Old Yeller Old Yeller question

Who loves this book?

no I didn't. i was forced to read it in class, I might have liked it more I had had a choice of reading it. it was also not my type of book at all I like science fiction and mystical books like vampire books and demon books and alien books. I also don't like sad books.

Never saw the movie, read the book more than thirty years ago. Still remember it clearly and fondly: that is a good book!

I love this book and the movie. It shows dedication of a dog and what is priceless.

Love this book and the movie so very much! I just hated when Yeller had to pass away! Still very much breaks my heart!

I love this book, but wonder why most dog books need to have a dog die.

So nice to see a book meaning so much in the present and in memory. It should happen to me!!

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I really liked it but I didn't cry as much as I did in where the read fern grows

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