abit closer to Margret, giving her a smile back. He didn't do much after that, afraid of what he'd end up doing that could be very dumb. Then he'd be to embaressed to ever speak again.

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Moni | 40 comments Margret smiled back. Ohh!control yourself Margret She told herself.
She finished her essay within 5 minutes.She looked at Jared and then looked at her essay.She cleared her throat to ask him something,but paused.
There is something special about him,He is really a magnet. She thought.
She couldn't control herself and she stood up and walked to the window and smiled at the window panes thinking about Jared.
Suddenly her essay parchments flew away from her table and fell into Jared's lap.But she didn't realise it.

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Jared jumped when the papers landed. Love Potion? He thought. He shook his head, knowing that it was probabley just for an assignment. He stood up with the papers in hand and looked at the name. Really? Just my luck that it's Margret! He thought. Jared walked over to Margret. "Hey. Are these your papers?" Jared asked, handing over the papers.

((She should trip and Jared could catch her!!))

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Moni | 40 comments Margret turned back startled by the voice.She saw jared stretching his hand with her essay papers.She walked to Jared,blushing.She was very excited that she walked faster than ever and lost control and was about to fall.....

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Jared caught her just before she hit the ground. "Woah!" He said, helping her up and making sure she had gained her balence again. "You okay?" He asked, his arms still around her waist.

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Moni | 40 comments "Yeah! I am okay"She blushed and moved a bit a away from Jared.She couldn't take her eyes from him at all.She was deeply attracted by his eyes.

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Jared smiled. He never really smiles, it's always rare when he does. Which he really hasn't. "That's good." He said, forcing his arms to go back to his sides.

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Moni | 40 comments "Hey... what did u ask me?"Margret asked lowering her voice and trying to recall why did she went to Jared.

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Jared blinked his eyes away from her's, thinking about what he was asking. "Oh... umm... is this essay yours?" He asked, holding out the paper.

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Moni | 40 comments Margret pulled the papers a bit closer to her and read the heading scribbled, 'love potion'. She looked at Jared and smiled "Yes.....Its mine....Thanks"Margret took the papers from him brushing his hand softly.she blushed so much when her hands touched his.Something was not allowing her move.She was very much expecting that he would ask something or at least talk to her.

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Jared looked up into Margret's sparkling eyes and felt tingling go through him has their hands touched. He felt small wormth go through his cheeks as he stared at her. "Oh... ummm.... I'm Jared." He said suddenly, blinking. He had no idea what to say, he felt slightly awkward but overly happy and excited. Jared's heart was jumping around in his chest as he looked back into you eyes and waited to here what her name was.

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Moni | 40 comments Margret's heart beat rose.She couldn't make Jared wait anymore."I'm Margret ...Margret green."She thought to give a hand but something was pulling her behind.She couldn't win over his magnetism that she hold out her hand ,But feebly.

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Jared had a sudden urge to hold out his hand, but he held himself back this time. Instead, he stuck his hands in his pockets and gave her another smile. "Nice to meet you, Margret." Jared said. "Your name is pretty." He blurted out. He suddenly felt himself turn bright red. 'Stupid!' He thought. Jared looked at his feet, avoiding eye contact with Margret.

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Moni | 40 comments Margret was a bit disappointed when he didn't shake her hand in return.But She understood that He avoided it purposefully.She cheered up when he gave a smile back."Thanks ..... yours too"She blushed to much and she couldn't calm down her heart beat."Ummm....Jared...what is your next class?"she just asked what came in her mind.She felt a warmth when she uttered his name.

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Jared blushed even more furiously and silently hated himself for not shaking Margret's hand. Margret's name kept repeating in his head in her voice. It was driving him crazy, but he liked it too. That's what he didn't understand. He tried to calm down the reckless beating of his heart, but it was impossibal to tame. Jared was slightly afraid that Margret could hear the loud beating of his heart. "Thanks..." Jared said suddenly, remembering what Margret had just said. "Oh! And your welcome!" Jared added, blushing even more. He couldn't keep a smile off his face as he stared at his shoes. "Ummm... my next class is potions I think." Jared said, checking his watch. "Yeah, it's potions." Jared said.

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Moni | 40 comments "I too have potions.......Then...that means you are also in 7th year"Margret was very excited that Jared is in same year as she is."I think its time for the class...."She looked at the watch.But there was 15 minutes more.Oh!Don't show him you want to be with him...You may look foolish if you express your likings without knowing what he thinks.....its better to act after knowing his feeling towards you.Let him the first to say..She emerged into a deep thought looking at her essay .Her heart kept saying.....You are in love Margret with him...with Jared..... She was a bit tensed that he would hear what her heart says.She tried not to show that in her face.She acted as though she was reading the essay but it really was to resist the power of his smile.

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Jared smiled. "That's great!" He said. Then he blushed again. "Umm... do you want to sit with me during potions?" He asked.

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Moni | 40 comments "May be.....mmmmm.....Okay!"Margret thought for a moment,She showed as if she is not interested, even though she really is.I am not gona show him ,I like him ,through words ....Let him figure it out himself.She told herself in her head.

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Jared nodded. "Cool." He said with a small smile. Jared checked his watch and sighed. "I guess that it's time to go." Jared said. "Ready to go?" He asked. I'm not going to show her with my words, just in my eyes. I don't want to make to much of a fool of myself. Jared thought.

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Moni | 40 comments "Wait a minute.......let me look the love potions....I mean the essay"Margret packed her bag with necessary things and hung it over her shoulder and smiled at Jared."Now I am ready"She grinned and walked out.

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Jared tried not to grit his teeth when Margret said 'love potion'. For a moment he thought that she wanted to use it on him, but it wouldn't change anything. He was already in love with her, but he would never admit it to anyone.
Jared nodded and followed Margret out the door, giving her a smile.

((meet you in potions!))

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Moni | 40 comments ((ok...:)))

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Winter walked into the common room and smiled at the snow softly falling to the ground. She went to the spot where she left her bag to get her permission slip to hogsmeade. She also grabbed some money and tucked it saftly in her other pocket away from her muggle coins. Then she went out of the common room quickly.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) Lísa walked into the room and looked around

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) it was sort of empty so she went back out again.

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Aryll went into the room and sat down on a comfy chair beside the fire. She laid her bag of many books upon her lap and pulled one of them out. It was a history book of the great and powerful witches and wizards. She smiled and curled up, she began to read.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) lisa was sobbing when she ran into the room again

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) she couldn't believe what love had just said! she was ashamed of her family!

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) no, no way, no way am i going to keep sobbing here, she thought, i'll go and stand up to her, i'll make her sorry. with that, she pulled herself together and went to find Love.

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