Mariel of Redwall (Redwall, #4) Mariel of Redwall question

Who thinks this series is amazing?

They were great weren't they? Hard to find books like that anymore.

Three cheers for Brian Jacques! *-*

I agree i love this series .i remember reading the m all in order

i loved it, especially salamdastron. i thought the badgers were awesome

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Spiral I will finish this series if it kills me. 21 books? Easy enough, I had to suffer through the warrrior series. I love this book series, even though I w ...more
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I absolutely love this series!! I'm extremely glad that I bought the first Redwall book when I went to the bookstore many years ago. I can't believe I had actually thought it might be bad! I've almost read all the books except for about four or five of them. I'm also buying the entire series in hardcover editions and paperback.

The Redwall series has such a great charm to it, like drinking hot tea. Redwall novels can occasionally have dull parts, but I really like them overall, somewhat for the riddles, dialects, and adventures. Although, I think the antagonists should be more difficult to defeat than they are. I have not read each and every one of them, so maybe there are a few in which the bad guys are a real big challenge to surmount.

Boo yeah!

I loved it!

Redwall is one of my favorite series ever! I get a kick out of trying to solve the riddles and puzzles with the characters. There is also a t.v. series that I used to love as a kid. I actually saw the t.v. series before reading the books. I didn't know it was a book series for a while.

I LOVE this series...and I'm 19! Sign of an awesome children's book series. I can't pick a favorite. Can any of you?

Its amazing. The first time i bought one i thought it would be boring. But then a few months later i picked it up and very soon i had read them all :)

bee What? Boring? Haha, what the hey hey.
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