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*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 20 comments Seth walked through the streets of the fire kingdom

message 3: by Keeli (new)

Keeli (lalalandito) Comet lay on one of the markets tents, her hands behind her head. Fiery hair glowed with the reflection of the always blazing fires.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 20 comments Sethrim walked past her

message 5: by Keeli (new)

Keeli (lalalandito) Comet felt a heat hotter then the normal temperature, she leaned forward. Her head tilting to the side, "i don't get it..." she mumbled,

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 20 comments "Dont get what?" he asked

message 7: by Keeli (new)

Keeli (lalalandito) She jumped, a small flame appeared in her hands. "that your so hot." she said, noticing that she said what see did.. Her hands flew up. "NO! I didn't mean it like that!!"

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 20 comments He smiled and started laughing "so i'm hot huh?" he raised an eyebrow

message 9: by Keeli (new)

Keeli (lalalandito) She blushed, her hair falling in front of her face. "you know I didn't mean it like that." she said, looking up with her blazing eyes. "right."

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 20 comments he nodded "i know, i'm just giving you a hard time."

message 11: by Keeli (new)

Keeli (lalalandito) "I know," she said back, jumping down. "I'm comet." she held her hand out.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 20 comments he shook it "Sethrim. you can call me Seth"

message 13: by Keeli (new)

Keeli (lalalandito) Comet nodded, putting her hands in her pockets. "so what do you do for fun around here?"

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 20 comments he shrugged "walk around, set things on fire that had burned out."

message 15: by Keeli (new)

Keeli (lalalandito) She smirked, her hand pulling out of her pocket. A small flame was dancing around her fingers, "well.... What are we waiting for?" she asked, turning and heading to the forever burning forest.

message 17: by Keeli (new)

Keeli (lalalandito) "your quiet aren't you?"she asked, raising an eyebrow as she glanced behind her,

message 18: by *悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ (last edited Jun 08, 2012 12:26PM) (new)

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 20 comments "no, just don't have anything to say." he smirked "unless you want to talk about how hot i am."

message 19: by Keeli (new)

Keeli (lalalandito) "stop it! I was only mentioning thatyouhaveaslightlyhighertemperatur THEN MOST FIRE PEOPLE!"she breathed out, taking in fast breaths,

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 20 comments he laughed "okay okay. calm down."

message 21: by Keeli (new)

Keeli (lalalandito) She grabbed her hair, sqeasing it out like water was in it. Flames evaporated into the boiling air, she shook her head. "okay I'm good,"

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 20 comments Seth looked at her "angry much?"

message 23: by Keeli (new)

Keeli (lalalandito) "more of bipolar," she said, laughing after.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 20 comments he nodded "i see."

message 25: by Keeli (new)

Keeli (lalalandito) "so.. You ready to set things on fire?" she asked, looking at her hands, "I always wondered what would happen to a gummy person when on fire." she said, her head tilting to the side

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 20 comments he frowned "i'm not setting living things on fire, i meant like trees as stuff."

message 27: by Keeli (new)

Keeli (lalalandito) "I Know.. I was just wondering if they would melt or turn crystal hard," she shrugged.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 20 comments "i'm pretty sure they would melt."

message 29: by Keeli (new)

Keeli (lalalandito) "but what about the ones covered in sugar? A hard candy shell?"

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 20 comments He thought about it "maybe..."

message 31: by Keeli (new)

Keeli (lalalandito) She laughed, "don't mind what I say, I'm pretty weird." comet warned.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 20 comments "i've noticed." he smiled

message 33: by Keeli (new)

Keeli (lalalandito) "oh thanks." she said, rolling her eyes,

message 35: by Keeli (new)

Keeli (lalalandito) She grinned, facing the forest."but its already on fire." she said.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 20 comments "some of the trees may have burned out."

message 37: by Keeli (new)

Keeli (lalalandito) "but most of them are fire trees, they cant burn out." she said, "thats why they're here."

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 20 comments "Well almost everything here is on fire so there isn't much to burn!" he huffed.

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