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In Praise of Misfits

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Nasrul It has been a few weeks since I completed this book and I truly enjoyed it. Well written and Christopher's eccentricities was what made it an enjoyable read.

I stumbled upon this link on Google+. It has nothing to do with the book but in some ways you can link the content of the article to Christopher. It notices how top people in noted fields have some form of 'mental oddities' and 'lack of sensitivity to social cues'.

I just thought it was interesting so I am sharing! Hope people like it!

Matt W Thanks!

Rebecca I think it's clear the reason we've done so well on this planet is that we work well in groups, and I think part of the reason groups are so beneficial to us is that there is so much diversity among individuals.
For a long time now it hasn't been "survival of the fittest" it's been "survival of everyone who is useful" and there is so much variety in humanity that given an opportunity (and that is key) everybody can be useful.

The Simon Baron-Cohen studies in that article seem like nonsense to me. Correlation is not causation. Highly educated people live very different lives and there are a huge range of things that could cause the kind of data he has found. For example another study found a positive correlation between the age of the father and the likelihood of the child having autism. Maybe these people were waiting longer to have children? Or maybe it's not that at all, maybe it's some other common factor we're not seeing. It could be thousands of things. I hate it when the media grab hold of some coincidence and pretend as if they can make a statement about how we all should live our lives.

"Most employers are leery of hiring severely autistic people, but not all."

A severely autistic person is someone who might spend a lot of the day banging their head against a wall, is incapable of speech (this is where the name of the disorder came from) and cannot live a normal life. There are a range of medications available just to help them be calm and not live out their lives in a state of terror. It is a very wide spectrum of disorders.

Autism is not "geekyness" as this very ignorant article suggests.

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