Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, #4) Breaking Dawn question

Does Robert Pattinson suck as Edward Cullen?
Snigdha Prakash Snigdha Jun 05, 2012 11:13AM
Yeah he does. Ruins the whole idea of watching Edward. :-/

It's a hard character to portray, and I think he went at it with a different angle and that's why he got the part. I'd rather Robert acting like a tortured, sensitive guy rather than some one dimensional pretty boy.

no....i don't think so.... he justifies the character...

HE SUCKS! HE's a vampire duh!

lol, jk

He was amazing. A perfect Edward.

For me he definitley didn't fit my expectations of Edward, but the movies didn't fit my expectation either.

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They could've put more efforts into polishing him up. He's a vampire for crying out loud! He wasn't even that pale or good-looking. I only liked him in New Moon and MAYBE Breaking Dawn part 1

I think he was the perfect Edward

It looks absolutely nothing like imagined him to look like. However after watching the movies i can't imagine anyone else as Edward, i'm not Team Edward and i'm not crazy about Robert Pattinson, i don't know why though, all girls i know love him while i'm definitely more Jaco fan for sure!!!

He could have been better(Hotter) I LOVED the book. The movies were ok I quess.. I dont think that Rob Pattinson is that cute!

I you guys wanted someone else who would you have picked instead. I'm very curious.

totally! just because he has the right looks for that role doesn't mean he can act.

I agree, he's not the perfect Edward

robert pattison sucks as anyone except cedric dig

Ashlet show the guy soe merci!!!u r so mean!!
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I wanted a different guy to be honest... Different guy for sure.

Ashlet like who?
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Yes he sucks! He was terrible! All the films were!

He does ok. I mean he could have done better, but I still think he did a good job. It must have been a hard role to play. Anyway, I still like the movies

Lol! I might I have been the only one to notice this but look at the title of the post. Yes Robert Pattison does suck as Edward Cullen.

I can't believe quite a few people don't think he was a good Edward. I can remember when the Twilight hype started and all anyone could talk about was Rob. And speaking of, I thought he was great as Edward. That tortured expression he always had was on point

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