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"I wonder who is dating David." Sharole said to Kiely. "I dunno." Kiely said.

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Beth sat on her bed, pretending not to listen, but listening. She knew it was someone in Gryffindor because she'd heard some Gryffindor girls talking about it in one of her classes. If the rest of her House knew, they would freak out.

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Kiely looked over at Beth. "Hey Beth!" Sharole called. "Do you know who is dating David?!"

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Beth bit her lip. If she told them, then her whole house would freak out and GRyffindor and Slytherin would really get in fights. If she didn't she'd be betraying her house. Wait! she was a slytherin, she knew how to twist her words...
"I don't know who he is dating." It was true, she didn't know the girl exactly, just her house.

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Kiely and Sharole sighed. "Darn." Kiely said walking off with Sharole behind her.

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"Girls house meeting come to the common room!" Tessa ran back out

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leap (indiefitleap) | 526 comments Mod
((hmm can me and nicole finish or thing in the common room real quick:)))

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((Actually this could make things kinda interesting! Oh wait, Beth should be in that meeting...))

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leap (indiefitleap) | 526 comments Mod
((ok but is the meeting at 2a.m. I'm just...confused sorry if I'm being annoying...and stuff..))

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((not annoying but i"ll make it fun :) ))

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((cool! sounds awesome))

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(("we need everybody first))

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((what should i do with Beth? She's a slytherin and at the moment she's invisible...))

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((she can hear so its fine))

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((K cool))

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Imaan Can I join?

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((Don't forget to use (()) when talking normally and " " when your character is talking!))

Kiely and Sharole walked over to Tessa, looking at each other before sitting down. "What is so important as to ruin our daily gossip?" Kiely said angrily.

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Petal looked up from the book she was hiding, rather conspiciously. She sighed; Kiely and Sharole and their gossip.

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((Wow......This was forever ago.... And Tessa already left.....))

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((Oh wow, it was! Ok, never mind! Kiely and Sharole didn't do anything but continue their gossip!!!))

Kiely and Sharole giggled as they talked about dancing dates. "I soooo want Pierre!" Kiely said, giggling again. Sharole sighed. "It's to bad that he already has a girlfriend, Rosey!" She said. Kiely smacked her fist against the floor. "I will KILL her slowly and painfully!"

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Petal looked up again, for once wishing she had detention. She never wanted that, but at least she could read the diary of Anne Frank underneath the table. She often thought Kiely and Sharole could have made awesome Hufflepuffs, all they ever did was gossip.

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Petal wonderd if she could nonverbally Disillusion herself to get away. She frowned, wondering if anyone would notice her gone. Probably not, no-one ever even speaks to me, she thought.

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"Don't you agree?!" Kiely hissed at Petal. "Shouldn't Rosey be killed slowly and painfully?!" She screamed. Sharole stared at Kiely with wide eyes.

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Petal looked up from her book. "Uh-" she said, not knowing what to say. She didn't mind Rosey, and really? No-one should die for dating someone. Her comment didn't make her situation better. "No," she decided, plucking up the courage to say what she thought. "No, she shouldn't. Because all she did was date Pierre, so that makes her deserve to die? Not likely!" She narrowed her eyes, head-to-head with Kiely. "I don't like you, Kiely. You know why? Because you're mean and all you do is for personal gain! You're such a hypocrite and there's NOTHING BETWEEN YOUR EARS BUT FLUFF AND LIPSTICK! NOTHING!" she ranted, letting what had been bottled up inside her wash out, letting the lava that was her rage erupt from the mouth of the volcano. She stood up and stormed over to the other side of the room, glaring at Kiely and Sharole.

((Sorry for the rant! I just think Petal should have let something out!))

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Kiely stood where she was, shocked. "Did she just... just... did she just do that?!" She yelled. Sharole smirked. "She does have a point you know." She said. Kiely rolled her eyes and stormed out of the room. Sharole smiled at Petal and walked over to her. "Hey, that was awesome! Really, she needs people to stand up to her more often! You inspired me!" Sharole said, meaning every word.

((Ha! It's okay, Kiely really needed something like that to happen to her! Haha! It was funny!))

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Petal smiled at Sharole. "Thanks," she said, in awe. What a day! Kiely had had someone standing up to her; it had been Petal herself!

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Sharole grinned. "No problem." She said. "May I sit down with you?" She asked her, shifting her feet nervously, hoping that Petal wouldn't mind becoming a friend with her now that she had none.

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Petal smiled. "Of course. Everyone deserves a friend." She paused a second. "Maybe even me."

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Sharole grinned and sat down beside her. "Of course you deserve a friend. You are one of the greatest people I know!" She told her, punching her softly in the arm with a smile.

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Petal rubbed her cheek, like she always did when she was thinking. "How long will this meeting be?" she complained.

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Sharole shook her head. "I really have no idea. But I don't think that we really have to stay." She replied.

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Petal bolted upwards. "Good!" she laughed. "Off to the library, I think!"

((Kenna, why don't you bring Kiely back into the picture?))

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Sharole laughed. "That's sounds awesome! I haven't been to the library in forever!" She said with a huge grin.


Kiely walked back in, shooting a scowl at Sharole and Petal.

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((I feel so alone. :( ))

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(( :'( is there anything I can do?))

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((Make someone for Tess so she isn't alone :D ))

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((Ha! Ok!))

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((Thanks! You are now the best!))

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((Ha! Thanks! I made her a guy that likes her! Is that good?))

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Kenna~Imagination Creator wrote: "Sharole laughed. "That's sounds awesome! I haven't been to the library in forever!" She said with a huge grin.


Kiely walked back in, shooting a scowl at Sharole and Petal."

"Let's go then!" called Petal, thrusting her hand into her pocket for her wand as she returned Kiely's glare. Her eyes narrowed; they were daggers thrusting through Kiely's heart.

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Sharole scowled back at Kiely. Sharole nodded to Petal and pulled out her wand out also. "Let's go before things get dirty." She whispered to Petal.
Kiely rolled her eyes and tossed some hair off of one shoulder.

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"OK," said Petal, scurrying down the stairs and outside the common room.

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Sharole ran after Petal.

((Meet you at the library!))

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) shuhan storms into the dormitory with Love running after her.

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) "Oh, Love...gone all softy with me now?" she asked sarcastically.

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She followed them quickly. "I like Love, because she embraces being a Slytherin, because this is as good as it gets. This is your welcome. This is how your life comes around. You torture the other houses and hate Gryffindor it's how it works around here." Tessa said quickly

Shuhan [On Leave] (Inyourclosetinyourhead) "Thank you but you have already said that!" fumed shuhan sarcastically!

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