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RP in the Poseidon cabin!

message 2: by Gregory (new)

Gregory | 65 comments I am a son of Poseidon I have two presidential platinum blades that extend from bronze metal gaunlet like bracelets on my rists that always reapear in my pocket. All I have to do is put my arms wrist deal in my pocket the two blades can be transformed into two sides of the same double edged sword. I am also the great great great great great grandson of zeus

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Gatha  (gatha) | 18 comments Anya entered her cabin and looked around.She sat in her newly made bed and sighed.

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Jasmine Erving | 7 comments I am the god daughter of Posiden ( Ares abandoned me for Aphrodite) i can speak to the lovely dolphines control waters and turn into a mermaid my weapon is my head literally. my head can call upon the great animals of the sea. LOL

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Victoria  | 421 comments ( Hi )

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