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David snuck through the common room.

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Beth walked into the common room where only a few Slytherins were slinking around. Hopefully, the Bloody Baron hadn't left for breakfast yet.

She waited for a few minutes, but it looked like the Baron had already left. She sighed, and walked down to the Great Hall to look for him.

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David heard someone behind him, he spun around. "What are you talking about?!" He yelled.

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Beth jumped. She had just been walking towards the door when she heard David start yelling.

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David saw that who ever it was that had been behind him was behind the door. He jumped behind a couch.

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Beth turned around. No one there. Hm...

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David waited, breathing heavily, quickly.

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Beth shrugged. It was probably one of the ghosts messing with her. She left.

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"She's gone!" David said breathlessly. He ran up to the boys dorm.

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Beth waltzed into the common room. Happy because of her night at the ball.
"Beth!" Seth roared. She rolled her eyes and turned around.
"What, worm?" He looked really mad.
"Why were you with that... Gryffindor boy?" He yelled.
"Why do you care?"
"Because, I'm your cousin! Its my job to make sure you live up to our family name." Beth glared.
"He was nice to me, it was one dance. Get over it, Seth."
"He's not just a Gryffindor, he's a famous one! His dad killed our grandpa!" Seth yelled.
"Grandpa was a death eater, he deserved it." Beth growled, "Now I'm going to bed, leave me alone."

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Leah | 617 comments beth and madi slunk in silently and invisibly.

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"Ok, what now?" Beth whispered. Everyone had gone to bed, but she had to make sure that nobody heard them from upstairs.

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leap (indiefitleap) | 526 comments Mod
"we but the poems all over everything!" madi whaispered as she cast the muffilato spell

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"Lets get started!" Beth said, and took out her quill and ink.

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alright this one says... everybody everywhere seeks happiness its true but finding it and keeping it is difficult to do difficult because we think that happiness is found only in the places where wealth and fame abound and so we go on searching in palaces of pleasure seeking recognition and monatary treasures unaware that happiness is in the state of mind Whiting the reach of everyone who takes time to be kind so in making others happy you will be happy too for the happiness you give away returns to shine on you" madi said now out of breath. ((by Helen Steiner rice I memorized it four years ago and will never forget it!))

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((nice one))
"Ok, how about this one... ((can't think of one, I'll make something up)) it's about the few good Slytherins."

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"alright!" madi said scratching on a parchment and putting it on an arm chair.

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Hmm... Beth thought, then took out her wand, "I'm trying it this way," She cast a spell and wrote in permanent ink, "Lets see them get this off." She said evilly.

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"nice one!" madi said as she scribbled down a few more poems

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"Why thank you." Beth said as she drew all over the floor

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Tessa storms into the room "Boys Girls" she said with a smile " YOu in for some fun"

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((ummm well we will pretend she us here at different time))

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((wait what))

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((we don't have to, we're invisible hehe :P ))

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((come on its roleplay have some fun))

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((lol no I'm just satin in her time its probly afternoon so she and whatever other slytherins will continue their meeting and ail continue our poems and we will pretend we are not here with them like we will pretend we're alone and they ill pretend their alone... if that makes any sense...:/

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((uh... I'm confused...))
Seth and Scorpius walked down to the common room.

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looks around "everyone here or are we missing people"

((dont be by the way))

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Allie | 212 comments Sean walked into the common room. He sighed and sat down in a chair.

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((Um... we need Kenna's Tim and Tom, Tessa, April, River, should we just pretend they're here?))

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"i think... we are good" steps off table "we have an issue. I think we have a trator among us" looks around

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Allie | 212 comments ((I can bring April in..))

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"Who?" Seth asked, already guessing.

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Allie | 212 comments April walked in, "Sorry I'm late." she smirked and sat down.

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Scorpius smiled at her, "No prob, we were just starting."

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Allie | 212 comments April grinned, "Awesome."

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"well i havent a clue but i over heard...... yea over heard some lousy Gryffindors talking about one of us dating one of them" looks around room "any one want to talk"

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Beth covered her mouth, even though she knew nobody could hear her because of the muffliato spell.
"I heard about that," She said to madi, "One of the boys is dating a girl in Gryffindor!"

"Are you sure? " Scorpius asked, "If one of us would sink as low as to date a gryffindor then they aren't a true Slytherin."

"I dunno," Seth said, "It's deceptive, which is right up our alley."

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"haha" walks through room steps next to Scorpius "I agree. Scorpius Seth come to the boys dorm we need to talk"

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"one more peice of buisness" looks around "Try not to jinx TO many Gryffindors haha its my job to have a bad reputaion"

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"Oh please, you couldn't give a hufflepuff jelly legs." Scorpius teased her.

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"says the one who turned a snake into a butterfly when trying to duplicate it now come on"

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"I'll have you know that I have successfully turned a snake into a sword." Scorpius said proudly.

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"no you didnt! haha" walks uo to the boys dorm

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"This is bad, things are already nasty between Gryffindor and slytherin." Beth said to madi

"How would you know? We're in different Transfiguration classes!" HE said as they walked up stairs.

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"I know giarmo told me!" madi said back as she and beth pressed back into the corner

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"Everyone's going back to bed now, should we finish?" She asked.

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"ya " madi said glad no one had noticed the couple of poems they had already put out " here's the rest madi said handing a big stack to beth as she put some around

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I'm gonna perma-glue these ones to the wall." Beth said excitedly.

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"ill perm's gluue someall over these armchairs!" madi said as she got to work

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