Artifice: Humanities Deception from Time Immemorial Artifice question

Amethyst Amethyst Jun 05, 2012 07:21AM
From the book overview, I was confused as to how the idea of the humanities relates to the theme of good and evil (in the book).

Does the author explore the role of the arts and literature in exploring the nature of good and evil? Have the humanities provided the deception the book explores?

I don't want to sound insulting, but based on the overview, it almost seems like the title should have the word "Humanity's" instead of "Humanities."

Just wondering, as I decide whether or not I want to read the book. Thanks!

I chose to use the word Humanities to cover the parts that make up the whole and influence all of humanity.

The book is a deep read that delves into the root of the issues facing all of humanity and will challenge you in your world view.

All the best,

A.I. Jacob

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