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message 1: by Mai-la (new)

message 2: by Eva (new)

Eva (eva-la) | 587 comments i still havent read it

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ ITs not out yet

message 4: by Eva (new)

Eva (eva-la) | 587 comments duh
its not comeing out
its on her site

message 5: by Mai-la (new)

Mai-la | 230 comments Mod
im kinda mad how she is punishing her fans because a trusted person whom she gave the draft to posted it on the internet.
i mean punish their a** not ours!

message 6: by Monica (new)

Monica (monnieh722) I got one of my friends into the Twilight series... she asked me what Midnight Sun was!!! I have much to teach her LOL

message 7: by Mai-la (new)

Mai-la | 230 comments Mod

message 8: by Eva (new)

Eva (eva-la) | 587 comments yeah its HILLARIOUS how some ppl r like "OMG!im the biggest twilighter EVER!"and then they ask u about midnight sun
but im not a twilighter
im a twihard!!!!!!

message 9: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany (xdxpx8xD) | 59 comments Oh I wanna read Midnight Sun...if it ever does come out. And I hope it does, so I or we all can read it!

Angel Mochulla  (bluexeyedxangel) | 189 comments haha, yeah i really wanna read Midnight Sun too. It looks like it would have been so good! im so sad about what her friends did to her, like putting part of the book on the net cause now she might not even finish it :(

message 11: by ~Sunny~ (new)

~Sunny~ | 1 comments when does it come out? I need to read it!

message 12: by Eva (last edited Jan 14, 2009 04:16PM) (new)

Eva (eva-la) | 587 comments IT DOESNT

Angel Mochulla  (bluexeyedxangel) | 189 comments stephanie gave like a few chapters to friends and family to get their opinion and one of them leaked it onto the internet for all to read. so she said she is very dissappointed and now she cant even think about writing it because all she can see is edward dying. just everyone dying. she pretty much lost her insperation or muse to write the novel because the event. which totally sucks! because it was really good. if you go onto her site she actually lets you read what was leaked out. she said she is still debating on whether or not to write the rest. but so far she is more at a no, she isnt going to finish it, then she is at a yes of starting to write it again.

message 14: by Eva (new)

Eva (eva-la) | 587 comments thank you!;D

message 15: by Mai-la (new)

Mai-la | 230 comments Mod
check out this website:

message 17: by Mai-la (new)

Mai-la | 230 comments Mod
go to this one to read the Midnight Sun Partial Draft:

message 19: by Erin (new)

Erin | 11 comments hey i want her to finish it to but come on when you write a story when your mad it total sucks and if I get midnight sun i want it to be good so give her time to cool down

message 20: by Eva (new)

Eva (eva-la) | 587 comments yupyup

Angel Mochulla  (bluexeyedxangel) | 189 comments true true. i cant wait tho :)

message 22: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn H (kathh) | 4 comments i cant believe she's not publishing it. :O Get ova the whole trusted thing and stuff. Fans are waiting!!!IM WAITING!!

message 23: by Ashley (new)

Ashley I want her to publish the book really bad to.

Angel Mochulla  (bluexeyedxangel) | 189 comments yeah but thats the thing. like. those people were her fans. and they were selfish. instead of waiting and having you want it more and more making it that much betetr when you DO read the FINISHED book, they read it and put it on the net. like its stupid. who can you trust if you have no one?

message 25: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn H (kathh) | 4 comments Yea i guess. But I really want 2 read it so bad!! I think it will be interesting 2 c the book trough Edward eyes. CANT WAIT!!

Angel Mochulla  (bluexeyedxangel) | 189 comments yeah me either. i have to admit that i did read the one on here site and its amazing! like... you are stuck when you read it. just as good or maybe even better than the original twilight :)

message 27: by Eva (new)

Eva (eva-la) | 587 comments i havent read it still.....

message 28: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn H (kathh) | 4 comments I just read the first chappter of midnight sun and its amazing. Just as gd as the first one cant wait 2 read the rest.

message 29: by Court (new)

Court Eva-la wrote: "i havent read it still....."

good job have way more self-control that i do XD

Angel Mochulla  (bluexeyedxangel) | 189 comments yeah, good on yeah. i couldnt take it. i HAD to read

message 31: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth | 24 comments WAIT! its not coming out anymore

Angel Mochulla  (bluexeyedxangel) | 189 comments nope...

message 33: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth | 24 comments thats retarded...

message 34: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany (xdxpx8xD) | 59 comments Oh...that's really retarded.

message 35: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn H (kathh) | 4 comments wa she's not gone 2 finish writing it. Y?

Angel Mochulla  (bluexeyedxangel) | 189 comments because everytime she tries she just cant because the book being given out has ruined her vision for the book. she just wants to kill all the characters she said... lol. so she isnt going to finish it. like she might but she doesnt know how long it will take. sh said she probably wont tho.

message 37: by Ben (new)

Ben Minoty | 2 comments I decided not to read it because it really wasn't fair and im not gonna ruin it for myself as much as the first few chapters would make me have a mindgasam (thats right i said mindgasam) im going to wait because i want to be suprised and if she dosent finish it its ok because its her choice and i dont think i would finish it if i were her eather

Angel Mochulla  (bluexeyedxangel) | 189 comments yeah thats what i wanted to do... but i just coudnt wait anymore and i read it. after i was like omg i shouldnt have done that! but i i have no self control :(

message 39: by Ben (last edited Feb 21, 2009 07:48PM) (new)

Ben Minoty | 2 comments i know how u feel i really wana get the frist few chapters in because they'd be the best but i will wait!

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

ahh!!! i cant wait until Midnight Sun comes out!!
well i already read the 1st couple of chapters that r on her website it is really good!!!

message 41: by Rachael (new)

Rachael (rach1195) | 1 comments I can't my computer freezes every time I try. She's probably finishing it because when she wrote that she didn't know if she was going to it was like february or something.

Angel Mochulla  (bluexeyedxangel) | 189 comments yeah, but at the same time... i dont think she is gonna finish it. and even if she does you never know when

message 43: by Rheagan (new)

Rheagan Ortega (Rheags) | 17 comments I think she was pretty pissed off at the invasion of privacy when that douchebag leaked her book...I hope she finishes it but it's not lookin good...

Angel Mochulla  (bluexeyedxangel) | 189 comments yeah me too, and i agree i have a feeling it either wont happen or it will take a very long time.

message 45: by Erin (new)

Erin (santamurtagh) | 1 comments Eva-la wrote: "i havent read it still....."

Me either I refuse to based on the fact that since it was a partial things won't be right and I don't want to be like the trusted person who leaked it and read something before it's time I don't want to upset her anymore then she alrady is by reading her unfinished dream.

Angel Mochulla  (bluexeyedxangel) | 189 comments It obviously wouldnt upset her more... i mean how would she know you read it? she even posted it on her own site for everyone to read. its not like she is going to hunt you down and be like, omg! another girl read it! off my site, the site i put it on myself for all to read!!! no!!!

message 47: by Eva (new)

Eva (eva-la) | 587 comments yeah
i dont really think id upset her even more....

Angel Mochulla  (bluexeyedxangel) | 189 comments hey eva la! you should really read evermore i saw that you added it to your must read list :) its really good. i liked it :)

message 49: by Eva (new)

Eva (eva-la) | 587 comments ok
ill request it

message 50: by [deleted user] (last edited May 03, 2009 04:26PM) (new)

i've read the 12 chapters 206 times in 2 weeks. i have 0 self-control. (big sad face.) im so ashamed.

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