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David pulled his covers to his chin and gulped.

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Seth Allington walked into his dorm, and set his stuff down on his bed.

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David took a quick glance at Seth.

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Seth looked at the other boy in his dorm.
"Hey, I'm Seth." He said.

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David smiled shyly at him, trying not to give up his secret.

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"Your'e David, right?" Seth continued talking.

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David nodded slowly.

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Wow this dude is weird, Seth thought.

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David closed his eyes and rolled over to not face Seth. Does any one know who I'm dating? I hope not. They'd KILL me! Thought David.

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Seth shrugged it off. Slytherins weren't too social anyways.

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Scorpius strutted into the dorm, head held high. He knew he was better than all the guys in this dorm.

Seth was sitting on his bed when Scorpius came in, looking all high and mighty.
"Sup, I'm Seth." He said with the 'too cool to shake your hand' head bob. Scorpius glared.
"Scorpius." Seth resisted the urge to laugh at his name.
"Ok, Scorpius, you new here?" Scorpius nodded. Seth stood up and clapped his shoulder.
"Don't touch me." Scorpius hissed. Seth clicked his tongue.
"You need to get out more dude, lets go to hogsmeade." Scorpius found this boy stupid, yet stimulating.
"Alright then."

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David flew straight up at the name. "Draco's son?" He asked, smiling.

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"What's it to you?" Scorpius sneered

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"You're just alittle famose... that's all." David said shrugging. "And you and your dad are totally awesome. Everyone in Slytherin is talking about you coming!" David said, grinning.

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Scorpius grinned, "I'm sure they are." He sneered meanly.

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David nodded. "And... I know this is kind a silly... could I have your aughtograph?" David asked, getting out of his bed.

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Scorpius raised an eyebrow, "Fine, I guess." He said, taking out his quill.
"My gramps was a death eater!" Seth piped up.
"Oh shut up you idiot," Scorpius hissed to him, "Nobody cares."

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"Boys sorry to break up your stupid argurment but house meeting in the commons room" ran out again

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Tessa looks back "and fast"

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"I guess we're going to the common room..." Seth mumbled, and hobbled out. Scorpius turned back to David.
"Don't mind him, he's stupid." He said with a sneer.

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"oh Scorp dont make me talk to your dad about how your behaving" Tessa said with a sneer

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leap (indiefitleap) | 526 comments Mod
((lol they just sneer all the time like perfect slytherins!!))

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((I love being Slytherins! Its fun!))
"Aw, threatening me with telling my parents, how cute." Scorpius said with a mocking grin

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"you forget i know your dad considering hes my cousin i think i would so back off" walks back smacks him in the face laughs and walks out door

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((so do i sorry by the way had to make things interesting))

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((don't worry, it's all fiction right ;) ))
"Ugh, she can get annoying!" Scorpius growled
((*disclaimer* nothing Scorpius ever says is true!))

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"I heard that!"

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Scorpius laughed
((ok, so are Scorpius and Tessa second or first cousins?))

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((second and they get along just not all the time))

Tessa laughed to

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"Come on, lets go down." He said.
((cool, same with my other two characters.))

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((ok wait the whole cousins and everything or just the getting along part))

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((I meant the getting along part, Beth and Seth are first cousins))

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"Scorpius Seth i have a plan but i need your help"

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"What is it?" Seth asked.

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"I hate the idea but we need to get into the gryffindor common room snd find out whats happening. so we need to make a pollyjuice potion" looks at them "oh and Scorp dont you have to ridicuel me all the time we all now us three are the most supirior in the house so."

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"Who said anything about the three of us?" He said, eyeing Seth.

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"come on hes smarter than the rest of them. any way are you in or not"

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Scorpius sighed, "I'm in. So long as I can mess up a few gryffindor things while we're in there." He said.

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"always come one we need to go collect the ingredents"

((to potions))

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((see you there))

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((ok go to the new one for class the hallway ok"

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((you there))

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"dont be mad" Tessa asked

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"Why would I get mad?" Scorpius asked sarcastically, "Spit it out, cous."

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"i...i....im in...... i cant tell you" shakes head and looks at feet

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"Tess, spit it out or I will force Verataserum down your throat." Scorpius said.

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"YOU WOULD NOT! and trust me you dont want to know everything. but still i cant tell you" sits on her bed

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