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message 1: by Karen (new)

Karen White (karenwhiteaudiobooknarrator) | 175 comments Just wanted to share a few ideas for celebrating June is Audiobook Month, or JIAM.
I am posting interviews with women who work behind the scenes in the industry on my blog:
Also, there's a new Facebook Page where audiobook lovers and industry folks can interact, so be sure to "Like" it so you can be in the loop:
And to find more of what's happening for JIAM, you can search for the Twitter hashtags #JIAM or #JIAM2012. and/or post some news or thoughts yourself with these hashtags!

message 2: by MissSusie (new)

MissSusie | 1942 comments I was thinking of starting a thread too about this I hope we can post our own JIAM posts and others. here is my newest post
MissSusie’s Reading & Observations: Audiobook Vacation/Road Trip Recommendations #JIAM2012..

message 3: by MissSusie (new)

MissSusie | 1942 comments Also Narrator Robert Fass is doing these great videos here is the latest one Day 5 #JIAM2012 What's DION GRAHAM excited about for Audiobook Month? Audies... and more! Watch the video here:

If you click on this you'll see Day 1-4 with Johnny Heller & Simon Vance these are fun videos.

message 4: by MissSusie (new)

MissSusie | 1942 comments Narrator Scott Brick is also doing a daily post for JIAM here

message 5: by D.G. (new)

D.G. Thanks for the links, ladies!

I'm about to listen to my first book by Scott Brick - In Cold Blood - so it's been fun to read his blog. :)

message 6: by Grumpus, Hearing aide (new)

Grumpus | 474 comments Great links...thanks for sharing!

message 7: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 1502 comments i don't think i've ever listened to anything do by Scott Brick, i'll have to check him out - can't access his blog from work though

message 8: by Regan (new)

Regan | 138 comments I read Heart of Darkness with Scott Brick and it was quite good. I was a bit mixed on the book itself, but I liked his narration.

message 9: by MissSusie (new)

MissSusie | 1942 comments If anyone is on twitter or is thinking about the audiobook world has a huge presence on twitter here is my list of people to follow
MissSusie’s Reading & Observations: Audiobooks on Twitter #JIAM2012

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