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message 301: by Dan (new)

Dan So what do you doubt? Do you doubt that greenhouse gasses like CO2 trap heat in the atmosphere? This is pretty basic science, and it's what makes human life at all possible. Or do you doubt that human activity releases a tremendous amount of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere? Again, basic science. Or do you accept both of these things and think that for some reason increasing the amount of heat-trapping gasses in the atmosphere will, for some magical reason, not result in more heat being trapped?

message 302: by John (new)

John | 110 comments and, the world heats up and cools down, and its not global warming, its global climate change.
yeah, what happened just after out atmosphere formed?? the world heated up, then over time it cooled down, seas were formed, then it started the cycle all over again.
humans have added to it, but so have cows. Ok the earth isn't sentient, but just like this computer it can have 'moods' so to speak. Its mainly a cycle. Just like everything else in the universe our planet follow fundamental rules. we, as humans haven't had advanced knowledge long enough to record the earth's climate changes.
none of you will, but on goggle search wonders of the solar system, somewhere will be an BBC Iplayer hyperlink, watch it, its all about how atmospheres are formed, i can remeber if it has anything to do with Climate change, but it still explains about the universes cycles.

message 303: by Austin (new)

Austin Don't get me started. It's real. Damn lazy republicans are just saying it's a lie so they don't have to pick up their shit that they throw out into the environment.

message 304: by Austin (new)

Austin That's true

message 305: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (djinni) | 7365 comments Mod
You can read it. It's online. Idiot.

message 306: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (djinni) | 7365 comments Mod
". Lauren, really? read it on the web? Yeah thats not easy to warp. Anybody can put anything on the net. Thats probably not the real health-care bill. Bigger IDIOT."

That's why you go to a website that ends with a .gov, moron. Really, are so you ignorant and paranoid that you think there's this big conspiracy to slowly turn us into a communist society?

message 307: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (djinni) | 7365 comments Mod
Naturally. Where is your proof? What documents have you found? What recordings do you have?

message 308: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (djinni) | 7365 comments Mod
As you continue to not provide proof for anything you have said. It's a rule that if you don't provide proof, I have the right to kick you out of the group.

message 309: by Dan (new)

Dan Listen to you pEople. Global Warming has happened in the past. But now the government is blowing the current out of proportion.And why you may ask. To get people to buy unneeded so-called "green" supplies

What the fuck "green supplies" are you talking about? And how does us buying them benefit the government? Why would the government orchestrate an elaborate hoax involving thousands upon thousands of independent scientists all over the world - to say nothing of independent researchers like journalists who have been documenting climate change - just to get us to, say, buy a different variety of light bulbs made by the same company as our old light bulbs, or more fuel efficient cars made by the same companies as our old cars. This is one of the stupidest conspiracy theories I've ever heard, and that's saying something.

message 310: by Dan (new)

Dan it is the liberals that cramed the Health-care bill down our throats without letting us read it.

Yeah, the past twelve months of health care debate just flew by in a blink, didn't they?

message 311: by Dan (new)

Dan As a matter of fact, I know there is a conspiracy to turn us into a communist country.

Oh, that's interesting. And what do you base this claim on?

I don't need proof. I know what's true.

Oh. So you base your claims on nothing. You just know . That's pretty reasonable. This guy on the street today told me I had cancer and I had to cut my fingers off to cure it. I asked him how he knew, and he said he knew because he knew. I guess I should get snipping.

As a matter of fact I'll spare you the trouble. Goodbye. You liberals just hate to be wrong.

How nice of you. Instead of making us suffer through the horrible act of learning new things that are important, you'll "spare us" and leave. It must pain you to actually show us the evidence for your wild claims, because, as liberals, we hate to be wrong, and you are too compassionate to make us suffer by proving us wrong. You're such a sweetheart.

message 312: by [deleted user] (new)

I do not think that global warming is true. WE GOT ABOUT A FOOT OF SNOW IN MY DESERT TOWN!!!! We NEVER had snow like that. Global warming HA!

message 313: by Dan (new)

Dan I do not think that global warming is true. WE GOT ABOUT A FOOT OF SNOW IN MY DESERT TOWN!!!! We NEVER had snow like that. Global warming HA!

This is idiotic. Global warming does not mean that every day, or even every year, will be hotter than the last. It is a long-term trend. Every time a baseball team loses a game, you don't say the team is terrible. Baseball teams lose games sometimes. Every time you gain a half pound after eating a larger-than-normal meal, you don't say your diet isn't working; you measure a diet by how much weight you lose over the course of weeks and months, not by whether you lose weight every single day.

Where I grew up, Rochester, NY, it didn't snow at all in the month of March, setting a new record. Does this prove global warming? No. Global warming is a long-term phenomenon.

message 314: by [deleted user] (new)

Fine, throw facts into us short sighted peoples.

message 315: by Dan (new)

Dan Fine, throw facts into us short sighted peoples.

I will. Facts are good.

message 316: by [deleted user] (new)

I know they are, but it isn't when you are on the receiving end.

message 317: by Dan (new)

Dan I know they are, but it isn't when you are on the receiving end.

You don't think it's good to receive facts and learn something new? Well that's just sad.

message 318: by John (new)

John | 110 comments when will people stop caling it global warming, its global climate change.

message 319: by James (new)

James Wilkinson | 205 comments No, it must be a fallacy - I mean, Sarah Palin doesn't believe it.

message 320: by Jem (last edited May 22, 2010 06:02AM) (new)

Jem  (toomanybooksforfaviourates) People don't believe in Global Warming. They say look at the new coldest winter on record. Well look at El Nino and La Nina. Look at Australia and the drought that has lasted more then a decade and say 'Global Warming had nothing to do with that.' That green house gases has not taken its toll. Look further then your hometown and say 'wow they are being affected by Global Warming!'
What a lot of people always 'neglect' to mention is that the tempreature on land shouldn't be measured but the water tempreature. It is the water that is heating up. This leads to the ice-caps melting and countries being totally submerged by water.
I could go on about this forever but here is something else to think about if you don't believe in Global Warming:
What is wrong with being enviromentally friendly anyway? With using renewable energy sources and putting a cap on the Co2 we can use? What bad is going to come out of that?
AND wouldn't you rather be safe and say, yeah we have done this to help slow down global warming. Wouldn't you rather be on the safe side rather then risk it? I mean who can say - there is nothing to worry about Global Warming?

message 321: by jessi (new)

jessi (infinitevantage) | 437 comments Justin wrote: "If you would look at the Melankovich (i dont think i spelled that right) Cycle then you would see that every hundred thousand years or so the Earth either has a ice age or a "Global Warming". We ar..."

That's a really over-simplified point of view that doesn't explain things like the correlation between CO2 levels and temperature/weather.

message 322: by Justin (new)

Justin Rules Jessi wrote: "Justin wrote: "If you would look at the Melankovich (i dont think i spelled that right) Cycle then you would see that every hundred thousand years or so the Earth either has a ice age or a "Global ..."

Ok Jessi, whats your proof? I think it explains things perfectly. And i had to make it simple or else you guys wouldnt understand. you are also going off topic by talking about the "correlation between CO2 levels and temperature/weather."

message 323: by jessi (new)

jessi (infinitevantage) | 437 comments lol seriously, Nathan said it perfectly. And how is pointing out one of the many things your over-simplified statement failed to account for going off topic?

message 324: by jessi (new)

jessi (infinitevantage) | 437 comments Let's see, your argument was only semi-coherent, it was illogical, and it contradicted the available evidence on the subject. Additionally, your reply consisted of you whining in poorly written points that could've been summed up in a much less verbose fashion... and... yahoo answers? Seriously? Come on, now.

message 325: by Dan (new)

Dan is it not a fact that the earth has been heating and cooling since the beginning of the earth?

This is irrelevant. The fact that there are and have always been a number of natural cycles that affect climate does not preclude the existence of another factor, this one man-made, that also affects climate.

Let's try an analogy:

You stop by your grandmother's house and find her dead on the kitchen floor. You call the police and while you wait for them to arrive, you find that a window has been broken, that some of your grandmother's jewelry is missing, that there are bloody footprints leading from the house, etc. It seems to you that your grandmother has been murdered. The police come to the door and you tell them this. Without looking around much, they say, "Nonsense. Since the beginning of time, people have been dying. It's a natural cycle, birth and death. People can't live forever. Death is perfectly natural. Therefore, your grandmother cannot have been murdered." Is this a good response by the police?

Of course not. You are not stupid. You know that just because people die of natural causes does not mean that they cannot also be murdered. You know that the fact that death occurs naturally does not mean that all death is natural. Similarly, the fact that there have been, over the last 4.5 billion years, natural, sometimes cyclic, fluctuations in the Earth's climate does not mean that all climate change is natural.

Let's look at some other basic facts. Certain gasses when present in the atmosphere trap heat, warming the Earth. This is an uncontroversial fact. The concentrations of these gasses have risen dramatically in the last century or so, during the same time period that humans have begin emitting these gasses into the atmosphere. This is also an uncontroversial fact. For most rational people, 2+2=4; an increase in gasses known to increase temperature will lead to an increase in temperature. But to you, for some reason, 2+2=nevermind.

message 326: by Dan (new)

Dan You seem to make it sound like its not possible for us to be in a heating phase right now.

When? I said no such thing.

You seem to say that there is no way that it can be nature's fault, that it is all man's fault.

Again, I said no such thing. I said that the existence of natural climate affects does not preclude anthropogenic global warming.

I didn't say that there is no global warming, I just said that it is being sped up by humans.

Actually, you said two contradictory things: that global warming is entirely natural, and that it isn't.

Are you saying that we are in a cooling phase? And that human pollution is so powerful that we are reversing the effects of nature?

Again, where are you getting this? I said no such thing.

We must be in a heating phase but we are speeding up the effects with pollution.

Why must we be in a natural heating phase? Do you have any basis for this statement, or are you just making an assumption and turning it into a fact in your mind?

Although like I said I think that the scientists are making a way bigger deal about it than it should be made so that they can get rich.

This is just a ridiculous statement. Scientists getting rich off of global warming? Do you have any evidence to back this up? How exactly does global warming make scientists rich?

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