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Dark Moon *Written by Dreamer*

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Chapter 1 : Prologue: Nightmare

I have known him for 3 years. I know almost everything about him. I like Airon just the way he is. He has brown hair that shines when sun directs its rays on him. He has brown eyes that sparkles when he is excited, but why am I hesitating? Maybe because I didn’t like him as I thought I did.
“Violet, how was your day?” he turned his head at me and asked me smiling.
“It was okay. And yours?” I asked him.
“It was great!” he answered still smiling.
I was still hesitating. I kind of knew Airon liked me. For example, when I was at the exit of the mall, he called me to wait for him even though he was at a traffic light. I was kind of happy about it, but still uncertain.
“Will you be on Facebook today?” I asked him
“No, why?” he asked
“Well…Would you go out with me?” I asked nervously.
He stopped and turned. He had a sad expression on his face. He said:
“No, I’m not ready for it yet. Sorry.”
I stopped, too. I think I had a surprised look on my face, because Airon smiled with sad smile and said:
“Violet, please understand, I’m not ready for that whole thing. I’m really sorry. Really, I am. It’s just…”
I unfroze from my surprise and said quickly, smiling:
“No, no. It’s okay. I understand you.”
“Okay, then let’s go!” he said with the smile, that I loved so much, turned and started walking.
There I let my smile drop. I thought: When I move, you’ll regret for what you said, dear Airon. You broke my heart once and because of you, I won’t give it to anybody forever. I know now, that I won’t fall in love anymore. And when I broke my line of thought, I saw him very far, still going, not even noticing that I’m not beside him. I turned then, and started walking opposite direction. I thought: There, now we are going different directions, like I think you wanted. Goodbye now, Airon. We will never meet again.

Hope you like it ;)

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Chapter 2: New Student and the Dream

I woke up with a start. I remembered again my broken heart memory and that I Changed. I sighed and looked around. I realized that I was still in our classroom moreover class was still going. I guess I fell asleep from boredom and nobody noticed. I looked at the board and saw that we were learning chemistry. The teacher, Mr. Oderan, was saying:
“Class, today we have a new transfer student to attend to this class from ‘Gariel High School’. I’d like to present to you, Drake Lavender.”
A boy came into the class. He had gold-brown hair, gray-brown eyes and a perfect face. He got same hair and same eye colour as mine, I thought. I was surprised by his appearance, but I got out of that fast. I looked around and found out that girls in our class were charmed by his face. I sighed and put a cold look on my face and stood up. I walked toward the teacher’s desk and said smiling coldly:
“Welcome to our class. I am president and my name is Violet Abillon. Our high school has a nickname, which is ‘Aleman High School’. Do you know what that means?”
He said with sweet, like pouring honey, voice:
Girls sighed dreamily in the back of class, but I didn’t react like them.
“That means our high school is special,” I said and laughed coldly without humor and added, “and that means we are wizards. You need to be a wizard to attend this class. Am I right, Mr. Oderan?” I turned and looked at our homeroom teacher.
Teacher was staring at me, like I was a lion that is be ready to pounce when target moved. He got out of his fear to me and said:
“Miss Violet, it’s wrong to judge people by their races. You need to know a person to judge.”
“No, Mr. Oderan. By me, I judge them as I want. And you aren’t going to interfere with it.” I said icily.
He suddenly stood up and said firmly, pointing toward the door:
“Miss Violet, could you please exit the classroom?”
I widened my eyes a little bit. Then I smiled sweet, although dangerous smile and said:
“Nobody can speak to me like that, Mr. Oderan,” I put my hand in front of me with palm directing to Mr. Oderan and added, “Alore.”
Mr. Oderan had a surprise look and then suddenly he flew back into the wall. He landed in a heap. I sighed and thought that if it should be always like that with every teacher. Only after that thought I realized that there was deafening silence. I turned and stared at the class. They stared back at me. Some were scared, some were amazed, some were awed, but most of them were with happy, still dangerous face. Then someone got up moreover started clapping. It was Will, the guy that every girl in the school loved him. He had happy and careless face. He had blond hair and clear blue eyes. It seemed that he always had happy and carefree face. Another person got up and started clapping. Now it was Kai, another guy that every girl in the school loved him. He had amused face. He had black hair and green eyes. He always had blank moreover dangerous face, but he did smile rarely. I didn’t fall for either of them, not like the rest of girls. Then more and more people got up and started clapping. I knew that they loved my character. After that, whole class was clapping. I put on a smile and bent down, like it was drama presentation. Then I remembered Drake. I turned and found out that he was staring at me with blank face. Then he asked me:
“Why did you do that?”
I was surprised by his reaction. I was starting to say something, but then class stared saying instead of me:
“Why did she do that? Why did she do that?! Don’t you understand? She is the Chosen One. She has unlimited power and she is the only one that civilized. Violet is doing that for our benefit. She cares about us.”
I was amazed by their reaction. Then I smiled at them and said:
“Let’s skip the classes tomorrow. Let’s go on to some hunting,” then I smiled dangerously, “On not so regular vampires. We meet near girls’ dorm edge of the ‘forbidden’ forest at 9:00 am. Don’t be late.” I turned and said to Drake, “You will be there, too. Whether you want it or not.”
At first there was silence, but after that class cheered and started clapping. I sighed. I knew them, like the open book of spells. Then the bell rang. Everyone started packing up their things and going to another class. I thought: Why would everyone hold their books in their hands. God, Eleanor, gave us powers. We need to use them. I only muttered a spell and swished my hand. Result is my books flew in front of me. With the rest of the class, I left. We left our teacher there too. I stared to don’t care about people who were against me when he broke my heart.
We walked in hallway toward our next class. People, who were also in the hallway, stepped aside from our way. I guess they feared us only because that we were the most powerful class in the school. Girls were whispering about Drake’s looks. But when I turned to look at them, they went silent. Boys were talking to Drake about his previous high school. He answered all questions perfectly. When we came to the class, I thought: Well, it’s going to be very long day for me.

* * * * *
Last bell rang and I groaned. We stood up, gathered our things, left the classroom and headed toward stairs. Our school had 2 floors and the ceilings in each class room were high, so there were many stairs to get to the rooms. When we went out of school, Will went up to me and asked hopefully:
“Violet, may I walk you to your dorm?”
I said and smiled a smile, that didn’t touch my eyes:
“No, though thank you. See you tomorrow.”
I rotated and went toward girl’s dorm. At the end of the day, we went to our dorms. Boys’ dorm was at the side of school. Girls’ dorm was just at the edge of a forest. Our teachers always say that we mustn’t go to the ‘forbidden’ forest without another teacher. Although, I’m going to hunt there, no matter what they say. Before I went into the dorm, I looked at the sky. It was twilight. In my point of view, it was beautiful. Though this world was different, the sky was very much the same. I wanted to stay and look at the sky, but tiredness overcame me. I took stairs to my room.
We didn’t have roommates, so each person would have only key. I took a key out of my bag, put it in the key hole and turned it. Before I opened the door to the dorm, I heard a small noise form stock of trees nearby. I turned and looked around. Nothing was there, only the wind.
I walked up long stairs and when I was finally in my room, I threw my bag on the pretty floor. My room, well rooms, were amazing. Living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining room and library were included. Living room had antique couch and armchairs, expensive carpet, chandelier and more. Bedroom had king sized bed and below it was again carpet. I had a nightstand, big closet with many clothes and more stuff that belongs in bedroom. Kitchen had all technology that I needed: stove, silverware, cupboards and much more. Dining room had chandelier too and big tabled in the middle. And library had many books that none of the teachers had.
I lay on the couch in the living room and sighed with relief. It was cool against my hurting head. I sighed with relief. After busy day, all I wanted to do is sleep. Then I moaned when I remembered that I still had my clothes on and didn’t have dinner. I changed my clothes, took a quick shower and ate. At last I went to bed. The second my head touched the pillow I fell asleep.
I dreamed the memory when I Changed from regular human to wizard. It was when he left me. I was at home eating dinner when I felt something. I stood up and looked down. Lines and lines of clothes went up to my body, nearly choking me. I went up and there was a blinding light, so I had to close my eyes. Then light as well as pain eased down and I opened my eyes. I was in white robes and I felt really good. Then a boy, approximately my age, showed up in my kitchen with his hood on his head. He said:
“I came for you, dear Violet.”
I was surprised that he knew my name. I said:
“What do you want?”
“Only you, my dear.”
I realized that dream wasn’t my memory of Changing. He pulled his hood back. I saw his face. It was Airon. I asked him:
“Why did you come back?”
But then he repeated:
“Only for you, my dear.”
He lunged for me, his face instantly changing for something uglier, and I screamed. I woke up. I sighed and thought: Great, now I won’t fall asleep for rest of the night.

Comment if you liked it x)

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I think it's pretty awesome. :D

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 5 comments Thanks! Oh, btw I'm going to edit all the chaps

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Okay, cool. :)

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LOVE IT!!!! more please??? ;)

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of course ;)

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Chapter 3 : Through the Forest

I lay in bed with my opened eyes. I was afraid to sleep, I was afraid to let him into my dreams, again. The alarm clock rang. I remembered that I always put the alarm on 7:00 am on regular school day. Our school always starts at 9:00 am. I lifted my hand to shut it off. I felt around my desk and then felt the alarm clocks button. I pushed it and it shut off. I lowered my hand on the cool desk and felt piece of hard paper beneath. It was a photo, I guessed. I lifted it to my face. At first it was blurry, but then it became clearer. It was a photo of us, me and him; we were smiling at the camera and we took that picture after exams ended. I felt stinging at the back of my throat as well as tears got starting rolling up on my eyes. I quickly wiped the tears of f with the back of my hand and got up. I went to my closet to look for right clothes for the hunting, but nothing was right. Then I saw a bag at the top shelf. I pulled it down and looked into it. There they were; my perfect first wizard clothes. Long – sleeved baggy white shirt, long baggy white pants and a black cloak. After I Changed from human to a wizard, they were already on me. It felt like sudden warm that flooded into me. And when I came to school, people thought that I was an Angel that came both from Heaven and Hell. I smiled at that memory and took them. I took also black sneakers with the clothes. At last I went off. I stretched and breathed in the fresh air. I figured that I would take a run through the forest, before the hunt. I started running. It was a thrill to me, running through the forest in the middle of cool October; me breathing in and out cold air, but I felt kind of sad running alone. With my feet almost not touching the ground, I felt like I was flying. My ears caught a smallest sound about 5 meters behind me. I stopped dead in my tracks. I heard only my caught breath, but nothing else. I ran as fast as I could. Then I heard it again. This time I didn’t stop. I only turned as fast as I could and planted my heel of my foot in someone else’s jaw. I heard a grunt and a low thud. I looked down and saw that it only was Drake. He was on the ground; rubbing his jaw. I sighed. He said:
“Ow. That hurts. Why did you do that?”
I said tiredly:
“It supposed to hurt. I did it because you were following me.”
He looked deeply into my eyes and asked:
“Why are you so defensive?”
I held out a hand to help him up and asked him back:
“Why do you want to know?”
He took my hand and I pulled him up. It was the first time I realized that he was a little bit taller than me. Now I was looking deeply in his eyes. He stepped back and said:
“When I came to class I saw in your eyes a cold person. But when I saw you throwing the teacher back then I saw in your eyes only sadness. Why do you keep changing your character? Wouldn’t be easier to be who you actually are?”
“Yes, it would be.” I said and smiled sadly at him,” but I can’t be me. If I could be me, my heart will break.”
Without waiting for his response, I turned and started to walk back. I was tired from running, so I chose walking. He caught up easily, but he didn’t say anything else. We walked in silence. Unspoken words hung in the air. He broke the deafening silence by saying:
“So, Violet, what are you doing out here in the early morning?”
“Taking a run.” I replied simply.
“Oh.” That all he said,
“And, why were you following me here?” I asked him.
“Well, I thought that you were a vampire from ‘Kalendan’ clan. They wear almost the same clothes as you.”
I stopped and turned to look at him. I said sharply:
“You know, only now I realized that you are talking so much. So, may I cut your tongue?” I staked out my hunting knife at him.
He looked at it calmly and then back at me. Or he didn’t understand my threat or he didn’t care about the knife. I sighed angrily and jumped on the lowest branch of the tree beside me. I hang on; I turned, flipped and sat on the branch. Drake looked up. I smirked and said:
“What? You can’t do it? Are you afraid?”
He didn’t say anything; only jumped, ran on the tree, flipped and sat on the branch next to me. He grinned:
“What did you say?”
I stood up. I looked down at him, turned and started running on the branches of trees soundlessly. I thought that this way of transportation was the safest. He caught up and smiled at me, accepting the challenge. I smiled back. He looked surprisingly at me. He stumbled at some branch and fell. I erased my smile and reminded to myself that I can’t let another guy take my heart. In my corner of the eye, I saw that Drake did salto and regained himself. He looked at me again, bur saw no smile. I thought I heard him sigh and when I turned, he was looking forward. At last we came out. We flipped and landed on our feet. I heard several claps. I looked up and saw that our class was all there. I stood up and brushed myself off. I saw angry glares coming from Will and Kai to Drake, which was surrounded by group of people. I called:
“Today, we are going to hunt on vampires. I heard that they bit our people to help for themselves. We need to repay the dept. We are going to catch them; their leader will come and we’ll ‘negotiate’.”
Class cheered. I added more:
“We’ll call our dragons here, to transport us to the middle of the forest where are many vampires. But remember, we are not going to kill them, only maybe a little bit of pain while we catch them. Let’s call our dragons!”
We turned toward the school and each of us called his/hers dragon by our unique telepathy. We heard a load roar somewhere far. Many dots were coming closer. At last before us were magnificent dragons. Mine was the most powerful, most magnificent and black dragon. On each of them, were saddles to sit. I said:
“Hello, Orego.”
“Hello, Violet,” he nodded with hid magnificent head,” It looks like you didn’t need me for a while.”
“I’m sorry. I had been busy lately. I missed you.” I smiled.
“I missed you, too. Get on.”
We sat and I said under my breath:
“It’s time to go on a little hunt.”

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Maria (Maryaha) | 7 comments It's being really cool :b

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