Voss Voss question

Australian literature

You have a good point Michel. I don't ignore them, I'm an Australian and I love our authors. My suggestions are Tim Winton, all of his books, and Xavier Herbert's Capricornia among others.

One of my all time favs is Randolph Stow's Tourmaline (1963) - it rarely gets a mention these days - even in Australia. Kate Grenville's The Secret River is well crafted. Tim Winton's Dirt Music has merit. If you have not read Gregory David Robert's Shantaram, you've in for a treat. Despite its dubious 'autobiographical' foundation, I think it's the best Australian novel ever written.

I have noticed this as well, I m Australian and find that even some of the non- fiction and poetry is just off the radar. I think it is the marketting, books in Australia attact GST.

I would add Gerald Murnane - Inland and Barley Patch
Murray Bail - Eucalyptus

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