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"Who should I ask to the ball?" Brandon asked Jared. Jared shrugged. "All I know is that I'm asking Mckayla."

message 2: by Leah (new)

Leah | 617 comments "madi's taken too" giarmo said flopping down on his bed

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

"Who took her?" Brandon asked. Jared looked over at Giarmo.

message 4: by Leah (new)

Leah | 617 comments "me" giarmo said looking at no one pointedley, he was grinning and blushing and didn't want the other boys to see

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Brandon grins. "Nice!" He said. "Do you know any strong and brave girls I could go with?" Brandon asked.


message 6: by Leah (new)

Leah | 617 comments "well madi knows this one girl finny and she totally fits that description" he said

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message 8: by Leah (new)

Leah | 617 comments ((grrr kindle spell check ger))

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((Yeah, I get it))

message 10: by Leah (new)

Leah | 617 comments (( have one of ur charecters go to the entarance hall and mine and Ur's can talk))!!

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((Okay! How about Gavin, the boy that I just made?))

message 12: by Leah (new)

Leah | 617 comments sure!

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((Don't forget these (( )) :) ))

message 14: by Leah (new)

Leah | 617 comments ((oh ya sorry!))

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((That's okay :) So I'll bring Gavin into the Entrance Hall, and you bring one of yours!))

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Brandon grinned. "I'll ask her then!" Brandon said.

message 17: by Leah (new)

Leah | 617 comments *new night*

"so Brandon did you ask ginny to the ball?" giarmo asked

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Brandon grinned. "Yep!" He said, leaning back in a chair.

message 19: by Leah (new)

Leah | 617 comments "and" he promted

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"She hugged me and said 'YES'!" Brandon said jumping up and throwing his fist in the air.

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((Doesn't Ginny like Gavin? And hopes that he will ask her to the ball? :) Brandon seems excited that she said YES! =) ))

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((I have to go to church now! Bye bye Kenna! Ooh, and it's father's day! We gave my dad an iPad :) ))

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((Bye! Brandon is going to...well, it'll tell down there,))

Brandon laughed again. "I'm so excited for this prank to start! The day that the ball is I'm going to dump her and go with someone else! She'll have no one to go with and I'm going to squirt huney all over her and then the feathers'll fall!" Brandon said laughing. "My plan is falling into place!" Brandon added.

message 24: by Leah (new)

Leah | 617 comments "seriously???" giarmo said wondering if he should tip ginny off about this

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

Brandon laughed. "Why'd I ever lie? I'm totally doing it!" Brandon said, smiling.

message 26: by Leah (new)

Leah | 617 comments "haha "giarmo said faking a laugh. he would definetly warn ginny about this

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Brandon smiled and got up. "I better go." He said tiredly. He went down to the Great Hall for some dinner.

message 28: by Leah (new)

Leah | 617 comments giarmo ran to tell ginny

message 29: by Leah (new)

Leah | 617 comments * new night*
giarmo got ready quickly and went to find madi so they could go to the ball.

message 30: by Leah (new)

Leah | 617 comments Giovanni watched his older brother go off to the ball and sighed thinking about his crush Lily ryder

message 31: by Leah (new)

Leah | 617 comments HOOOOOOOONK! a loud siren went of and Giovanni jumped to see what was making the noise just as the red hair of Fred weasley dashed through the door. Giovanni walked over to the little green ball making the noise. on the side it said Weasleys wizard wheezed TESTER. "oh no!" Giovanni said. if it was a tester it might take a while to stop honking! so he through it under Fred's bed and left as quickly as he could his ears ringing

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((Fred's dead.))

message 33: by Leah (new)

Leah | 617 comments ((omg I know that is the Fred number two Georges son!!))

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((Ohhhh... I get it now! Haha! Sorry about that!))

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leap (indiefitleap) | 526 comments Mod
((ya we made flotsam knew charries while u were gone!))

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((tons of them! I'll write up what Harry Potter generation kids are left))

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leap (indiefitleap) | 526 comments Mod

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((Thanks guys! =) ))

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