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Stephen Hegedus | 205 comments Mod
Here you can discuss the writer, any of his works, or his life.

message 2: by Louise (last edited Jun 07, 2012 05:22AM) (new)

Louise From what I've heard the uncensored one is interesting from an academic standpoint, but there's not much that couldn't be infered by the subtext in the 'censored' version.
The uncensored one is how Wilde originally intended to publish in the magazine that serialised the story. The novel most comonly in circulation is a later edit of the censored version that eventually was serialised - so there are parts (several completely new chapters and subplots) in the standard 'censored' version that aren't in the uncensored or the original serialised version because they were written later.

At least that's what I've gathered from newspaper/wikipedia scraping on the differences between each version, I could well be worng though - I also got really excited when the uncensored edition came out last year but couldn't afford it. Personally I would read the 'standard' version first as that's the one people know and are familiar with and then go on and read the 'uncensored' version afterwards.

Not sure if this article helps, best I've found so far at going into the differences (but does contain a few spoilers if you don't know th story)

message 3: by Denise (new)

Denise (dulcinea3) | 154 comments I haven't read any of Wilde's plays (although I do have them on my TBR pile), but I have seen movies based on some of them. They are so hilarious, I just love them! Especially The Importance of Being Earnest (love both movie versions I have seen). So it is interesting to me that his only novel is so different from them - so much darker, rather than light comedy. Almost seems like a split personality there.

Stephen Hegedus | 205 comments Mod
To be honest, I don't like Wilde that much. It's got nothing to do with who he is as a person, I just don't like the way he writes. My second experience with him - The Picture of Dorian Gray - crashed and burned. I never liked The Importance of Being Earnest very much either./ I found it very very confusing.

message 5: by Denise (new)

Denise (dulcinea3) | 154 comments They're mostly filled with witty banter, which I guess can be difficult to follow at times. At least, based on the movies I've seen; I've yet to try to read it.

message 6: by Louise (last edited Jun 07, 2012 02:10PM) (new)

Louise Rida wrote: "Stephen wrote: "Well, they are plays; and plays are meant to be seen, not read. So watch the movie instead, and then get back to us? It is really very witty, and some parts actually made me laugh right out loud (usually, I just chuckle or grin)! That's really saying something! "

Better yet, see a stage production if you get the chance. I know not everyone's lucky enough to live near a decent theatre but if you do it's almost def worth it.

I still can't quite get my head around reading plays if you're not actually involved in putting them on - they're meant to be performed, not read damnit! (That said I am very lucky to live very close to several great theatres, if I had nowhere to see plays I might just start reading them instead). The Importance of Being Ernest especially relies so much on the strength and style of the actors I can't imagine just reading the script comes anywhere close to as good as seeing it on stage.

Stephen Hegedus | 205 comments Mod
Thanks for the tip Rida. I actually have studied plays before so I've read quite a few. I actually say that about Shakespeare since he is so difficult for many people to read.

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