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Cat Demons *Written by Midnight Raven*

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Chapter 1 : My Life So Far

My name is Kit Everheart.When people pass by they think I'm just a normal 13 year old girl attending a regular middle school, the're half right. I do attend a regular public school. And I am 13 but I'm not normal, I'm living my life in the shadows. You see believe it or not I'm leader of the the almost extinct race called Cat Demons. It's not much of an elaborate name but it fit considering we can transform into I guess you can say an over sized lion that can stand on their hind legs if we wanted to. My race is being threatened by a human group that have set their sights on killing every single last one of us.Now I think I should tell you what happened to alter my human life that I used to hide behind so badly that my identity was reviled in an instant!It started out like any other day except I was a bit ticked off because my fiancee Adam had tried to make a joke but ended up pushing me down the stairs.When I arrived at the school my friends saw that I was angry."Jeez, whats got you pissed off this time?" Shelly was my closest friend, obviously not close enough to know my secret.
"My freaking brother pushed me down the stairs...again!"I was lying about Adam being my brother. I mean how weird would it look like if a 13 year old girl was engaged to a 15 year old.
"Are you serious? Jeez what is that now 5 times he "accidentily" pushed you down the stairs."
"What's with the air quotes around "accidentily"?"
"Don't try to change the subject Kit. I'm really worried about you Kit."
"Thanks for the concern but I'm fine really it's just a sore wrist." Shelly gave me a look that said she didn't believe my BS.
"I swear." I gave her a smile and we walked to class. Class had ended and I had a bad feeling something bad was going to happen all day since class started but I couldn't figure it out.That is until P.E came around.

Hope you like it x)

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Chapter 2 : Secrets Revealed

"Hey Kit are you OK?"Shelly came up to me after class ended.
"What do you mean?"
"I mean you were acting kinda strange in class,so are you OK?"
"Oh ...yeah...I'm fine.Just....."
"I need you and everyone else to stay away from me just till after P.E." Shelly looked kinda hurt as if I just told her to get lost but she asked in a soft voice.
"Why? Did I do something wrong?" tears started to appear in her eyes.
"No of course not its not you its's for your own safety.I promise you I'll explain everything later.OK?"Shelly hesitated before answering.
"Fine but when you get lonely and I know you will get lonely you know where to find me." Shelly walked away I felt bad but I knew it was for the best.I got dressed and bent down to tie my shoe.After tying me shoe I stood up closed my locker door.
"Hey Kit." I swear the voice made my heart stop because I was the last person in the locker room in complete silence.I turned around and when I saw who it was I was so scared.I just stared in complete and utter fear,the reason is because it was one of the hunters trying to kill my people
"Did you miss me?" It was one the hunters I've come in counter with before and I got away leaving him with a pretty nasty scar.He lifted his arm and I saw he had a wooden blood covered bow and silver arrow and ready to kill me.Not ready to let that happen I jumped on top of the rusty lockers and made a break for the exit.It would have been a lot easier if this I'm gonna say 6 foot guy hadn't been shooting the arrows at me.I was able to jump down form the lockers and get out of the locker room.I ran about 2 feet only to see a wall of creepy hunters in front of me.I was about to make a U-turn when I heard the locker room door swing open,I saw a gap and went for it. I got away only to stop again about 5 feet away because of my P.E teacher Ms.Whitman.
"Miss. Everheart you're late....again!"I did't have time for this.I turned my head and saw them coming like a speeding train.I had to do something but what could I do with out revealing my true identity?"Shit."I had to do it. I grabbed my P.E teachers arm and ran with her in tow.I stopped and let her arm go."Miss Everheart.... what in the world is going on!?!"The worst part is I stopped inside the gym where every P.E class was.I started to freak out because I knew they would follow.
"Miss Everheart didn't you hear me what is going on?"
"I can't explain but please....."I stopped in the middle because the gym door had opened I knew who it was I turned to see an arrow flying toward my face.My reflexes reacted and I caught the arrow a few feet away from my face.In raged I threw the arrow on the floor.One of the hunters tried to come at me with a silver dagger.Again my reflexes took over and grabbed the guy and flipped the guy making sure he couldn't get his hand on the dagger after I knocked it out his hand.I knew there were shocked faces.I ran over to the nearest P.E teacher with a microphone and spoke.
"Everyone get out NOW!!!!"I thought everyone would just sit there dumb founded but they did as I said.But I made sure they went out another way.Now I had to face this army of hunters all alone with no way out.Thank fully I had a mandatory training if anything like this ever happened.I was able to fight my out of the gym to see all the students and P.E teachers being cornered I had to act fast.
"HEY!I'm the one you're looking for not them."Everyone in that corner had a scared expression, but one face I didn't see was Shelly's.
" Hey you looking for her?"I turned to see the man from earlier and he had Shelly by her neck.I was scared and I could see Shelly was scared too,seeing Shelly in danger outraged me. I did the only thing I could do...I used my powers.

Hope you like it x)
P.S : Comment xp :)

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Greece Karpusi (scotland) | 12 comments *Breaks like button* DANG IT! *Starts pushing love button* SO INCURABLY AWESOME!

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Greece Karpusi (scotland) | 12 comments It was a pleasure! ^_^

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<3 it!!! more please??? ;)

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Chapter : Secrets Revealed (part 2)

The only thing that could help save Shelly was if I used my powers and so I did. My eyes sifted from my regular blue color to an electric green color,my hair from brown to blond.I didn't want to fully transform and freak everyone out even more so I stopped at the sharper teeth. Then I proceeded to save Shelly by grabbing one of Shelly's free arm and clawed at the mans face, he let go.
"Run Shelly." She didn't hesitate this time,she ran and I continued to fight these hunters. At one point I was able to put out an ACDR. Which stands for All Cat Demons Respond which automatically sends out a signal to any nearby cat demons. I knew one cat demon who would respond.Adam.The moron who accidentily pushed me down the stairs and is also my fiancee.I guess one of the hunters saw me do this and next thing I knew there was a dagger in my arm.The dagger had been poisoned because next thing I knew it my arm started burning because of the poison and I started screaming bloody murder. I fell to my knees in pain but I knew I had to get up but another dagger hit me this time it only grazed me but it got me from the side the pain was even worse now.I heard people yelling and I knew it was all the students telling me to get up.The blood loss was pretty bad but I was able to fight off the rest of them until there was one but the blood loss wasn't making it easy.Just before I collapsed more hunters appeared and so did other cat demons.The last thing I saw before I collapsed and slipped into unconsciousness was Adam running to me with total and complete fear in his eyes.Then black out.

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Wow! Kevin's got talent!

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Maria (Maryaha) | 7 comments Post some more please (:

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Zahraa wrote: "Wow! Kevin's got talent!"

Actually the story isn't written by me , as u can see to the title of the topic , I am no the writer ,I just read the sotry other people have and decide to post them or not :)

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*grins* I totally knew that :P

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Umm thanks for the love towarf my writing...i guess

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