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message 1: by Zia (new)

Zia Do you think global warming is real? Or do you think it's just a cycle that the earth goes through?

message 2: by Zia (new)

Zia People think "Our world is heading toward destruction, we have to stop global warming!"

Well, "global warming" has happened many times before, and did the world end? No. Humans may kind of add to it, but I think it's just a natural cycle that the earth goes through.

message 3: by Mallory (new)

Mallory (malloryrose17) I'm with you Zia!

message 4: by jeeves... (new)

jeeves... | 644 comments meetoo.

message 5: by Chandani (new)

Chandani  (milkduds920) | 6408 comments Global warming has happened before, but not at this magnitude. Society is throwing the earths natural cycles off balance to a near deadly point. Greenhouse gasses are eating through our ozone layer! Ice caps are melting and everyday things like plastic bags are being sent into landfills and oceans where the choke animals and BEVER biodegrade! If we simply say "Oh it's happened will pass eventually. We can take a few more Katrinas and Gustavs dont worry bout it." We are going to be in a much deeped **** hole than we are already in.

Sorry, its a bit of a touchy subject :P

Jeez im so liberal i scare myself sometimes.

message 6: by Mallory (new)

Mallory (malloryrose17) Nasa is saying that we're heading for a gloabal freezing now.

message 7: by Chandani (new)

Chandani  (milkduds920) | 6408 comments Its possible. The earths natural changes are going to happen anyway, but the way civilization is going we are so not helping. we are quickening this process to an unnatural state.

message 8: by Emma the Dork (new)

Emma the Dork (cheesehead) i used to believe in it, but m uncle has been a weather fanatic his whole life and he studied it for 6 years and convinced my whole family that its crap. and hes a democrat, by the way.

message 9: by Zia (last edited Jan 07, 2009 05:31PM) (new)

Zia Thank you Rosie and Monolith. Chandani does have a point too. I think we should do things that help the environment, and it wouldn't be as bad. I think humans are just making it worse, but global warming itself is kind of a cycle, I think. But yeah, it's kind of on a larger scale this time because of us.

message 10: by Emma the Dork (new)

Emma the Dork (cheesehead) yeah thats kind of what i think about the dinosaurs...not that i am happy in any way about it, but that makes more sense

message 11: by Chandani (new)

Chandani  (milkduds920) | 6408 comments It does. Scientists have proven that the earth goes through thus cycle every few hundred years, but right now were just NOT HELPING. If we just sit back and wait for it to go away, were gunna be screwed.

message 12: by Emma the Dork (new)

Emma the Dork (cheesehead) seriously....and i think its every few million years.

message 13: by Chandani (new)

Chandani  (milkduds920) | 6408 comments Yeah im tired...

message 14: by Riley (new)

Riley (booksarecool) | 2246 comments Yeah, I think we'll go extinct unless we magically evolve into water creatures in less than 30 years. Or an alien or something saves us. AAAAAAAAAANNNNYWAAAAAAAAY! I think people are redundant to think that global warming is a myth. Global warming is definitely real, and yes, Earth has gone through these periods before but it happened GRADUALLY! There is a hole in our ozone layer, and no, Harry Potter did not poof it there(although the books sort of did) we did, and we did really good at it too!

message 15: by Zia (new)

Zia I don't think it's really a myth. I think we can do stuff to help it from getting worse, I just don't thik we can stop it, it's going to keep happening anyway.

message 16: by Riley (new)

Riley (booksarecool) | 2246 comments We can't stop it now, that's for sure.

message 17: by Zia (new)

Zia Yeah.

message 18: by Riley (new)

Riley (booksarecool) | 2246 comments It just makes me angry that we didn't listen to the global warming believers a few years ago. Then maybe I wouldn't die before I even was old enough to order off the senior's menu(Hey, they have some pretty good deals. DON'T JUDGE ME!).

message 19: by Zia (new)

Zia I don't think we're going to die from it or anything like that.

message 20: by Emma the Dork (new)

Emma the Dork (cheesehead) we r suffering from other stuff, i.e we r sinking into yet another depression, possibly worse this time cuz so many people r in denial, and i would rather deal with global issues later.

and i am not saying that we arent polluting the earth and we should just keep doing it, i want us to stop driving cars and stuff cuz its ruining the habitats of the species which we need for survival and anyway we r running out of oil but thats a whole other subject i could talk about for hours and hours and blood would stream from your ears(eyes?) and you would wish i was never born so yeah........

message 21: by Chandani (new)

Chandani  (milkduds920) | 6408 comments Yeah. I bet none of us are going to live to see the new century, and within the next hundred years or so manhattans going to sink. All those islands that their making in dubai are going to sink.

And environment aside were just flat out killing each other! Israel is still occupying Palestine and bombing Gaza because we supplied them with bombs! God someties i really just hate everyone.

Except u guys.

message 22: by Emma the Dork (new)

Emma the Dork (cheesehead) seriously

message 23: by Chandani (new)

Chandani  (milkduds920) | 6408 comments :)

message 24: by Riley (new)

Riley (booksarecool) | 2246 comments I'm glad you hate everybody but me Chandani. :D

message 25: by Chandani (new)

Chandani  (milkduds920) | 6408 comments lol riley

message 26: by Emma (new)

Emma | 387 comments I feel so special.
And global warming is VERY VERY REAL!!!!

message 27: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ Global warming = REAL. Yes, the earth does have natural heating cycles, but this one is NOT natural. The natural ones go up and down. This one just keeps going UP.

message 28: by Emma the Dork (new)

Emma the Dork (cheesehead) i used to believe i it, but scroll up and see why i no longer do.

p.s., my mom worked for al gore for like 7 months and met him a bunch of times and hes a HUGE jerk, according to her.

message 29: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ i don't care if al gore is a jerk; that gives me no reason to stop believing in global warming ... one way or another, whatever's causing it, i still think it's real.

message 30: by Chandani (new)

Chandani  (milkduds920) | 6408 comments I had never even encountered someone who didnt believe it was real before. If we do nothing we are going to be below sea level before the next century okay??

This is not one of those things that just "Blow over" this is one of those things that progressively gets worse until were screwed.

message 31: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ Really. No offense, but I think a lot of ppl who think global warming is a "myth" are just in denial.

message 32: by Chandani (new)

Chandani  (milkduds920) | 6408 comments Yeah. I really honestly never knew that there were people who didnt believe in it.

message 33: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ I only know, like, one person who doesn't believe in it ><

message 34: by Emma (new)

Emma | 387 comments The fact is, that if we ALL just do a little, it will make a change. (PLEASE DON'T TELL ME I SOUND LIKE A TREE HUGGER!)

message 35: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ well, it's true. the only problem is getting ppl motivated ... which they're not ...

message 36: by Emma (new)

Emma | 387 comments I know, we need someone to FORCE them to do it, lol.

message 37: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ hmm. yeah.

message 38: by Emma (new)

Emma | 387 comments It's the only way... let's get Kenny the Killer in here, haha.

message 39: by Chandani (new)

Chandani  (milkduds920) | 6408 comments Speaking of Kenny where IS he?? He was on for a while and then *poof* hes disappeared!

message 40: by Emma (new)

Emma | 387 comments I know, where's he been lately?

message 41: by Chandani (last edited Jan 11, 2009 05:51PM) (new)

Chandani  (milkduds920) | 6408 comments SLACKING THATS WHERE!

Lol i have no idea.

message 42: by Riley (new)

Riley (booksarecool) | 2246 comments And Kenna. As she talks of how the earth will burn and she will laugh at our burning faces, who wouldn't join her?!

message 43: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ ><

message 44: by Chandani (new)

Chandani  (milkduds920) | 6408 comments Lol!

message 45: by Emma the Dork (new)

Emma the Dork (cheesehead) im not saying we arent polluting the earth cuz we r......i am saying that we arent going into extinction. but no one has proved scientific evidence on this topic so it seem kind of pointless to me.

message 46: by Riley (new)

Riley (booksarecool) | 2246 comments NO ONE HAS PROVED SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE ON THIS TOPIC?!?!

I'm sorry, but to hear someone say that makes me feel really...surprised. If you have even seen a commercial of An Inconvenient Truth you would know that there is plenty evidence. First of all, the degree amount. Second, the affects on the weather. Thirdly, the behavior of the animals. Investigate it. Like I have.

message 47: by Emma (new)

Emma | 387 comments The real question to be answered here is...
Is Global Warming fact, theory or opinion?

message 48: by Emma the Dork (new)

Emma the Dork (cheesehead) all three.

and no one has, riley, if you scroll around. links, maybe, but i never click on those because i am afraid they are viruses. and dont call me paranoid!

message 49: by Riley (new)

Riley (booksarecool) | 2246 comments I've read books on both sides of the matter, I've seen an Inconvenient Truth commercial, the whole deal.

And you're not paranoid. That's very smart to do on the internet.

message 50: by Emma the Dork (last edited Jan 14, 2009 06:49PM) (new)

Emma the Dork (cheesehead) thanks. i havent read any books on it, i prefer fantasy and mythology textbooks so i will take your word for it.

and in and inconvenient truth, every time he introduces a new theory he goes, "a good friend told me......" and i am like WHO IS THIS GOOD FRIEND??

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