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Chloe (Girl In The Woods Reviews) | 467 comments Mod
Hi Eddle! Here you can start by posting your writing! :)

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Leah (Eddle) | 120 comments thanks!

Chloe (Girl In The Woods Reviews) | 467 comments Mod
Eddle wrote: "thanks!"

No problem! :)

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Leah (Eddle) | 120 comments Ok guys! Here is my first chapter of my fourth version of the hunger games!

I watch my 2 small children playing, dancing, and giggling about. I never imagined them here. The small boy, with the blonde hair and the cutest face. The pretty girl, with the black hair, and the smile, that can light up the whole world. They make me feel so special. I laugh as Peeta runs around madly trying to catch them both. Little Tom runs towards me and hides behind my back for protection. Peeta catches me in his strong arms and gives me plenty kisses before he lets go. I never imagined a time like this, I never imagined having children, I never imagined a day the Capitols would not rule.
The doorbell rings, so I sneak off to get it. Haymitch is there looking better since we took the drink away from him. Rosy and Tom were always frightened of him at first, so we tipped his drinks down the drain and paid off the local wine seller so he wouldn’t frighten the kids of with his drunken attitude.
“Uncle Haymitch” The kids shout excitedly from the garden and run in to the hall. Tom falls over and starts to cry, so I lift him up and nurse him better.
“You know, it’s my birthday today.” He announces to me.
“I know and I’ve got the perfect present for you.” I say.
“If it’s not a drink, I’m not bothered.”
“Oh, it’s better than I drink” I insist and go to collect the book: 100 reasons why you should NEVER drink. I hand it over to him with a smug smile. “I thought it would match the present we got you last year, How Drink KILLS”
He rolls his eyes then looks at me sulkily. I lead him in to the living room and am about to pour some tea when I hear the letter box go. I find an invitation lying around on the floor addressed to me. I pick it up and peer inside the envelope.

Dear Katniss and Peeta Mellark,

You are invited to: Gales and Mia’s wedding.

It will be at: 12:30 on Sunday 24th May.

Please come!

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Leah (Eddle) | 120 comments 2nd chapter-

I make sure my two children Tom, and Rosy look smart in their suite and pretty pink dress. We get on the train to district 2, were my friend Gale lives. I’ve not seen him in ages and suddenly he’s asking me to go to his wedding. I don’t know why, but I feel a slight pang of jealousy for Mia, the girl who Gale is going to marry, I haven’t even met her yet! The trains glorious, with lots of chandeliers that are exactly two meters apart. Luxurious red, silk chairs are neatly spread out and a big, golden table with piles high of marvellous food that I have never seen before. It reminds me of my train journey from district 12 to the Capitol after I volunteered for my sister at the reaping. My sister. I miss her so much; she reminded me of Rue, the little girl I was ally with in the arena. And now she’s gone, I think of Prim when I see my children. Laughing, smiling, giggling. But, Prim never really had much chance to laugh, smile and giggle. I hate the Capitol for that. Taking my sisters life. It should have been me. After all the things I’ve been through, being shot on live television, shooting President Coin, the leader of the rebels and district 13. Truthfully, she was always the better one, the kinder one.
Rosy and Tom are jumping about like they have got ants in their pants. I realise that they have only ever been in district 12 and occasionally district 13 for my emergency meetings. They act so excited, how are they that energetic I think. Was I like that when I was younger? I lift up Tom, are youngest child, and Peeta lifts up Rosy and we put them on our laps to calm them down. Peeta looks so handsome in his black, smart suite, and his hair spiked upwards with some special gel or something. We let the children explore the rest of the train and Peeta and me have some quiet time to ourselves.
“So, how are you love, excited?” he asks, stretching out to me and pulling me against him.
“Yeah, I suppose, a little bit nervous maybe, I’ve not seen Gale In ages, and the children don’t know about us and the hunger games do they? Gale will probably say something that brings up to me having to tell them, and they’re to young. It will just get all confusing-”
“Hey, calm down, your getting so worked up about nothing, we can just tell Gale not to bring it up to the kids. Alls well, that ends well.” He soothes me. And I believe him, he’s so good with his words, he can say anything to someone and they won’t even be that scared to commit suicide. I wish I were like him when it comes to reassuring Tom that there are no monsters in his wardrobe. Peeta tickles me under my chin and whispers sweet things to me.
When we arrive in district 2, it’s amazing. It’s giant and every thing there is like a work of art. Gale comes to great us and introduces us to Mia. He looks so relaxed and thoughtful and you can tell he truly loves Mia. I feel jealousy creeping up me again, but I try to act cool when he shows me his child.
“I’ve not seen you in ages” I say while hugging Gale.
“I know, I’ve missed you here. So then, any news on your mum?” he asks.
“She’s right here” Tom cuts in. Gale laughs.
“I mean your grandma” Gale says.
“My Grandma?” Tom tugs me.
“Well, she is a nurse in district 13. You two have never seen her.” I say.
“Why?” Rosy chips in.
“Because we live in district 12, grandma use to, but then . . .” Peeta begins. I knew I would have to tell them some day, but not now. Maybe when they were older. They won’t even understand half of this. Me and Peeta switch glances.

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Leah (Eddle) | 120 comments 3rd chapter-

I explain the basics of the hunger games and how it stopped and the rebels won the war. They asked lots of questions in between and when it was done I had a faint sigh of relief, not just because it was over, because the questions had stopped. Gale gives us a quick tour of our hotel then says he’ll leave us time to unpack. We grab our suitcases then collapse on to the bed. I don’t know why I’m suddenly so tired; it must be the stress of having kids. Peeta looks at me question for a while then leans in and kisses me on the lips. I feel a tingle passing through his lips into mine and I suddenly feel so happy and alive. He gives me a cheeky grin then goes of to help Rosy unpack. I help Tom then do my own.
The hotels massive. Like something you might have found in the Capitol. Ruby red curtains dangle appreciatively; Golden-like comfy chairs are set out in front of a wide television screen. The kids are jumping on the beds nosily like them clicking insects from the Quarter Quell. I walk on to the outside balcony and breathe in the fresh air. Roses. The deep, sickening smell of Roses. I told Peeta not to name our girl Rosy as it reminded me of President Snow, but Peeta insisted, just like he did with the children. He said he had always wanted a girl named Rosy, and he always has his good way with words. In the end I just gave up.
“Are you good?” Little Tom asks as he wraps his arms around my legs.
“I’m fine darling, just thinking.” I say. I love Tom, he is always so cute and reassuring. He always makes me feel good about myself, and proves that I did one thing in life right, have him and Rosy.
“I like Gale and Mia, when will we get to play with Katie?” He asks.
Katie, Gales daughter. He named it after me, I felt guilty when he told me because I hadn’t even considered naming one after him, but he just laughed and said that you can’t really name someone after his name because their names either Gale or not Gale. “I’ll tell you what, you can play with her now, but only for 10 minutes because it’s nearly tea time, alright?” I say.
“Alright.” He huffs, then runs off to tell Rosy. I can see the train we arrived here in, pull up in the station and I can see a wobbly figure coming out. A bear glass is held in his hand and he spots me staring at him and waves. Haymitch. Soon enough, I hear a knock on our door and I go to get it.
“Give the bottle.” I hold out my hand.
“No.” Haymitch sulks, like a spoilt, drunk child.
“Give.” I say more sternly. Haymitch says a lot of rude comments about me before handing it over, and then he still won’t let go. The good thing is about the drunk is that they are not in their best condition so I easily manage to slide it out of his hand. “And that is why you should have read your birthday present. Anyway, how come you were invited?”
“Well, I goat ane invatatin an sue ere I m” Haymitch slurs. I bring him in to our hotel room and then he just slumps flat out on to the floor. Oh no, you are not staying in this apartment, I think and my eyes move to the bathroom sink. My eyes widen as I grab a jug and begin to fill it up with freezing cold water. I step quietly back to where Haymitch stands, replace his knife with a feather Tom picked up this morning and begin to pour the cold water down his top.
Haymitch wakes up screaming and grabs for the feather and holds it out. I laugh as he realizes the condition he’s in, and then holds out the feather. He must still think that he’s got his knife I think.
“You know, if you were any closer I could have stabbed you.” He shakes the feather, then realizes it’s not there. “Were is my knife?” He asks. I hand it back to him then open up the door.
“Your not falling asleep in here again, go on, get out, and remember the dinners in ten minutes, so go and dry yourself” He mumbles something on his way out like: “Well I wouldn’t of had to if you didn’t drench me.” I laugh again the roll my eyes.
I am about to sit down and have a bit of time to myself when Tom and Rosy burst through the door. “Mum, mum,” they shout.
“Calm down.” I tell them. “Now what’s the problem.”
“We heard some people who we thinks from the Capitol make a plot to try and kill you” Tom stumbles. “They said something about if you die, the rebels spirit is lost.”

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Leah (Eddle) | 120 comments 4th chapter-

I calm Rosy and Tom down then try and get them to explain it out again to me. After I have heard the full story I sigh and bite my lip.
“It’s alright, nothings going to happen to me, now why don’t you show me to were you heard it. Ok?” I reassure them trying to sound as calm as possible.
“Ok.” Rosy says gripping my hand. I give her a sweat smile to indicate that it is probably nothing and she shouldn’t get worried. Haymitch stumbles along with us and occasionally makes sarcastic comments like he might join the Capitol in a fight to get rid of me and stuff. I loose it after a certain amount of time and push him against the wall.
“I might be a parent now, but I still know how to fight, alright?” I warn him. When I let him go he has short gasping breaths. I smile. Tom and Rosy lead me outside and to one of the large shelters were lots of the Capitol are kept in. They lead me to the open window and I see for myself a group of Capitols are there, looking weird and different in their new clothes. I should really say they look normal, but in actually fact the clothes they used to wear used to be normal for them, and probably still is. I sneak right up close to the door and press my ear close to the window and listen to what they are saying.
That’s when it happens. It’s so fast I hardly have time to react. The window smashes and someone grabs my hair and pulls me in to the house. I don’t see what happens next because I’m unconscious for most of it, but I can make out two shadows, two small shadows, being brought in. The world spins around crazily after that. I try to scream and shout but nothing comes out of my mouth. I can only taste my tears. I try to stand up, but I only find myself falling back. I try to lift my arms, but I don’t have any control over them anymore. I feel trapped. I am trapped. That’s when I feel the sharp jab in my arm and I fall flat out on to the ground.
When I finally come to my senses, I think it was all a bad dream. It must have been. The Capitol is to week to fight back. Or are they. That’s when I find I’m at a hospital. I find a man with cat whiskers and purple hair staring at me from a few paces away.
“Why do we have to keep her alive? I could easily kill her with a quick needle but no, President Lock wants her alive.” He mutters under his breath.
“Wait, what, who’s president Lock?” I say with a slur to my voice.
“The new President of Panem, seems while you were unconscious we managed to easily over throw the rebels and now we are in charge again. It was pretty easy to fight them seen, as you weren’t there anymore, the rebels lost their spirit. And now, you’re in our hands.” He says smugly. “Unfortunately though I’m not aloud to have you dead because of some thing the president has thought up. We’ll find out what happens to you in about 5 minutes. Apparently your punishments going to be broadcast all over Panem.”
Oh no, this can’t be good, I think. Wait, there’s something I’m forgetting here, something very important. Think Katniss, think. What is it? That’s when the TV automatically turns on and my punishment is announced. There will be a new type of Hunger Games, this time with forty-eight tributes in, two girls and two boys from each district. It will be allowed for any age, and apparently, the district twelve tributes have already been selected. It’s not only me and Peeta going in the games. It’s Rosy and Tom too.

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Leah (Eddle) | 120 comments this is all i have done so far but i'm writing more at the moment!

Chloe (Girl In The Woods Reviews) | 467 comments Mod
Eddle wrote: "this is all i have done so far but i'm writing more at the moment!"

It's really interesting and totally creative on how you wrote the second life chapter of Katniss and Peeta. Rosy and Tom sound completely like how I would say about Katniss and Peeta's children. But it's really great :)

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Leah (Eddle) | 120 comments thanks guys!

Chloe (Girl In The Woods Reviews) | 467 comments Mod
Eddle wrote: "thanks guys!"

no problem! it's really good :)

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Leah (Eddle) | 120 comments awe thanks! -again! lol! : D

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Misty (misty_shadowhunter) | 4 comments thats amazing!!!!! i have to say that i didnt expect it. and i love it. wow, your seriously good at writing.

message 14: by Leah (new)

Leah (Eddle) | 120 comments thanks misty! you guys are the best!

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