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Hertzan Chimera (hertzanchimera) | 225 comments so, you've got equally opposing (ie. red/blue) political allies who work together to oppose and subjugate YOU THE PEOPLE in a world that's reminiscent of 1984.

One really wonders if PKD was some sort of seer.

But then, "What's his Frolixian Solution (the brain murdering) all about?"

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Perhaps the Frolixian Solution is simply a broad reminder that WE have the ability to remove the oligarchs, that their power is based purely on deception and that once we understand their systems of subjugation (for instance, fractional reserve banking) we can take steps to overcome them.

Thors' quest into deep space was as much a journey into his own inner space to find an answer to the New Men / Unusuals tyranny. Was Dick saying that we all have to take such a journey to realise that WE are the wealth of this world and that we can be the catalysts for change?

Some interesting and distrubing anagrams from this book:

Morgo Rahn Wilc = Mr Oligarch Now
Frolixian = No Fix Liar


Hertzan Chimera (hertzanchimera) | 225 comments Horrorshow,

it'd be GREAT when mankind, as a single lifeform, realises his true potential, takes away the toys of war from teh gaming children, and starts to properly consider life on a Free Planet.

Man, we don't even hear discussion about such an idea ANYWHERE...

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